PRIDE Part II: ‘Proud to be a British Muslim’ (a lesson in mind-control)

Proud to be a British Muslim

I don’t know if buses are still carrying this advert, but I came across it lately on an old leaflet from 2008 which was in my “to read” pile. I have finally read it! The leaflet was issued by Arab World Ministries whose noble mission is “Building Christ’s Church among Arab peoples.”

Before discussing the best way of bringing the truth of the Gospel to Muslims and Arabs of other faiths, I want to comment on this strange advert. Although it is not exactly topical news, I hope you will stick with me as I try to uncover what Muslims expect from the rest of us in Britain.

The first thing I noticed on the advert was the cute child. He’s harmless isn’t he? Wouldn’t hurt a fly. And he is wearing a baseball cap, which is even on back-to-front, so he is completely Westernised. One of us. Nothing to fear. Islam is Peace.

Then I wondered about this thing about being proud. Isn’t pride a great sin in Islam? In other words, the advert is just saying what the campaign people think we want to hear.

Then I thought, well wait a tick. Are they ‘proud’ to be British or just proud to be British Muslims? There is a huge difference, which we probably aren’t supposed to notice. Being British and being a Muslim are totally separate, let’s call them, conditions. I am British – and Scottish, and a Christian. I have never described myself as a British Christian. Why should I? I am these two things, plus many more (cue hilarious suggestions in the comments section).

Am I proud to be British? I try not to be proud of anything, as it is a sin, indeed it cometh before destruction. I am glad to be British and Scottish. Even if I was prone to pride (okay, I succumb like everyone else sometimes. I’m not perfect), I am certainly not proud of the laughing stock our country has become due to our politicians enslaving us with almost every EU, UN and envirofascist diktat they are presented with.

How could anyone, Muslim or otherwise, be proud of 200,000 abortions a year (apart from Diane Abbott, maybe, and her fellow bloodthirsty feministas)?

How could anyone, Muslim or otherwise, be proud of our government waging immoral wars for corporate empire?

Let’s be honest, the modern Western way of life is totally at odds with Islam. Can a true Muslim be proud of being British? Is it really possible? Maybe being a British Muslim is something they can take some comfort in as it is bound to be better than being a Muslim in most other parts of the globe.

It doesn’t mean they are willing to assimilate or give ground to the people who live in the country they are pretending to be proud of.

When we visit the Islam is Peace website, we are greeted by the cute wee boy again. He looks remarkably light-skinned on my monitor. Coincidence? They tell us that Islam is a complete way of life and the unifying belief in one God (sic) brings Muslims from all over the world together as one family.

The “family” therefore is Islam, not Britain, unless perhaps we become another Islamic nation.

On the campaign video, the first thing they tell us is, “Islam is NOT about hostility”. The campaign was begun as a response to the bombings of 7/7/05, but even so, I can’t think of any other religion who would use this as an introduction to understanding their belief system.

Imagine a video intended to give a good impression of Catholicism and starting with, “Catholicism is NOT about systematic child abuse by priests”. I wouldn’t give credence to anything which followed that statement, would you?

After another smiling child, we read, “Islam is NOT violence”. This is followed by a smiling baby. It’s probably not worth your time watching this video. To sum it up, some Muslim ladies with English accents say that they are peaceful and British and two white men – someone from the advertising company and a bus driver – say what a good idea it is to advertise peace on buses.

Another video outlines the campaign’s “5 Point Plan”. Number one is to fight Islamophobia; to monitor and fight Islamophobia wherever it occurs.

Ostensibly about peace, we can see straight away that the campaign is about much more than fighting towards this noble objective. It’s about power. Of course it is; Islam is the family.

Number Two is about creating dialogue between the Muslim Community and the rest of Britain, ensuring that [the Muslim’s] voice is always in the mainstream media. To partner with business and government to ensure [Muslims’] concerns like racism and social exclusion are understood.

