Drinkers’ Licences: A radical new way to curb drinking excess?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, here’s a New Labour suggestion for the introduction of “entitlement cards” to enable us to purchase alcohol and tobacco – and have our purchases “recorded”. All to help tackle problem drinkers. The idea is from a fellow Cowan. John Cowan is Labour’s Parliamentary candidate in South East Cambridgeshire. The New Labour/global elite controlmeisters must be especially looking forward to him becoming an MP when he has ideas like this:

Prohibition of alcohol, like any other drug, does not work…

One possible solution could be an entitlement card that people would carry and swipe when every time they buy Alcohol or Tobacco and record their usage. Is that too radical? I don’t think so. For a long time the Government have controlled motorists with a system of licences where people enjoy the right and freedom to drive – as long as they conform to certain rules. (My emphasis)

Is that too radical, asks he?


It is no secret that I am an alcoholic (nearly 12 years since successful detox), but I don’t agree with my long-lost relative.

For one thing, you shouldn’t just turn off the supply of booze to alcoholics. It’s their medicine, which sadly, also aids their destruction. Binge drinking troublemakers might be a different case, but how are you going to tell the difference? They would get someone else to buy it for them anyway.

I don’t know what the answer is. Alcoholism is a truly desperate and horrible thing. I don’t know what to advise short of everyone repenting and turning to the Lord.

They don’t call it the demon drink for nothing. Those devils don’t mess around.

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  1. English Viking says:

    This half-wit starts his statement with ‘Prohibition of alcohol, like any other drug, does not work…’, then goes on to describe a novel method of prohibition. We do not need new laws to deal with an age-old problem. Public drunkenness is already illegal in the UK. Publicans are already prohibited from serving people who are intoxicated. Rowdy, offensive and threatening behaviour is already a crime. Enforce the laws we already have, rigidly and without mercy, then watch the crime rate tumble.

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