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Don’t dis the kids, ‘cos they ain’t gonna take it no more, innit?

A 46 year old woman was at the pictures with her husband and two children when a group of youths became noisy. In time-honoured fashion, she asked them to keep be quiet. After the Harry Potter film, the family walked … Continue reading

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Changing sexual behaviour blamed for more oral/anal cancer – “experts” want boys immunised

Oh, the wonders of human sexual diversity – once known as depravity and/or mental illness, but now promoted by special interest groups and, naturally, also by governments in the civilised West. The problems associated with saturating our culture with unpleasant … Continue reading

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Social justice? How our politicians could learn from a 6th Century BC king

I have a book called Heritage of Evidence in the British Museum, which details many items from the Old World which confirm the accuracy and authenticity of the Biblical record. One which particularly captures my interest is known as the … Continue reading

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Powerful evidence shows why homosexual couples should be denied access to adoption and fertility treatment

The New Scientist reports on the biochemical evidence that shows how valuable both a father and mother are to the upbringing of a child. Oxytocin – the “cuddle chemical” – is normally released during social interactions and the child feels … Continue reading


6,243 loonies?

Their MP, Ian Gibson, had to stand down over his misuse of expenses. Their policies have created a crime wave in many areas. They have been systematically deconstructing the British way of life from the pub to the pulpit. They … Continue reading

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The problem with ‘gay’ penguins…

Homosexuals around the world have been using the apparent phenomenon of same-sex penguin parings as proof that homosexual acts are natural and so must be normal among humans too. What a shock, then, that in San Francisco Zoo, Harry has … Continue reading


Oh, to be as perfect as a Daily Mail reader (as they condemn young man to die)

I don’t know why I bother sometimes. I’ve just read about 22 year old Gary Reinbach who has died of cirrhosis of the liver after being refused a transplant because he couldn’t demonstrate that he would stay off the drink … Continue reading


Thanks again, New Labour

Following on from my last post, I have just been left infuriated by the latest report of a truly evil crime perpetrated by one of New Labour’s illegal immigrants. Mauro Lopes, 31, and who weighs 20 stone, raped a seven-stone, … Continue reading

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When is the Labour Party not the Labour Party?

Tom Harris MP reflects on Labour winning the last three General Elections after some people wondered if they could ever win again. I submitted the following comment to his blog (twice), but he hasn’t approved it… Labour never did win … Continue reading

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‘Academics’ Michael Reiss and John White believe that atheism needs to be studied in schools because it is one of the ‘big ideas’. These two (Reiss is a ‘humanist’ and White is ordained in the Church of England) believe that … Continue reading