PRIDE Part I: Sing if you’re glad to be gay. And black.

Black Pride

This weekend is UK Black Pride 2010. There are many black singers, speakers and DJs taking part (and a couple of token whites, like Peter Tatchell). As you can see from their website masthead, it’s a great opportunity to get up and boogie like a mad thing, if you are black and, er, gay.

The Pink News reports,

Phyllis Opoku-Gyimah, UK Black Pride director, said: “I’m thrilled that Stonewall has formalised its long standing support for our community-led initiative. The help they have gifted us will help to ensure that we put on a strong event that gives space to non-white LGBT people to showcase the best of who we are, as we see ourselves, rather than how others choose to portray us.

These days, non-white (my emphasis, above) includes Hispanic folk. Funny that, because when I was young, they were white. I guess they serve a better purpose to certain people when they are reclassified as ‘black’ even though they are nothing of the sort. It means there are fewer of us evil ‘whites’.

The list of sponsors is interesting. Stonewall have stumped up to help fund this ‘gay apartheid’. It seems strange that they are encouraging division amongst their ranks. What isn’t strange is that the TUC and some of the big unions are sponsors. It also comes as no surprise that the Metropolitan Police are sponsoring the event.

Of course, the name of the game is dividing us. I remember listening to a programme on Radio 4 a few years ago about this club for the blind, gay, Jewish community of North London. I thought that surely there can’t be any more than a couple of dozen of them. The government would be thrilled if we could all be reduced into even smaller ‘communities’, ideally consisting of one person, so that we would never be tempted to exchange opinions or concerns with anyone outside our own tiny peculiar clan.

People must stop falling for all this divisive nonsense being carried out in the name of equality, diversity and ‘community cohesion’.

And ‘pride’ cometh before destruction.

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26 Responses to PRIDE Part I: Sing if you’re glad to be gay. And black.

  1. Black Pride eh? I wonder whether this is what Malcolm X had in mind? ;)

  2. “never be tempted to exchange opinions or concerns with anyone outside our own tiny peculiar clan”

    Oh the irony.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    Probably not, Richard. I don’t know what he’d make of Part II either – coming soon.

  4. Stewart Cowan says:

    All opinions can be expressed here. Even yours, Ian. ;)

  5. When is the first Normal Heterosexuals Parade going to be held in the UK? With all of these pervert parades going on – there’s a Pride pervert event in Manchester later this month – perhaps it has now become necessary to march for being a normal human being.

  6. English Viking says:

    The Prime Minister of Iceland recently opened the Gay ‘Pride’ parade in Reykjavic in full drag. This rubbish should stopped immediately.

  7. len says:

    There is a huge amount of pressure coming from a small group of ‘elites’to conform the moral structure of society to align with their own particular desires.This is being done through the media,TV , films, magazines, books, etc. This re-alignment of the moral structure of Society is done by insidious means and which I suppose is a form of brainwashing( Keep saying the same thing until the public gets used to the idea and accepts it)
    By this means what was previously taboo and unacceptable becomes accepted and’normal’.

    Words have been created to make opposition to this’new moral order’seem to be reactionary and divisive (‘homophobic’ and ‘being judgemental’spring to mind.)
    We have a generation growing up who have been indoctrinated in this Politically Correct,no moral absolutes way of thinking.
    Unless man knows of his fallen condition he will see no need to change, no need for salvation , which is I believe is the whole essence of the forcing of this ‘ Politically Correct’mentality on our society, youth in particular.

    The Politically Correct phenomenon seems to be an attempt to control thinking by controlling speech(making certain words or phrases unacceptable or even against the law,) as I said brainwashing.

  8. Len,

    You just described religion.


    What is a “Normal Heterosexual”? If you think it’s you then you’re holding a parade of one. Not just because you’re opinions are ridiculous but because you’re so uptight any parade you organised would be very boring. None of the heterosexuals I know would want to be part of your parade.


    The PM of Iceland sounds like a wonderful and incredibly cool person.


    Maybe, but you don’t actually listen, do you. I’ve examined countless arguments you and English have put forward. They’ve all been wrong, and the logical and factual failings have been easy to find, but at least I’ve looked into them. You dismiss anything that doesn’t adhere to your narrow world view.

  9. len says:

    Mr Pattinson, I detest Religion probably as much as God does!
    Jesus Christ never came to set up a religion but to restore the broken relationship with God.Religion is a system devised by man to control the masses,much like Socialism,Communism,etc.

    Your feeble attacks against the Truth presented by English and myself are merely an indicator of the strongholds put into your mind by the by the fallen World system( Initiated by satan.)

    You and others like you are mere puppets spouting what your master wants you to say!

    Get set free! Bless you.

  10. Stewart Cowan says:


    A parade celebrating families and decent values would be great. Not sure it would be popular with the brainwashed masses as it would be billed by the media as “homophobic”.

  11. Stewart Cowan says:


    We’ve already seen in Iceland what happens when a nation turns to depravity.

  12. Stewart Cowan says:


    You are right in every way. The blueprint for homosexualising society knew that…

    The first order of business is desensitization of the American public concerning gays and gay rights. To desensitize the public is to help it view homosexuality with indifference instead of with keen emotion. Ideally, we would have straights register differences in sexual preference the way they register different tastes for ice cream or sports games: she likes strawberry and I like vanilla; he follows baseball and I follow football. No big deal.

  13. Stewart Cowan says:


    Which arguments confuse you?

    a) The mind control: FACT (check the link in my reply to Len)

    b) Homosexual acts are disgusting; unnatural: FACT – and you also don’t need a holy book to tell you that eating dog poo is disgusting.

    c) Homosexuals have a great many more sexual ‘partners’ than heterosexuals, leading to disease and depression: MORE THAN SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE.

