The next Prime Minister should be a teenager

They think they run the country anyway and that the law doesn’t apply to them, so why not?

Michael Becker, 62, is described as an exemplary teacher. He asked a boy in his class to stop telling a racist joke four times. He didn’t, so he carried him out and locked him in a storeroom (which had a door with a window).

Bravo, Mr. Becker, you might think. He made a stand against racism. He would have expected people lining up to congratulate him for that alone. He’d have been mistaken. He was taken to court.

However, the boy brought the charge after complaining of a red neck and a sore stomach because of the incident.

He got off lightly. If it had happened in my day, he’d be unlikely to do it again after getting a good belting. Complaining would have been fruitless because nobody in the school would have listened to the cry-baby and if his parents had found out, he’d likely get the same again.

Becker, a teacher for 31 years, has now been found guilty by magistrates after a three-day trial.

A three-day trial? Found guilty? Of what? Kidnap? Giving a disruptive scrote ‘a red neck’?

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claimed via video-link that the teacher had dangled him by the ankle on the way to the cupboard – a claim Becker dismissed as “preposterous”.

The poor lamb was allowed a video link. That’s nice. The magistrates said:

We do not believe the pupil at any time was held by the ankles or dropped on the floor.

So, the kid’s a liar and the teacher has 31 years of sterling service. Who’s gonna win?

We are satisfied there was a reason but not that you used reasonable force. Use of any force should be a used as a last resort – in this case it wasn’t.

None of the evidence put forward amounts to a defence. It amounts to battery and you are guilty as charged.

He will be sentenced on October 23.

I wonder what the magistrates would have considered ‘reasonable force’. Should the teacher perhaps have tried to shoo the boy away with a feather duster? Or just let the boy take over and go and sit at his desk with his head in his hands. Maybe he’d done enough of that already.

Becker is likely to be referred to the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA), the new umbrella organisation responsible for policing those that work with children, which will decide whether he can continue as a teacher.

They’ll be judge and jury then?

Roland Gooding, a former head teacher with whom Becker worked between 1990 and 1992, described him as “one of the most passionate, teachers I have ever known.”

He said: “His conduct was exemplary. Since I have known him I have always found him to be extremely compassionate, caring, dedicated, honest and of the utmost integrity.”

Well, he is now a criminal. He could be thrown out his profession after 31 years. All because he ‘dissed’ a prima donna child.

So I say, make the kid Prime Minister – or one just like him. He’s already telling outrageous lies and ruining reputations. I bet he’s useless at maths as well. We’ll never notice the difference.


P.S. I’d just like to say that I know several teenagers and they wouldn’t behave like this. I know that they suffer from rude and disruptive pupils in their classes – no doubt the kind this teacher tried to discipline the best that he could after being disrobed of his authority by liberal fanatics with neither wisdom nor vision.

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2 Responses to The next Prime Minister should be a teenager

  1. Jim Baxter says:

    Not yet another brat for PM? Oh, why not.

    Hey teacher – yes – I despised that dirge when it first came out and I still do – a load of hypocrites who took the benefits of independent/grammar school education themselves and then wrote a ‘song’ playing to their own view of the attitude of the ‘lower orders’, i.e. them kids.

    Perhaps if all graduates were now to leave them kids alone and refuse to go into teaching at all that would fix the problem.

  2. concerned... says:

    Obviously the child in question should not have been telling racist jokes, but there are proper ways and means of dealing with incidents like this. If i locked every child in a cupboard that aggrovated me during the school day I’d have a stockroom full of wailing children!

    What lesson did the child learn by being locked in the cupboard…none (i can guarentee he is still telling the racist joke) As adults, we can’t behave in a childish manner, as teachers we are supposed to set an example. And as for the teacher in question i have no sympathy, if he could not control himself or his class enough to bring proper discipline then more fool him!

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