Why won’t people believe me sooner?

On the UK Government’s policy of sexualising children to create a dysfunctional society

I have been warning for the past few years that so-called sex education is not working, so it is nice to see that MPs are finally seeing the light themselves via Jim Dobbin’s Early Day Motion.

The Government’s sexual health advisory group is trying to overturn the ban on TV adverts for abortion services claiming that it would help lower teenage pregnancy rates.

The government’s advisors include some of the usual culprits – Brook, the FPA and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS).

In a world that seems incredibly slow to react to common sense and reason, ‘charities’ that peddle contraception and abortion ‘services’ have been influencing government policy for years.

It’s the equivalent of asking Imperial Tobacco to draft legislation for a smoking ban or the makers of White Lightening cider to dictate sensible drinking policies.

But the government keeps giving these ‘charities’ millions of our pounds for them to advise the government that the people need greater access to their services.

It’s not hard to see the major problem here.

I suppose it’s a form of astroturfing – the creation of fake grass-roots support for the government’s campaign of sexualising children.

Let me repeat that: the creation of fake grass-roots support for the government’s campaign of sexualising children.

These groups receive vast sums of money from the public, basically to tell the government that what youngsters need is more sex ‘education’, earlier sex education – now from age 5 – more contraception – clinics in schools – easier abortions – propaganda suggesting abortion is no big deal – treatment without parental consent.

It’s like having a sock-puppet on your left hand telling a sock-puppet on your right hand what to do.

There needs be no real discussion – the government knows what they want and they know their puppet charities will oblige and they also know the dumb public will swallow the deception.

Why would any government strategy seek to sexualise children?

Because the global system that is being built around us needs a weakened society to achieve success – dysfunctional people are far easier to control. Many cannot live without the State as a surrogate parent. They rely on the benefits system, social services, sexual and mental health services and sometimes the criminal justice system. They are not a problem for our masters because they do not endanger their position of power.

Jim Dobbin’s EDM also wants noted that “despite the Department of Health doing more than any other government body in Europe to promote abortion and contraception, the rate of under-age conception in this country continues to increase and is the highest in Western Europe; and calls on the Government to encourage more normal lifestyles with deferment of sexual activity among under-age children and adolescents rather than introducing measures that will further sexualise them.”

So far only thirteen MPs have signed. I guess most MPs are as ignorant of how the government works as the general public.

Politicians love talking about doing things for the sake of the cheeldren and they want to be seen kissing babies at election time, but when it comes to real concerns – well, they can’t seem to think for themselves.

They have the power to improve the lives of children. They have to stop allowing people with vested interests to do their thinking for them.

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