Islam just wasn’t made for integration

Turkey wants to be part of the EU dictatorship and some people in the EU want to absorb them, while others don’t.

Damian Thompson writes on his Telegraph blog that the Turks have set up their EU campaign headquarters in a building that had been confiscated from Istanbul’s Orthodox Christians.

The Un:dhimmi website writes,

Before the seizure, the building was used as a primary school for children of the minority Orthodox in Ortakoy. Here, once lived a thriving Orthodox community, now non-existent because of past purges against minorities, executed by the “secular” Turkish State.

A no-go area for Christians (to put it mildly), in what may well become a major EU city. They continue,

Turkey is often portrayed as a “secular” modern Muslim state. This was indeed the founding vision of the Republic’s “Father”, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, when he created the republic out of the ashes of the Ottoman Empire in the 1920s.

However, since late 2002, when Erdoğan’s AK Party came to power, a creeping Islamisation of Turkey has been embarked upon – and the small Christian community has been subjected to increasing harassment and persecution (a social norm in Muslim countries – ask any Christian in Egypt or Pakistan, for example).

And it’s not just the government. A recent survey of Turks revealed:

More than half of Turks oppose non-Muslim religious meetings

59 percent of those surveyed said non-Muslims either “should not” or “absolutely should not” be allowed to hold open meetings where they can discuss their ideas.

54 percent said non-Muslims either “should not” or “absolutely should not” be allowed to publish literature that describes their faith.

49 percent of those surveyed said they would either “absolutely” or “most likely” not support a political party that accepted people from another religion.

How in all conscience can the EU even be considering admitting such a country into the fold?

I think he answers his own question. EU? Conscience?


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4 Responses to Islam just wasn’t made for integration

  1. Jim Baxter says:

    I wonder what a survey of, say, American Christian opinion and its tolerance of other beliefs or lack of them would look like. I recall one president of the land of the free who said he didn’t consider atheists to be worthy of American citizenship. George H W Bush, wasn’t it?

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    I think atheist ‘humanists’ are a danger, because, like Muslims, they think everything should revolve around them.

  3. Jim Baxter says:

    ‘everything should revolve around them.’

    They all think like that do they?

  4. Stewart Cowan says:

    Yes, the fundamentalist ones do.

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