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I have been debating with the English Nationalist English Shieldwall on Facebook who is justifiably aggrieved at the unfair treatment of English people in our United Kingdom. He wants an English parliament, which is fair enough, but as I pointed out, the Scottish “Parliament” is another EU/globalist front where the same old PC agenda is being pushed on the people. I cannot see that an English parliament, dominated as it would be by the Tories and Labour, would be any different.

My wish is to maintain the Union for our mutual benefit in these difficult times. My ideas for the immediate future are these:

1. UK’s complete withdrawal from the EU, Council of Europe, etc.

2. A Constitution and Bill of Rights based on the USA’s. (Royal Family to be given minor roles or scrapped altogether depending on the result of a referendum.)

3. Start repatriation of everyone who doesn’t abide by the Constitution.

4. Round up all suspected traitors (starting with Blair) and arrange trials. (The guilty to serve life imprisonment or hanging/beheading – dependent on a referendum!)

5. Discuss future of the UK.

Do you agree with me? How can we achieve these aims? Is it going to take a full-blown revolution or can it be achieved through our current political and legal systems?

These are English Shieldwall’s grievances, but some pertain equally to the other countries of the UK, for example there is no Scottish/Welsh/N. Irish army/passport/Olympic team. Many people seem happy enough that we have separate football teams!

A nationalist’s issues:

No English Parliament

No Official Bank Holiday Patron Saints day or any form of official patriotic English celebration day

No English National Anthem

No English coinage

English ethnicity not included in our own Census forms.

Mass immigration into England without referendum.

England forced to be ruled by the EU without referendum.

No English Army.

No English Passport.

No English Olympic Team.

Lack of English History taught in schools(Anglo-Saxon roots, King Alfred etc).

England flags being ordered to be taken down in England.

The Barnett Formula giving more cash per head per year to Wales, Scotland and N Ireland.

No funding for the needs of the English community whilst millions given to settler organisations.

Local English food produce not marked whilst Irish, Scottish and Welsh are.

Equality Bill forcing businesses in England to employ non-English rather than English based on identity not capability.

Media propaganda putting the English identity on trial – ‘Mongrel nation’ ‘100% English’ on Channel 4 etc.

The devolution process leaving out England with our population not having free prescriptions, free NHS parking, free Student loans, free cancer/eye/Alzheimer treatment etc all denied to the people of England whilst available in Scotland, Ireland and Wales for free.

England not allowed referendums that are allowed in other British countries.

No England Independence referendum.

Heathenism/Paganism the original faith of the English demonised or ignored.

Media refusal to address Anglophobic discrimination,

Thousands of non-English ethnic group organisations allowed whilst English ethnicity organisations deemed as non-inclusive racist etc.

I suggest that staying united and together reversing the damage the traitors have done is the only way we can have common freedom and after that we can decide to go our separate ways if that is what people want.

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12 Responses to The future of the UK

  1. Slamlander says:

    Meh, you do know that the US Federal government, since GW Bush, is been essentially ignoring the Bill of Rights, non?

    “A people generally get the sort of government that they deserve. The rest of is have to learn to live with it.” – Heinlein

    “There is no greater tyranny than a pure democracy.” – Voltaire

    “Thje best form of government is a benevolent tyranny.” Heinlein

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Absolutely, Slamlander. That’s why the traitors need to be taught a lesson future wannabes won’t forget!

    9/11 was very “convenient” not only as a pretext for starting the war in Afghanistan, but to trash the Constitution in the name of “protecting” the people from the bearded bogeyman, the CIA’s very own Osama bin Laden.

    The Americans need to reclaim their rights and we need to establish ours.

  3. The provision of an English parliament is no answer – the question really should be about the role of the State (or Crown), which is what dominates and directs all political parties and processes on both sides of the border – and everywhere else. I think the libertarians, minarchists and anarchists have the right idea; although we need governance and the rule of (Common) Law, we don’t need government for anything – although it certainly needs us so that it can exploit, impoverish and control us.
    To arrange for a national parliament for English people would simply be changing the window-dressing. We already have that in the status quo.

  4. James Justice says:

    Scrap the Royal Family?

    You’re the only traitor around here!

  5. Stewart Cowan says:

    Caedmon’s Cat,

    Don’t know about anarchism, but I think you’re right. I can understand why an English parliament seems desirable, though, with the “West Lothian Question” and irregularities in financial areas.

  6. Stewart Cowan says:


    Perhaps you need help with your English. I suggested putting it to a referendum, although I personally don’t feel the need to bow to another person, especially one who is married to a man who wishes to be reincarnated as a virus to kill me!

    And another thing, the Queen has stayed silent as a massive amount of sovereignty has been given away. She is therefore no longer “Sovereign”, so she is, in effect, doing away with herself. Would you say she is a “traitor”?

  7. 6079SmithW says:

    “2. A Constitution and Bill of Rights based on the USA’s.”

    Which in turn is based, word for word in parts, on the British Constitution.

    Since our Constitution is not being upheld now, what makes you think writing it all out again will make any difference?

    The American people do not seem to be getting much protection from their Constitution right now either.

    ‘Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty.’


  8. English Viking says:

    To me, the future of the UK (the switch in name from GB should be ringing alarm bells) is patently obvious; a continued decline of economic and political power, Islamic fanatics (are there any other sort?) dominating to the point where they run large parts, if not all, of GB and finally a civil war. If we are lucky, the war will come in time when the forces for good are strong enough to win. If not, those forces will be wiped out and GB will become a combination of Constantinople, Sodom, Rome and Babylon, and we all know what happened to them.

  9. Stewart Cowan says:


    One of the main differences is that we don’t learn about our constitution, whereas the Americans do (or did!). The people need educated and empowered.

  10. Stewart Cowan says:


    That is certainly one scenario and not an unlikely one the way things are going.

  11. Zaphod says:

    There’s a lot in here that I disagree with, mainly the “English are better than everyone else” stuff.

    But I want out of the EU. It’s corrupt, and just too big to be efficient.

    The question that I’m puzzled by is this. Why are so many politicians in favour of it?

    It’s not even in their own interest to relinquish their power to a larger authority.

    Does anyone have a rational theory that doesn’t involve 9/11, New World Order, or Evil Aliens?

  12. Stewart Cowan says:


    I have been contemplating this same thing lately.

    9/11 doesn’t come into it (directly). I don’t believe in aliens. That leaves me with the NWO from your list!

    Most politicians are “useless idiots” who do exactly as they are told. If their party is meant to be “Eurosceptic”/pro-“Europe”; pro-war/anti-war; pro-cuts/anti-cuts; pro-Trident/anti-Trident, etc., etc., they are expected to all be of the same mind and are whipped into voting the “right” way.

    What you want to know is who is telling the party leaders and whips what to do…

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