We need to take our country back!

Here is the story of the latest British people to be arrested for thought crimes. Hoteliers Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang are awaiting trial accused of breaching public order by talking to a Muslim about religion in their own premises in Liverpool.

The couple, who are members of an evangelical congregation, were arrested by police after getting into a discussion with the woman about the differences between Christianity and Islam earlier this year.

A private discussion can now get you arrested in Britain. We get these ‘assurances’ when it comes to the unveiling of yet more ‘equality’ legislation that people will not have to worry about freedom of speech. We have had the same assurances about the new laws to ‘protect’ homosexuals, but they are bound to pave the way to make it easier still to intimidate those who wish to express an opinion contrary to those the State approves of.

You might have noticed that almost all these cases of alleged ‘offence’ that we read about are from Muslims, homosexuals and gypsies/travellers. In other words, those groups specially chosen by the government to be treated as different creatures to everyone else. So they play on it. The ones who really do think they are special make it their business to antagonise those who disagree with them.

Mrs Vogelenzang, 54, is understood to have described Muslim dress as putting women into “bondage” while her husband, 53, allegedly described the Prophet (sic) Mohammed as a “warlord”.

Doesn’t the Qu’ran describe Muhammad as a warlord? If not, why didn’t the Muslim just correct her? Ah, no compensation.

Friends said that they had seen bookings fall by up to 80 per cent after a local hospital stopped an arrangement in which it recommended the hotel to people attending courses there after hearing that the owners were facing criminal charges.

Although the couple have told friends that they understood the hospital’s position, they fear they could end up losing their business.

So the treachery is compounded by our very own. The snivelling, morally-crippled, terrified penpushers working for the State. That’s the same State that advises people not to eat near Muslims during Ramadan in case it makes them feel hungry.

The Islamic Network is one of a number of staff faith and equality groups within the Home Office and paid for by the taxpayer.

Yes, we’re paying for our own destruction. In hard cash as well as through fear, laziness and ignorance.

But the Muslim Public Affairs Committee, which claims to be fighting a ‘political jihad against Islamophobia’, attacked the document.

It said: “It is designed to create more hatred in the hearts of non-Muslims. We don’t care how much non-Muslims eat in front of us.

“It’s never been an issue and never will be and we have never asked for any special treatment or sensitivity from non-Muslims whilst fasting.”

But you’ll get ‘special treatment’ whether you like it or not, because that’s how the government divides us. That’s one way they get us fighting like cat and dog. While we’re busy taking each other to court over a disagreement, they sell the country out to the EU.

And talking of the EU, Europe’s ‘Justice’ Commissioner says that ‘Britain-obsessed’ asylum seekers should be let into UK at the earliest convenience.

Jacques Barrot says “The people who are in Calais have crossed Europe and have one obsession – to get to Great Britain.”

Well they wouldn’t want to stay in France would they? Nicer weather, better food, lower cost of living. It’s not nice compared to rip-off Britain with it’s rain, gangs and junk food. Who in his right mind would stop in France and miss out on the delights of New Labour’s Britain?

Oh, wait. It’s the free house and money they get here, isn’t it? And perhaps they’ve heard that we are such enormous wimps and mugs that they can come here and have a conversation with a Christian and then get thousands of pounds compensation and ruin his business.

We’ve been through decades of gradual and deliberate attacks against what is popularly known as our Judeo-Christian society. It has become so engrained now that even the churches are playing the game.

We need to wake up. We need to take our country back from the traitors. No one else will do it on our behalf.

And by the way, there will be no special treatment for any group after we have all been made equally unequal to our masters.

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2 Responses to We need to take our country back!

  1. Jeff Wood says:

    Words fail me. I am grateful they don’t fail you and others, Stewart.

    I am old enough to be tempted to say Fornicate it, it’s too late for me to do anything about this crap.

    On the other hand, I know how to fashion a noose, and which end of a gun goes bang, and something of command. If you youngsters can start something, call me.

    Best wishes.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Jeff, I hope your noose-fashioning skill will be required soon. I am generally opposed to the death sentence, but I could certainly support it for traitors. The problem would be where to stop after Blair and Brown’s trials.

    “If you youngsters can start something, call me.”

    Bless you for that!

    Start a blog. It’s free and easy, for example, at WordPress.

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