The business of preserving life…unless it is human life

For me, there are many things wrong with the country and the world. Some make me really angry or upset. You will know some of them already: abortion, sins of the flesh and traitors in high places. I used to be against fox-hunting, but you know, I couldn’t care less about it now, because a) it is none of my business and b) there are far more important issues than how country folk deal with vermin.

I love Basil Brush as much as the next man, and I wouldn’t personally go and watch dogs ripping one of their fellow canines to bloody shreds, but for me, it is no longer an issue because New Labour played the cute fox card to death in order to portray the Tories as the ‘nasty party’ and take the public’s attention away from important matters.

Matters like this. In Britain, approximately 200,000 unborn humans are killed in the womb every year, or occasionally they are yanked out and die shortly afterwards on a metal dish. New Labour has made abortion easier. The abortion providers ‘advise’ the government to teach children they have a ‘right’ to abortion.

This terrible business is being promoted as a ‘choice’. Women have been deceived into believing they have the right to kill the fruit of their womb, and without any concern for the father, or more importantly, for what they are nourishing inside them.

Meanwhile, our hearts are meant to bleed for the countryside’s fluffy vermin, the rare beetle and the beached whales.

Strenuous efforts are made to rescue marine mammals, like this from earlier in the month,

A whale which had become stranded in Loch Eil near Fort William has died, despite a huge rescue attempt.

A 10-hour operation took place last Sunday in a bid to lure the Northern Bottlenose Whale back into the sea.

This involved the first UK attempt in attracting a whale to safety by playing the sounds of killer whales underwater.

Compare this with Sarah Capewell’s baby son, who doctors left to die because he was born two days before their ‘guidelines’ say they should keep premature babies alive.

Miss Capewell, 23, said doctors refused to even see her son Jayden, who lived for almost two hours without any medical support.

She said he was breathing unaided, had a strong heartbeat and was even moving his arms and legs, but medics refused to admit him to a special care baby unit.

Miss Capewell is now fighting for a review of the medical guidelines.

A lot of time and effort was spent by New Labour in their quest to outlaw hunting with dogs. The Political Animal Lobby (PAL), had given donations to other parties, but £1million went to the Labour Party before the 1997 election. With a bribe donation that size, they obviously expected a good result.

I’m unsure how to end this post. What do I have to say to convince those people affected that a human life is immeasurably more valuable than an animal’s?

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4 Responses to The business of preserving life…unless it is human life

  1. English Viking says:

    I agree with the poster’s sentiments entirely, although I am ‘pro-choice’ – that choice is made when a couple decide to have sex, knowing full well a child may be the result. That a child can be disposed of, as a piece of rubbish, an inconvenience, is nothing less than a crime against God, society and not least, the person in the womb. Regardless of a person’s religious beliefs, or lack of them, surely one one agree that killing unborn babies is sickening and utterly callous, particularly in an age where so many people are desperate to have a child and are more than willing to adopt.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    I have been accused by a few feminists of hating women because I am against their ‘right to choose’. That’s how far this madness has reached. They seriously believe in their “reproductive rights”. I wish they would really think about what that actually means.

    They think that culling their offspring somehow empowers them.

  3. John says:

    Stewart, We are constantly told by “the powers that be” that the offspring is a fetus, and therefore not a human … But we call it whatever we want to, it does not change the fact that its life and a life is worthy of saving. I have seen people do unspeakable things to one another, I have seen people reach out to one another in the most horrendous circumstances. But it always amazes me (In a very sad way) how we as humans can care for the existence (and right) of the most strangest of things ABOVE that of human life.

  4. English Viking says:

    John @ 11:31am

    I have personal experience of the subtle use of words like ‘foetus’ to try to explain away the slaughter of babies. I have twins, who were born terribly prematurely, over 3 months prematurely. They were, at that time, just past the point where an ‘ordinary’ abortion would have been illegal, but only by a matter of a few days. They were human babies, not blobs of goo or unrecognisable, bloody heaps of flesh. After just a few days they were able to recognise me and their mother. After many months of hospitalisation, operations, infections and the terrible experience of seeing other babies that were born later getting weaker and eventually dying, they were allowed home. Both are perfectly normal, healthy, happy adolescents now, and praise God for His mercy toward me in this matter. I also took an interest in another boy who was in the SCBU at the time, a boy called Joseph. He was born at a few days before 24 weeks. He could have been legally ‘aborted’ at any stage of the birth, providing there was at least some part of his body inside the mother at the time the ‘procedure’ started. This is called ‘partial birth abortion’. It usually involves the Dr amputating a limb, without anæsthetic, and allowing the child to bleed to death. This boy was so small, I could not believe that he was real! His hands and feet were like an Action Man, but he was complete, whole, a living, breathing human. He lived and was released from hospital in perfect health, to the obvious joy of his parents (and my wife and I) before our children, he had grown so strong.

    Words are very powerful things. They express not only our emotions, thoughts, hopes and fears, they control our ABILITY to express such things. If we allow others who, with wicked intent, attempt to redefine certain words, like foetus instead of infant or embryo instead of baby, so that their true meaning is lost, and with that loss goes our ability to define our objections, we will see such horrors to follow, as when the Germans allowed words like ‘Jew’ or ‘cripple’ or ‘gypsy’ to be de-humanised, to encourage those who used those words to become insensitive to their fellow man, and to eventually to replace those words with just one word: Untermensch.

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