Dumbed down New Zealand

It is interesting how it is not just here in the UK that people are being dumbed down to a state of near barbarism, but all over what we call the ‘West': what was once known as Christendom.

This article in the New Zealand Herald discusses two pieces of Christmas ‘entertainment’. One is about a blasphemous play in Auckland and the other about Wellington’s care services taking children as young as six, with their foster parents, to watch a vulgar stage show.

You can easily imagine that these things are happening in Britain – all the time, but clearly, the liberal stupidity has circumnavigated the globe.

The play in Auckland is called Christ Almighty! Garth George writes:

How about, instead of portraying Joseph as perhaps having an improper relationship with his donkey, “some virgin who claims she’s been knocked up by God” and a cross-dressing angel, the writers could have chosen to make a farce out of Muhammad and his harem and his prurient interest in his camel.

This is clearly a rhetorical question. The writers of rubbish like this are cowards and pick on targets they don’t expect to get much hassle from. In fact, the thought of seeing Christians outside the theatre singing and waving placards was probably a turn-on for them.

Except that, apparently, there have been no protests. Have the people of New Zealand just given up? Lost hope?

And no, of course they won’t mock Islam because being issued with a fatwa and having to spend the rest of your life in hiding doesn’t sound like fun.

Another article that took my eye on Monday recorded that a free Christmas play for Wellington children in Child, Youth and Family care contained swear words and sexual references.

With their foster parents, the 140 children, the youngest of whom was 6, watched the entire opening night of An Adagio Christmas at a Wellington theatre. The play, the report said, contained use of the “f” word and one character spoke of losing her virginity and mimed a slapstick orgasm.

Watching Stu “Crush a Grape” Francis in panto might not be their sort of idea of Christmas entertainment, but why this?

And all Ray Smith, head of Child, Youth and Family, had to say was that despite the suggestive themes, the children loved the show. No wonder we have so many problems with our children and those charged with their care.

That’s because it is deliberate. That’s why it is happening all over Christendom at the same time. That’s the reason adults given the job of supervising children don’t know how to do it properly, because, in Britain at least, they get ‘training’ and ‘diversity’ lessons and have targets to meet and a lorry load of free condoms from Durex to distribute and legislation is devised by fake charities whose vested interest is contraception and abortion.

The creeping globalisation that has been happening since the great European overseas empires collapsed, has gone almost unnoticed. The use of climate change to finally seal a worldwide government with tax-raising and many other powers will finally ram the message home. As part of this agenda, the creeping sexualisation of children has been used to destabilise society by attacking family values and so hinder youngsters from pursuing a normal path in life, i.e. marry, settle down, have children, build settled communities.

If you want to destroy a civilisation, don’t bomb it, socially engineer it. It takes longer, but it lasts longer too and the takeover is all the more complete.

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