Why would the European Empire choose Baroness Ashton?

The world still wonders why Baroness Ashton was chosen as Europe’s first ‘Foreign Minister,’ but the answer becomes clearer as time passes.

She won Stonewall’s Politician of the Year award in 2006. We can see just how important this is to the EU, as they have just been accused of lobbying our MPs to ensure they vote to further restrict the freedom of churches to employ only people who share their beliefs.

The proposed amendment, tabled by Labour MP David Drew, would have safeguarded the right of religious organisations to restrict their posts to people whose conduct is consistent with the Bible’s teachings.

It was defeated by 314 to 170 votes.

The whole ‘equality’ industry has become so ridiculous that I expect the Muslim Council of Britain will have to appoint non-Muslims to the board. Well, why not? After all, ‘equality’-addled students at several universities have tried to force the Christian Unions to include non-Christians on their committees. Logic, reason and fairness have become casualties in modern Britain.

The globalists know they must weaken the nation’s morals to overcome us, so I suggest that Ashton is an ideal choice for them to continue the agenda.

Our New Labour baroness was treasurer of the CND in the early 1980s, in the days when the Russians had missiles pointing at us, but we weren’t supposed to have any pointing back at them. ‘Better red than dead,’ as they used to say. In 1982, CND called for the Falklands Task Force to be called back while it was steaming down the Atlantic, thus handing 2,000 British civilians to the Argentines without firing a shot. It is just a hunch at this stage, but perhaps the Euromeisters were impressed with Ashton’s willingness to surrender British territory rather than fight for it.

It has been suggested that CND had received funding from the Soviets, but despite this, UKIP MEP Nigel Farrage has been reprimanded for asking in the European Parliament whether Mr Barroso would investigate if Lady Ashton had received money ‘from enemies of the West’.

I presume he meant the USSR, not the EU!

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