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Ed: a new era or more of the same?

Ed Miliband made his maiden speech to Conference yesterday as new Labour leader. Not “New” Labour leader, i.e. not new New Labour leader, just new Labour leader. This is very important, because New Labour is dead. This Party is no … Continue reading


Question everything

I love this optical illusion on the Daily Mail’s website. “Although it may seem impossible to believe, the squares marked ‘A’ and ‘B’ are actually exactly the same shade of grey.” Lesson 1: question everything. This amazing illusion was created … Continue reading


Coalition to build on Labour’s “equality” agenda. God help us.

Lynne Featherstone is the new Equalities minister at the Home Office. She is a Liberal Democrat, but far more liberal than democrat. She has posted to her blog a transcript of the keynote speech she gave at last week’s LibDem … Continue reading


Will the EU force newspapers on us to get their propaganda across?

As was bound to happen, newspapers are losing out to the internet. Instead of embracing new technology, this idea has been touted, The main journalist trade union in Europe and the UK wants citizens to be given ‘European Democracy Vouchers’, … Continue reading


Who will win, secularists or Muslims?

There’s only one way to find out: F-I-G-H-T!! And it might come to that. The Mail On Sunday has discovered that halal meat is being served up as standard in a wide range of public and private establishments, from schools … Continue reading


I am not a flat-earther, Mr Harris

Glasgow South MP and wannabe front bencher, Tom Harris, tweeted this the other day… I kept some extra tardises in (if that’s the plural) for effect. Tom is probably more famous for his love of this TV programme than he … Continue reading


What on earth are they teaching our kids?

This is from an American perspective, but doesn’t it look familiar? What on earth are they teaching our kids in the government-run public school system? The answer is, ‘Not much.’ Several generations of America’s children have gone through 12 grades … Continue reading


Hidden Message of Islam in Children’s Toys?

Apparently, a new report on an old story. What do you make of it? Source:

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They don’t like it up ‘em

So said Lance Corporal Jones about the Germans on Dad’s Army.  The exact phrase, “They don’t like it up ‘em” returns “About 271,000 results” on Google. Oddly, I couldn’t find a video clip of one of the show’s most famous … Continue reading


Fifty public figures condemn me in letter to Guardian

Actually, it is the Pope they condemn. More than 50 public figures have added their names to a letter in the Guardian newspaper saying the Pope should not be given the “honour” of a UK state visit. Authors Terry Pratchett … Continue reading