Censored by LabourList

I thought the whole point of having a blog was to post articles and invite people to comment on them.

Apparently not. Not with LabourList, anyway.

Alex wrote: “Stewart, I’ve removed your links and would appreciate it if you took your views elsewhere.”

No prizes for guessing what the subject was? The 3% who are above criticism. People who engage in homosexual acts.

They are allowed not only to do that, but promote it and all the while I am supposed to keep my opinion to myself. Am I not clearly being discriminated against? Should I bring legal action?

Is Alex Smith or someone else at LL afraid? Fearful of being questioned as to why this Stewart Cowan was allowed to link to articles like this one which shows that the ‘gay’ agenda is a mind-control experiment: THE OVERHAULING OF STRAIGHT AMERICA?

Do people in the New Labour Party not even care that they have been so thoroughly manipulated?

They’d rather shoot the messenger and carry on pretending that their multi-cultural, multi-sexual Utopia is going to be wonderful – if only people who want free speech and decent values would just shut up.

I was described by Mike Homphry, who I believe is homosexual, as a “particularly virulent and extreme evangelical Christian”.

It is incredible, but people seem to have forgotten that my view on homosexuality was the normal one, even earlier in this very decade when Brian Souter conducted his referendum in Scotland on Section 28 and seven out of eight people out of the million who took part, voted to keep this protection in place.

Now, even the Tories have apologised for Section 28.

I got rid of the telly five years ago, so perhaps that’s why I haven’t been reprogrammed to believe that wrong is right.

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4 Responses to Censored by LabourList

  1. McKenzie says:

    You should not have upset Tom with all that sarcasm about ELO! What the hell you doin over at Labour List anyhow,,,you place is full of queers!

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Annoying Tom helps me through the day.

  3. John says:

    Sensei … we can only learn from you. :)

  4. English Viking says:

    The Thought Police are everywhere. This nonsense is becoming self-policing now, where people dare not express what they really think for fear of losing their job, liberty or even life. There are large sections of the population that don’t even think at all; they just spout the rot they have been brainwashed with after 15 years of state edyukashun, like so many Pavlov’s dogs. Do we really want to live in country where people can lose everything, based on what they THINK, or what they SAY? This is a dangerous road to go down, one which will ultimately lead to destruction.

    ‘In those days…every man did that which was right in his own eyes’. Judges 21 v 25

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