Zebras to be barcoded?

The equine kind is under the EU spotlight at the moment.

Apparently they now want to microchip zebras to help prevent them being stolen.

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said: “I wasn’t even aware we had a problem with stolen African wild zebras roaming the streets of our cities.”

Defra was yesterday unable to say whether any zebras had recently been nicked but insisted the scheme would “reduce fraud and control diseases”.

A cocky zebra thief

A cocky zebra thief

It’s about time the EU acted on this issue. It’s been a problem here in Scotland for years. I’m sure I saw Lord Lucan riding a stolen zebra only last week.

This is part of new regulations where horses born after 1st July (and those born before June 30 who have not been issued a horse passport) will have a microchip implanted.

The Telegraph reports that: EU asks horse owners to pledge not to eat their animals.

These Horse Identification Regulations are partly to stop vets’ drugs from entering human diets and anyone who refuses to sign up could face prison or an unlimited fine.

Nigel Farage said: “I’d like to be a fly on the wall when the Queen and Princess Anne are asked to sign a form saying they’re not going to eat their horses.”

Kate Gillanders, of Kindross, Perthshire, told The Sun “We don’t see our horses as cattle. The thought of them being eaten is utterly repulsive. Brussels is poking its nose in where it should not be.

“The EU knows nothing about me and cares even less. This nonsense is somebody else’s obsession.”

A European Commission spokesman said the Government had agreed to the directive.

No kidding!

And the people of Ireland are expected to vote to surrender more of their sovereignty to these sociopaths in the Autumn.

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