The rest of Britain is seen as a separate entity, which is why they can only be proud to be British Muslims and not proud to be British. To partner with business and government is, of course, code for more legislation to have our society changed to suit them. It makes sense, though. The more ground the 97% of non-Muslims give, the less agro we are likely to get in return. Except that, because Islam is the family and an admittedly separate community, there is no middle ground and concessions will be neverending once they start, and they have started.

Number Three calls on the government to make lasting peace in areas of conflict around the world, helping eliminate the injustices that foment division and nurture violence.

Peace in Britain, therefore, depends on our government’s foreign policy. I am dead against these wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well, as I am sure is the majority of the UK, but I don’t threaten the lives of innocent civilians because I oppose them.

Number Four is about being creative so that Muslims have [their] finger on the pulse on the British mainstream to understand what [the Muslim ‘Community’] wants the world to hear.

The BBC has already been found to be pro-Muslim and anti-Christian.

Number Five is about dialogue and friendship, to create a culture of understanding, because Mohammed said that anyone who believes in Allah, let him be good to his neighbour.

There will be peace just as soon as we become an Islamic country. Except that there won’t, because the inevitable factions will develop and we know what happens then. Even if they don’t, the rest of us (which will be far less than the current 97% after further social engineering and Cameron’s crusade to welcome Turkey to our EU family) will be living under a repressive Islamic regime.

The only conclusion I can reach after looking at this campaign – and this one is meant to reach out to all of Britain with peace and understanding – is that Islam offers no peace and no freedom.

This is what that Arab World Ministries leaflet says,

“It is not hard for us to meet and make friends with Muslim people. They are warm, friendly people waiting to meet us. Speak to the Pakistani shopkeeper. Talk to the Muslim ladies as you wait with them at the school gate. Invite your neighbour to tea. Before long you will have a friend with whom you can share all sorts of matters, including your relationship with God.”

Christians have many duties. One is to bring souls to Christ. Not by the sword nor with threats of violence. We are to love our neighbour regardless of foreign policy or media brainwashing. We are to help the poor and infirm and demand justice for the afflicted.

Our society, largely based on Judeo-Christian values, was successful because justice had a sure foundation, not one based wholly on the agenda of whatever political system was in place or on a religion that calls for severe beatings for women who have been gang-raped.

A few people were persuaded to fight our way of life due to the mind-control efforts of the early feminists and ‘gay rights’ militants. Like Islam in the UK, gentle persuasion and reason weren’t an option for them to change society due to their limited numbers, so it had to be achieved by stealth: legislation against perceived injustices and manipulation of the media (and therefore, the people) – exactly what the Islam is Peace 5 Point Plan is advocating.

After decades of this re-engineering, those of us who retain some sense of reality have become the ones subjected to abuse. We are the ones being called names. The media have managed to make patriotism seem like xenophobia: the “Little Englander” who dares to want to preserve his civilised society. Our national flag is considered by some to be racist. Taxi drivers and binmen in various parts of England were prohibited from displaying St. George flags during the World Cup.

It seems that pride, for those who want it, is only for the select few. You can be proud to be a British Muslim and proud to be gay and of course, proud to be a woman who needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

Personally, I can live without pride. I have seen how it afflicts others.

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27 Responses to PRIDE Part II: ‘Proud to be a British Muslim’ (a lesson in mind-control)

  1. English Viking says:

    Being ‘British’ has become rather like being nothing, and yet everything, all in one go. It is a nonsense to suppose that being ‘British’ can include Jamaicans, French, Pakistanis, Germans, etc.

    I am English. I am White. It is not possible to be English without being White. It is not possible to be English and Black, Brown, Japanese, French, Iranian, Afghani, etc.

    Shout me down; call me racist, bigot, narrow-minded, etc. When those who have invaded our nations piss on your corpse. don’t come running to me.