    What else is there, Ian? What can’t you see?

  14. James Justice says:

    Blah blah blah, why can’t we have a Straight Pride?

    Why don’t you organise one? Do you think Gay Pride just materialises out of thin air? It would only be billed by the media as “homophobic” if only heterosexuals were allowed to go. Are you not aware that Gay Pride is open to anyone who wants to go – you see, we don’t discriminate. It’s a good day out!

    P.S. I’m not diseased or depressed (or a recovering alcoholic).

  15. Of course, we’ll never really need a ‘Straight Pride’ will we? 99% of the population are normal and so there’s no need to hold parades the purpose of which is to try and normalise that which is not and never will be.

    All we need are courageous people continuing to publicly stand for the truth against the militant perverts’ social/political agenda – and there are plenty such people.

    I suppose we could have a Straight Pride right now, right here on this website though; I’ll start us off…

    “I’m Richard Carvath and I’m proud to be a normal heterosexual man. Woo! Yeah!” [Doing a little dance]

  16. English Viking says:

    James Justice,


  17. We’ve already seen in Iceland what happens when a nation turns to depravity.

    The banks fail, then they fail to qualify for the World Cup, and volcanoes start erupting!!

    Wow, such power the gays possess, no wonder you’re so jealous. I initially thought this was one of the few right-wing gay websites considering the amount of articles on homosexuality here, but once I started reading the ignorant posts, all became clear.

    you also don’t need a holy book to tell you that eating dog poo is disgusting.

    You know people who eat dog faeces? Who? This is such a weird blog…

  18. Little Mo says:

    What a wit you are Mike – me’s not read any holy book for years; but (as the devil can quote scripture, so can I) indeed it again seems ‘sinners [in denial – Tatchell et al, including you I’d wager] taketh the truth to be hard’. Why I bother, I dunno.

  19. len says:

    Its not the gays that possess ‘the power’.The real power lies with sin(working through fallen people).It causes disease,broken families,addictions etc, in effect every human misery you can think of,hardly a laughing matter.The ultimate price to pay for sin is death.
    Don`t take my word for it just look at the mess the World is in.

  20. Mike, I think Stewart’s convinced himself that John Waters movies are actually documentaries.

    Stewart, religion is mind control too, on a far grander scale than one person’s silly manifesto and to far more harm.

    Homosexual acts are disgusting to you. Which is fine, everyone has their limits and things which confuse or upset them. You should stop thinking about homosexual acts and stop obsessing about them. No-one’s doing them to you, demanding that you do them or making you watch. They won’t go away if you stop thinking about them, but your blood pressure will go down.

    Richard- you go girl! Shake that booty!

  21. len says:

    Free to do whatever one wants? No absolute morals? No absolute Truth? 2 Peter 2:19
    “They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity – for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him.”

    In these last days all restraint is being thrown off as we enter the final stages.( As it was in the days of Noah)

    We are certainly in the last days before the return of the Lord Jesus to earth. Sin is rampant on planet earth. Good is evil and evil is good to those in the world who have rejected God and His Word. Evil in the world is growing progressively worse. In the days ahead the wicked will grow more evil and sin will be more appealing to the lost.

    We have not only people sinning but actively encouraging others to do so which will bring both under judgement.

  22. Len,

    So you’re a slave to prejudice, ignorance and misplaced reverence for an ancient book.

  23. len says:

    This’ancient book’ the Bible contains Truth, truth never changes so the Bible is as relevant today as it ever was.
    But some people prefer to disregard the truth, because it conflicts with their wants and desires.
    When God created the World physical laws were put in place, also spiritual laws were put in place.
    One of these laws is the law of sin and death, to deny this law doesn`t negate it.

    The bad news is the entire World stands condemned.

    The good news( the Gospel of Jesus Christ)is
    “The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death” Romans 8:2.

    Your choice entirely Mr Pattinson. God has given you free will and will respect whatever choice you make but don`t complain that you were ignorant of the Truth.

  24. len says:

    In the Old Testament God gave the people of Israel a series of instructions to help them live a healthy prosperous life.He gathered them together and told them,
    Deuteronomy 30:19-20, God told His people (after telling them all the blessings if they were obedient to His commandments, and the curses if they were disobedient), “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing, therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed shall live.” He gave them the choice of life and death, but then told them to choose life, so they and their seed would live!

    The curses would be from turning away from God and thereby giving satan dominion in their lives.( this is an either/or situation , man likes to feel he has free will but he comes either under the dominion of God or satan.The only person who has total free will in the Universe is God Himself.

    We have a similar situation now choose life in Jesus Christ or death if we continue to live in our sinful selfish,unredeemed nature.

    How does Jesus give Life?. The physically dead Lazarus could do nothing for himself. He was unresponsive to all stimuli, oblivious to all life around him, beyond all help or hope—except for the help of Christ who is “the Resurrection and the Life” (John 11:25). At Christ’s call, Lazarus was filled with life, and he responded accordingly. In the same way, we were spiritually dead, unable to save ourselves, powerless to perceive the life of God—until Jesus called us to Himself. He “quickened” us; “not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy” (Titus 3:5).

  25. len says:

    When God created everything he declared it to be good.(Genesis 1; “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the
    evening and the morning were the sixth day”.)

    However satan was able to deceive mankind and(having gained the co-operation of man in his rebellion against God) to turn everything which was good and to turn it into evil.
    This is why God hates sin,it is a inversion, a reversal, of good.

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