The ultimate tyranny

Across the millennia, there have been many attempts to make slaves out of whole populations. They all eventually failed. People have overcome fascism, cruel theocracies, wicked monarchs, communism and Marxism to regain relative freedom. People have been pushed to the limits and eventually come together to say, “No more!”.

The Boston Tea Party and the storming of the Bastille were only possible because like-minded people came together and decided to act, and those actions led to complete changes in how their countries were governed.

There is a far better way for a small band of degenerate leaders to keep control, and that is to minimise the possibility of folk coming together to overcome their oppressors. The smoking ban has driven people from the pubs where they spoke freely, and into their own homes to be re-engineered by television. “PC gone mad” has prevented many subjects being raised at all, so that, for example, Labour’s mass immigration programme designed to undermine our country, went largely unchallenged due to the fear of being branded a racist.

We must not be permitted to congregate and speak freely and without fear.

Normal relationships must be discouraged, because strong family ties mean that people rely more on each other and less on the State.

Children are already being trained to be weak due to competitive sports being frowned upon because the chubby ones cannot run as fast as the other kids and the ones with two left feet cannot pass a football with the style of the potential Cruyffs and Zidanes, but Ambush Predator has noticed an even more disturbing idea from across the Pond:

…increasingly, some educators and other professionals who work with children are asking a question that might surprise their parents: Should a child really have a best friend?

Well, apparently this is bad because it hints of exclusivity. That’s right; nobody should have close relationships because others may feel left out.

This is exactly what the modern version of sex ‘education’ is achieving. Sex is promoted as just another type of recreational activity rather than something which should only happen in very special relationships. By encouraging children to be promiscuous, they find it more difficult to settle into normal family life. Society becomes fragile.

And then there is the tried and tested divide and rule, or really divide and conquer, because our treasonous politicians have allowed the EU, UN agencies and many other phoney international institutions to take our money and use it against us. While we argue about B&Bs turning away homosexuals and the discriminatory nature of the Black Police Association, the elite powers are laughing at how well their plans have worked as they continue to take our freedoms in the name of equality and human rights.

No strong families. No strong friendships. No strong communities. Just a strong State with complete control over a people who cannot organise themselves into resisting the tyranny that has been planned for them. Elites are very patient. They have been prepared to wait decades for their grand social experiment to have the desired effect: a planet of dumbed down and dehumanised slaves who do not, indeed cannot, resist their own enslavement.

There may be fewer people than ever capable of standing up for themselves and their country as they cannot see anything much wrong with the way things are going, and anyway, they are more concerned about talent shows on the telly and trying to look cool, but there is still hope judging by the many bloggers who prove that the brainwashing has not been completely successful.

Many other people I speak to are now extremely suspicious of the government. Any government.

How do we scupper the elite’s plans and educate the people to be patriotic, unselfish and wise as serpents? If we fail to achieve this, then the ultimate tyranny awaits us and it may be sooner than we care to imagine. Any of us can now be arrested for practically any reason at all. We are all considered potential terrorists. Any pre-planned government operation could invoke the Civil Contingencies Act.

The ball is probably still in our court, but only just.

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3 Responses to The ultimate tyranny

  1. JuliaM says:

    Cheers for link! :)

  2. English Viking says:


    Those who have not succumbed already are on a list, on a PC, somewhere in Whitehall; or their local Town Hall; or perhaps their unwillingness to be ordered around has only been noticed by a neighbour, but noticed it has been.

    This is why I am so strident in my language and my attitude to these matters. I will never be able to conceal my true beliefs. I will not be able to pretend that I love ‘Big Brother’. They already know I hate them, and all that they stand for, and that I either hate or pity their followers.

    Lets us quit ourselves as men; let us speak the truth, no matter the outcome.

    Anything less is treason.

    The result will probably be the same if we rebel or collaborate: extermination.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:


    Don’t know how you find so many interesting stories.


    Correct. Better to go out fighting than lying down.

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