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Godwin’s Law needs to be updated in this age of bans and eugenics

Leg-iron observes that Godwin’s Law needs to be updated. Whether discussing the smoking ban or the many other authoritarian measures which are now in place, it is difficult to avoid the obvious similarities with Nazism. And as in 1930’s Germany, … Continue reading


Faraway takeaways

Here we go again… Takeaways are to be banned near hundreds of schools in a new drive to curb teenage obesity. Councils across the country are rewriting planning rules to stop junk food outlets operating next to schools and tempting … Continue reading


Real Street Variety Performance 3

At long last, here is another selection of entertainment. The first video is Down Under by Men At Work. This is now nearly thirty years old, incredibly. As a Jethro Tull fan, maybe I just like anything with a flute … Continue reading

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Yet more evidence 9/11 was an inside job

I remain amazed that so many people can watch videos of 47-storey WTC Building 7 collapsing straight down in a mere seven seconds and still not feel inclined to question it, and then not be desperate to find out as … Continue reading

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Is Prince Charles a eugenicist? Are you without realising?

This is how the world’s elites view humanity – as a virus; a cancer spreading across the planet and killing it. I believe the main purpose of the environment movement is to sear images like these into people’s minds so … Continue reading


O2 and CO2

O2 have still not cut their ties with eco-crazies 10:10. They are now the only corporate sponsor who still wish to be associated with the group and its video showing children who refuse to comply with their agenda being blown … Continue reading


People Power changes the climate-fanatics

Three out of the four main corporate sponsors of the environmental group 10:10, who thought the idea of blowing children to bits hilarious, have requested their logos be removed from the fanatics’ website after pressure from both sides of the … Continue reading

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Tribute to Norman Wisdom

Norman Wisdom passed away yesterday evening aged 95 at his care home on the Isle of Man. The more I watch Up In The World (1956) the more I enjoy it. I think this was Sir Norman’s second film. This … Continue reading


Ecofascists drop their guard

Other bloggers have reacted with understandable concern to this propaganda video produced by 10:10 where children and adults who refuse to go along with their agenda to reduce their carbon emissions by ten percent are blown to bloody pieces at … Continue reading


Thought criminals start new venture

Christian thought criminals, Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang from Liverpool, are starting a new venture after their hotel business was ruined by an unsuccessful criminal trial over comments they made in a private conversation with a Muslim guest. They are starting … Continue reading