Gay hand-holding week starts tomorrow

From the Pink News website.

Sshh!, or Same-Sex Hand-Holding, is usually held on the last Saturday of each month.

I wonder if that is because at the end of the month, the cops may be on the look out for last minute arrests to meet targets. And these days, what better way of showing you are a good cop than marching someone to the cells for alleged “homophobia”.

The people crying rape and murder will just have to wait.  Haven’t they heard of priorities?

However, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) is on Monday and A Day In Hand founder David Watkins plans to use the date to make his initiative a week-long event.

Mr Watkins said: “Why limit the hand holding to a Saturday? It is also the birthday of the late Harvey Milk, [the] seminal gay and lesbian rights activist, on Saturday 22nd May. What better way to mark this date than during International Same-Sex Hand Holding Week?”

Gareth Thomas, the Welsh rugby player who came out last year, is endorsing the campaign.

He said: “Being out and visible is so important for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people because it allows our existence to be acknowledged in communities throughout the world.

So it’s a publicity stunt, like other “weeks”. Please don’t be offended if anyone from the “heterosexual community” takes exception.

“Holding hands with friends or your loved ones is a simple yet powerful act that sends clear messages that LGBT people are just like anyone else.

Except they are not just like anyone else, hence their need to constantly heckle decent people who just want to get on with their lives and live in a civilised society. And I also think many homosexuals are sick of the unwanted attention they get due to the continual warmongering of the militant gays.

“I find the sight of lesbian and gay couples holding hands affirming and inspiring and I hope more couples can hold hands in public and lead the way in this silent revolution. A Day In Hand campaign continues to break down the boundaries of same-sex love.”

Mr Watkins added: “Same-sex hand holding is a silent revolution for LGBT people, because nothing needs to be said: no bold speeches, no reactive arguments, no war of words.

Let them try it round here! Small town; West of Scotland. Not a good idea. There are still people who demand respect for their community and proper behaviour in front of their children.

“Each LGBT person has the power to change the hearts and minds of people in their local community quietly, subtly, by simply holding hands publicly and owning their space.

Except that they don’t own public spaces.

“However, hand holding is a simple powerful gesture that can happen anywhere, at any time.”

As is a powerful and justified reaction to tell them to stop misbehaving in public.

So-called moral majority, if you still exist: find your voice!

If you allow bad behaviour, you get a bad society.

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7 Responses to Gay hand-holding week starts tomorrow

  1. Leg-iron says:

    Ah, the old end-of-the-month police targets. Here, they set up the speed camera vans at known speeder spots but only in the last week of every month. They seem to think nobody has realised. Everyone is extra-special-good in the last week of every month.

    I don’t think anyone would care at all about hand-holding in public though. The worst they’d do is give the hand-holders an askance look and a wide berth. Most wouldn’t even notice.

    So Pink News will have to increase their pressure. Expect them to press for ‘open air snogging’ (unseemly whether same sex or mixed sex) and then ‘end-of-the-month open-air sex’ (illegal whether same or mixed sex) and watch them shout ‘Homophobe’ at those who don’t want to see anyone at it in public.

    If their antics still work under the new government then I was right – Cameron is no Tory, he’s a Lib Dem ‘sleeper’.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Hi LI,

    I think we have reached a major juncture in our civilisation. Do we fully incorporate homosexuality into normal decent society, or do we put it back in its box?

    I presume that because there is a holdy-handy week at all, there are normally problems in the big bad world. Either that, or it’s just another feel sorry for us-cum-promotional device like tackling homophobic bullying in schools.

    And you’re right, this is a slippery slope. You know how these things work. Next you will be a homophobe if you don’t accept mad passionate same-sex kissing on the park bench next to where you are playing with your children.

    Of course, you probably won’t be allowed to keep your kids if you show signs of homophobia.

    That’s why in my opinion we have to nip this in the bud. Well, okay, it’s past budding stage. We need to take the secateurs to the flower before it goes to seed and takes over completely.

    And what most people either forget or never knew is that the ‘gay’ agenda was only foisted on us to break down society. That was the aim of the early militant gays who knew that to break up the family was necessary for them to have what they regarded as equality.

    It is totally wicked.

    I do feel sorry for homosexuals, esp. these days, when they are encouraged to continue in their desperate state and in the mistaken belief that they are living properly. They have to compare their behaviour to animals to try to justify their sexual behaviour.

    I think this shows how far we have fallen as a people.

    I don’t trust Cameron. Osborne is a worry due to his regular attendances at Bilderberg meetings. They presumably have BIG plans for him to bring the UK under even further control of the EU, global financial systems, UN agencies, etc. Either that or they just like him a lot! Blair and Brown only went once each and look how much they sold out.

    I have more hope in some of the other Tory characters, more of which, later today.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    Hello Richard,

    Thanks for the link. I’m afraid the “authorities” are now clinically obsessed with promoting homosexuality. The police should stick to celebrating the capture of criminals, and I don’t mean old ladies who hand out bits of scripture at “gay pride” marches.

  4. Indeed… our police ought only to be about the business of preventing and detecting real crime and maintaining order and peace, however over the last 10 years the British police forces have been comprehensively hijacked by Stonewall’s ‘equality’ agenda and so our police now act as enthusiastic social engineering agents for the militant gays. I’ve not been arrested for thought crimes against the Stonewall orthodoxy… yet.

  5. Stewart Cowan says:

    Richard – I’ve not been arrested either, but if there’s one way of making me step up a gear, that’s it!

  6. Richard the Big Bunny says:

    Per your blog & its comments:

    I love the sheer ignorance of arguments like “You cannot worry about Issue E until Problem X is solved.” We can’t worry about child molesters until we’ve imprisoned all the murderers. Rape victims just need to sit down & shut up until we’ve sorted out the banking crisis. Violence against gays isn’t as important as who broke into my Skoda & stole my stereo.

    Errrr, yeah.

    What is your goal? What is your perfect solution? Is it a final solution?

    Sorry — that won’t work either.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you were to put all the gays into death camps and kill them, you would just make more gays with your sacred & societally-blessed breeder sex.

    Gays just *are*. There are gays. There will be gays. Just like left-handed people and tall people. There will always be more heterosexuals but they will always breed a certain percentage of gays. And kids who are left-handed. And gingers. And any combination thereof … and more.

    Oh, what to do, what to do ?!?

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