  2. Stewart,

    As usual, you’re seeing what you want to see rather than what’s there. That’s why you keep falling for conspiracy theories and think your religion answers everything.

    And all that stuff about flag bans is nonsense. This blog takes the claims apart and shows them for the pathetic baitying they are.


    you want to be called names because it makes you feel big. Do something more positive to overcome your insecurities, you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:


    I think it’s possible to be black and English, just as it is to be white and Rhodesian. It’s when people claim to be English and some other nationality there is a conflict of interests.

  4. Stewart Cowan says:


    As usual, you’re seeing what you want to see rather than what’s there.

    It is there! I’ve just shown you. You’re the one being fooled, Ian. Yes, you. Are you wilfully so blind or are you paid to go round the blogs dismissing what is clearly being done to our country by traitors?

  5. len says:

    ” PROUD TO BE A BRITISH MUSLIM” (what an oxymoron!)
    “The leaflet was issued by Arab World Ministries whose noble mission is “Building Christ’s Church among Arab peoples.”??? ( Question marks mine!)

    Definitions of muslim on the Web:
    a believer in or follower of Islam. ( (Muslims do not believe in the divinity of Christ,essential to be a believer)

    This cynical attempt to link Islam with with Christians( and peace)will only take in the most gullible and the ignorant.

    Islam and Christianity are totally incompatible.

    Arab Christians do exist but Muslim(Islamic) Christians, never!.

  6. len says:

    Ian just pops up like the genie of the blog to rubbish the truth, in fact whatever Ian disagrees with you can guarantee its true.

  7. English Viking says:


    There is a massive difference between English and British.

    English is an ethnicity, British is a catch-all nationality, usually issued for administrative purposes. It is no more possible to English and black than it is to be a black Japanese or a white Eskimo.

    Nationality can be changed. It’s easy, just fill in the forms. Ethnicity is permanent, immutable. It is a sad indictment of the routing of our national identities that most English people haven’t got a clue who they are, where they came from or why they should object when their ethnicity is trampled by their own government, foreigners and worst of all, their own people.

  8. Stewart Cowan says:


    I think AWM is only concerned with converting Muslims, here in the UK and in Arab countries.

    Yes, Ian is a fine example of someone who has been successfully reprogrammed.

  9. Stewart Cowan says:


    Is English really an ethnicity, though? The English (white ones) are themselves a mix of a lot of other ethnicities. How many English have Jewish ancestry, I wonder?

  10. Great blog-post Stewart, thanks. (I guess it was no 5-minute rush job.)

    To practise Islam [that is, the real thing] is completely incompatible with being British because genuine Islamic ideology does not recognise the concepts of nationality, or national sovereignty or liberal representative democracy.

    Any true Muslim sees the UK as ‘Dar al Harb’ territory to be conquered and Islamised by any and all means, and any true Muslim sees all non-Muslims as infidel ‘Kafirs’. The true nature of Islam is all there to be seen in the Koran, the Sunnah and the Hadith – and is further evidenced in the actions of its true adherents around the world today – and it is clear that Islam is not compatible with any contemporary or historical understanding of what it is to be British.

  11. You guys are amusing, but repetitious. You can’t comprehend how shallow and poorly thought out your opinions are, so have to make excuses and bleat about “Truth” when someone dares to think in your presence.

    I haven’t been reprogrammed by anyone, and sadly no-one is paying me for the simple job of pointing out how vacuous your arguments are. If they’d like to I’ll happily take some easy money.

    Personally I think religion, all religions, should be sidelined. Belief in fantasies is dragging us all down. This is the ad that should be appearing on more buses. Attacking one particular religion and reading your own paranoid fears into a campaign intended to improve relations is just an attempt to gain more power for your own brand of make believe, nothing more.

  12. English Viking says:


    The English comprise mainly Celts, Jutes, Saxons, Vikings, Normans and Angles. All of them European, all of them the same ethnicity, caucasian. Being a Jew is not dependent on nationality, it is a religion, and as such has no bearing on ethnicity.

