Changing sexual behaviour blamed for more oral/anal cancer – “experts” want boys immunised

Oh, the wonders of human sexual diversity – once known as depravity and/or mental illness, but now promoted by special interest groups and, naturally, also by governments in the civilised West.

The problems associated with saturating our culture with unpleasant and generally unwanted behaviour keep mounting.

Some experts in Australia are calling for boys and young men to be systematically immunised against human papilloma virus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer in women.

Professor Margaret Stanley from Cambridge University says that a cervical cancer jab in the arms of boys would not just be for the sake of girls.

These HPVs don’t just cause cancer in women. They cause it in men as well. Cancer in the mouth, cancer in the anus and those cancers are very hard to treat.

She also says that the rate of oral cancers linked to HPV is rising, and it is strongly associated with an increase in the practice of oral sex.

So what are we going to do about it as a society?

a) Improve our attitude towards sex by stigmatising unnatural and dangerous behaviour?


b) Carry on blindly caving in to the demands of the few so we can ‘celebrate diversity’ together while the country falls apart and the pharmaceutical companies make even bigger fortunes out of manufactured human misery?

The enemies of goodness and reason are having their day because that’s what happens when good men do nothing.

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