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ID cards by the back door

I get the impression that ID cards will be forced on us sooner rather than later, despite what the new government says. Labour tried the threat of terrorism to scare us into accepting them, but most of us weren’t fooled … Continue reading


Have aliens hijacked Voyager 2 spacecraft?

So reads the headline in Australia’s Daily Telegraph. Apparently, it is sending back signals which cannot be decoded by NASA boffins. Many will believe the craft could have been hijacked by Klingons or some other intelligent life because decades of … Continue reading


Abortion ads during game shows

How much lower can this country sink? Channel 4 is set to air an advert for fakecharity Marie Stopes tonight during Davina McCall’s gameshow The Million Pound Drop Live. The organisation, which carried out 65,000 abortions last year, has circumvented … Continue reading


Social engineering more important than health to the NHS?

Leg-iron has noticed that the Telegraph has discovered that the dying New Labour regime decided it was no longer necessary to send ambulances to take desperately ill people to hospital. NHS bosses have axed rules which say victims of serious … Continue reading

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Police shame as they arrest preacher for his THOUGHTS

Here is proof of how far ‘diversity’ indoctrination has destroyed the capability of some police officers to think rationally. Think at all, really.  Especially plastic plods. What a nice idea to dress up truly stupid members of the public in … Continue reading


How Michael Meacher has given me hope – in the Tories

I don’t visit Michael Meacher’s blog very often (yes, he does have one). Just as I was feeling depressed about the ConDems, I read his words about the grand talk of a reformist coalition becoming a throwback to the Thatcher … Continue reading


2,000th comment

A big thank you to everyone who has commented here in the past year. 2,000 comments from 289 posts isn’t bad. As you can see, I didn’t manage to post every day, despite my best intentions. Must try harder. I’m … Continue reading


Gay hand-holding week starts tomorrow

From the Pink News website. Sshh!, or Same-Sex Hand-Holding, is usually held on the last Saturday of each month. I wonder if that is because at the end of the month, the cops may be on the look out for … Continue reading


Osborne, Hague and The Love Police

I haven’t blogged much lately; it is a busy period for the flag industry, which deprives me of time, but fills the coffers for a few months. Business is considerably quieter later in the year. In case you missed it, … Continue reading

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My election report in full

How bad must the “Conservative” Party be not to have wiped out Labour? If the Tories learn anything from this failure then it must be that people who want liberal socialism will vote Labour or Liberal, so there is absolutely … Continue reading