    The ‘English’, as we are now known, are one of the aboriginal inhabitants of the British Isles. We have been a distinct and settled group for centuries, at least as far back as 1066, with the differing tribes before that going back millennia.

    Why do lefties, luvvies and the badly educated love to ‘celebrate’ the rights of Australian Aborigines, or Native Americans/Red Indians, but will not do the same for their own people?

    Can a Black person be ethnically Japanese? I don’t think he can. He can apply for a passport from Japan, and possibly get one, allowing him to describe his nationality as Japanese, but he himself will always be Afro Caribbean, never Japanese. If you agree with this statement, how then can it be possible for him to be English?

  13. Furor Teutonicus says:

    XX English Viking
    August 15th, 2010 at 10:59 pm

    Can a Black person be ethnically Japanese? I don’t think he can. He can apply for a passport from Japan, and possibly get one, allowing him to describe his nationality as Japanese.XX

    Last I heard;

    No. It is NOT possible to become a Japanese citizen. Last I heard, even being born there does not cover you, unless you are ETHNICALLY Japanese.I.e, your parents and Grandparents have also to be born there.

    EXACTLY the way it was here until we got these damn commy turds in “Government”.

  14. Silly Kuffar says:

    I take “BRITISH GENE” to mean those who are the INDIGENOUS ENGLISH, SCOTTISH, WELSH and IRISH.


    So, WHO were the people living in these lands who have a “BRITISH GENE”, Were here in these lands over 2000 years ago ?
    I would say these people or “RACE” or people are the INDIGENOUS POPULATION.
    Please don’t try and water my down MY IDENTITY as an ENGLISHMAN nor try and paint us as a Bastard race.

  15. len says:

    Richard Carvath, spot on!.
    Qur’an (3:54) – “And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.” The Arabic word used here for scheme (or plot) is makara, which literally means deceit. If Allah is deceitful toward unbelievers, then there is little basis for denying that Muslims are allowed to do the same.
    However Yahweh the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob cannot lie,God is the only being Who is incapable of lying. Everything that God said would happen before now, has happened—just as He said it would. Since God knows all things past, present, and future (and since He is completely honest), it is impossible for Him to speak untruths.

    It is also apparent that Allah of the Qu`ran and Yahweh (the God of the Bible) are two totally different personages.

  16. “Muslims and buses are not a good combination.”

    Neither are priests and children!!

  17. That’s correct Len. The God of the Bible (Yhwh) and the god of the Koran (Allah) are not the same. Allah is Satan. Yhwh is the one true God.

  18. English Viking says:


    I agree. The Bible teaches that priests (in the sense that you mean, i.e. the man at the front in a silly hat/dress/both) are not only unnecessary for the Christian, but are actually a grievous slight on the all-sufficiency of Christ’s priesthood.

  19. len says:

    I think a very common misconception is to confuse organised Religion with the Body of Christ or the Ekklesia.
    Anyone can join a church or a body of religion however you cannot join the Body of Christ you have to be born into it.Or should I say re-born into it.
    Unredeemed men joining religion for unholy purposes should rightly be totally condemned.These men have done untold damage to the public perception of’religion’.

  20. Jared Gaites says:


    I see we use the same avatar…cool

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  24. len says:

    The shallow end of the meme pool.
    Shallow indeed!

  25. len says:

    Not quite knowing what a ‘meme ‘I turned to the internet and lo and behold I found the god of the secular world (Dawkins himself) had pronounced on it.
    Richard Dawkins, who coined the word in his book The Selfish Gene defines the meme as simply a unit of intellectual or cultural information that survives long enough to be recognized as such, and which can pass from mind to mind.
    Now if this information come from a fallen, fallible being (Dawkins himself even)what use is it?

    I prefer my truth straight from the Bible.

  26. Oswin says:

    Len/English Viking – way to go old mates!

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