My election report in full

How bad must the “Conservative” Party be not to have wiped out Labour?

If the Tories learn anything from this failure then it must be that people who want liberal socialism will vote Labour or Liberal, so there is absolutely no point in the Tories offering the same thing. That’s all.

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6 Responses to My election report in full

  1. Jim Baxter says:

    Hvaing a clique of plutocrats as the Tory front men doesn’t work as well as it used to either. Something else to consider.

    Sorry for the delay in thanking you for your comment the other day Stewart. I’m in a different world these days, thank goodness.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Hi Jim,

    Hope you enjoyed my in-depth review of the election! I would say we now live in an oligarchy, or near enough. A plutocracy would be better. I think.

    Did I read somewhere that you have left the leafy South Side?

  3. Jim Baxter says:


    No, I remain under Tom Harris’s jackboot.

  4. Stewart Cowan says:

    Was there anyone worth voting for in Glasgow South, Jim?

  5. Jim Baxter says:

    There weren’t too many worth voting for anywhere were there? Mind you, I reckon Rory Stewart, new MP for Penrith, is a man to watch. Talk about ‘real world’ experience. Could be another Churchill, only smarter.

  6. Stewart Cowan says:

    I’ll study him further later Jim, but he looks very sad on his website.

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