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Christmas traditions

We all have our very own traditions at this time of year. Subrosa has inspired this post by putting up a video of one of her long-time favourite Christmas songs, Jingle Bell Rock, by Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass. … Continue reading


Happy Christmas!

Thank you Father in Heaven for the Christ Child, who grew up to be slain for the sins of the world, that all who believe in Him will not perish, but have eternal life.


Christmas in Afghanistan and Iraq

It is now Christmas Day for our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan. Wishing them joy and peace at this time and also for their loved ones back home. May they soon be reunited.

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The joy of boycotting Nestlé

I have added a Boycott Nestlé logo to the blog because these reprobates need to be exposed more. I have been boycotting them for about four years now because of their aggressive marketing strategy in poor countries, which convinces mothers … Continue reading


Still no evidence to support the theory that politicians are human!

I spotted a link on a blog to a website called Politicians Are Human Too. This got me thinking. Could it be true? Despite all the contrary evidence, are politicians real humans? So I clicked said link hoping to find … Continue reading

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I’ve upset Tom Harris

Not just me, but I left what I consider to be a brutally honest comment (is it still legal to be brutally honest?) under his blog post about his latest presentation of Veterans’ Badges and Normandy Bars to constituents who … Continue reading


New Labour scraping the bottom of the barrel

Of all the people I despise in New Labour for what they have done to our country, Home Secretary Alan Johnson comes near the top of the rotten heap. Totally desperate now, he has started up the ‘class war’ by … Continue reading


A rummage through the Pink News

Today is the fourth anniversary of Civil Partnerships in England and Wales (Scotland started a day early by mistake). What better way to mark the occasion than with a good old virtual leaf through the Pink News? There really is … Continue reading


See the Video: Gore’s Outrageous Lie On Arctic Ice

Three posts ago, I wrote about Al Gore still making it up as he goes along, after he was caught out telling yet another porkie pie. Here is the video of the latest false witness, followed by some data showing … Continue reading

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Alex Salmond to command the tide not to come in?

The First Minister has travelled to Copenhagen to cash in on the publicity try to help save the planet. At a fringe meeting, he promised his new buddy, Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed, that Scotland would help them by sharing technology … Continue reading