Smoked out, locked up

Leg-iron reports on the first publican to be jailed for allowing his customers to light up.

Nick Hogan, 43, from Lancashire, was sentenced to six months in prison for repeatedly refusing to pay a fine imposed for flouting the legislation.

As Leg-iron says,

In this wonderful free country where everyone has the choice to do as they are told, not doing as you are told is automatically a criminal offence. As is not forcing others to do as they are told while they are on your private property.

It is the same kind of situation I wrote about in yesterday’s post, where faith schools are under pressure for not doing as they are told.

Labour promised in their last manifesto that smoking would still be allowed in pubs which didn’t serve food, but that was another of their big lies for which they cannot legally be held accountable, unlike Mr Hogan and his customers, many of whom probably voted for New Labour. They are the ones who have to suffer the consequences of Labour’s lies and collusion with fakecharity ASH.

This ‘charity’ gets but two or three percent of its funds from voluntary donations. Its 2007/08 accounts show that nearly a third of its funding comes from the Department of Health (i.e. you and me) and most of the remainder comes from ASH International (part-funded by Pfizer), Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation.

Leg-iron again,

ASH consists of nobody who was elected or in any way chosen to rule our lives. It is full of child-obsessed weirdoes and control-freak sociopaths who demand that their arbitrary rules are followed to the letter on pain of violence. ASH is nothing more than a government sponsored protection racket.

This is absolutely typical though. This is the same government that gets its ‘advice’ on teenage pregnancy from more fake charities, like Brook and the FPA, providers of abortion and contraception. Then they wonder why the advice leads to more abortions. So they hand out more condoms at schools and youth clubs and make the abortion pill easier to come by and yet the abortions continue unabated and misery and confusion reign among the youth.

It is another government sponsored protection racket.

So, while the state hands out contraceptives to 12 year olds, it increases the age at which people can buy tobacco to eighteen.

While children get state abortions behind their parents’ backs, grown men and women are expected to stand outside pubs to smoke.

The infantilisation adults are being subjected to is astounding.

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4 Responses to Smoked out, locked up

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  2. English Viking says:

    I used to smoke and in true ex-smoker fashion I now hate it with a passion. I do not, however, expect other people to conform to my every whim and fancy. Pubs should be allowed to choose (dirty word in Labour circles) whether they would like their patron to smoke, or not. Then patrons can choose (there it is again) which pub to go to. It really is that simple.

    I think that smoking is harmful, that it does cause numerous diseases, but I also think going to prison for 6 months for letting someone have a fag in what is effectively your house is likely to reduce your lifespan, possibly drastically.

  3. Alan Douglas says:

    A poem I wrote in 1999 :

    Proposed laws change the minimum legal age for smoking etc

    So worrying
    bringing up a young ’un nowadays
    You never know what temptations
    might be put ’is way

    We was so happy when our lad
    took up with this ever-so-nice older fella
    A rôle model’s what ’e called it
    so polite, friendly, only thing, ’e’s a smoker; still …..

    He really took an interest in our boy
    took him to nice places, pubs, shows
    bought ’im little gifts, clothes
    almost showered ’im with love

    Of course, we was wonderin’, just a bit
    but decided whatever might
    or might not be “going on”
    them new laws makes it none of ’is parents’ business

    But then – see, we’re not smokers ourselves
    we didn’t realise. The police came
    and took ’is friend away –
    locked him up for the night

    We didn’t know what to think
    but the ’ole truth came out in court
    after, ahem, you know, whatever they does –
    they ’ad a cigarette – I mean one each

    Well, that’s against them new laws,
    ’cause ’e’s too young to smoke
    Our lad’s so-called friend was put away,
    and a good thing too !

    I hope that wicked bugger rots in ’ell
    Fancy introducin’ an innocent young lad to fags !

    Alan McAlpine Douglas

  4. Stewart Cowan says:

    LFAT – thank you!

    English – “It really is that simple.” It really is.

    Mr Douglas – The situation nicely summed up in verse. Thank you. Your poem also captures the public’s general bewilderment and inability to stand up for the principles they were brought up to hold sacred.

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