Canterbury is officially ‘gay’ enough

If you ask me, one person wearing a Village People T-shirt would make a city ‘gay enough’.

The Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) has rejected a claim by Pride of Canterbury that the City Council has ignored the needs of the ‘LGBT community’. The Council have given them funding and even held “a gay open day in the council offices” last year.

This wasn’t good enough! “The pride group, which is chaired by Andrew Brettell, called on the council to provide an LGBT community drop-in centre, a gay bar and put forward the potential for ‘pink tourism’ and the importance of regular LGBT culture in the city.”

Seriously – these complainers should try to grasp what living in the community means. You’d think it meant, yoo-hoo, look at me; pay respect; celebrate my lifestyle and give me your money so I can enjoy it more.

That’s not community, that’s just plain selfishness in large doses.

It seems to me that stamp collectors are not being treated as equal, despite there being about as many of those as people currently living as homosexuals.

Should they not be demanding stamp pubs and publicly-funded philatelic exhibitions and community centres? Should ‘safer mounting’ be taught in schools, perhaps?

Community centres? Aren’t they for the, er, community?

Maybe I’ve led a sheltered life, but can’t people just go out together for a meal or a drink or go to an event?

They also wanted “regular celebration of LGBT culture in the city,” which shows the tribal nature of their chosen lifestyle.

Divide and rule is killing this country.

The Pink News reports that currently, there is no statutory requirement for councils to promote LGBT culture (sic), although this will change if the Equality Bill is passed.

So why was there a “two-month investigation costing thousands of pounds?”

Theo Grzegorczyk, an advisor to Lord Waheed Alli, yet another of those unelected New Labourites trying to tell us how we should think and behave, said the case provided an answer for “all those who have questioned whether or not the Equality Duty is practical or necessary”.

In other words, us Council Tax payers will be made to fund whatever we are instructed to fund even if WE object and it divides the community.

It always comes back to “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” or as I say, “there is no such thing as equality, there is only a hierarchy of ideologies.”

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