When will the traitors be brought to account?

Old Rightie has posted “before” and “after” pictures of Benito Mussolini and his mistress Clara Petacci – that is, before they were shot, and after they were hung upside down on meathooks! Old Rightie envisages a time when people in EU countries will rise up and treat their treacherous ‘leaders’ to a similar fate. He contrasts the violence of Mussolini with the more subtle mind control of recent years.

Here is a picture of a previous European leader and his mistress, during their good times. Times when a ruling elite used more brutal and obvious force than the psychological  brain washing of today’s despots and warmongers. However the devastation of 9/11, the wreckage of Iraq, the futile, Quixote killing and slaughter in Afghanistan, coupled with the obscenity of the wreckers of Western culture and wealth of the politicos’ banker pals, makes me wonder if the after pictures of these two above might be justifiably repeated in the future. Or, in the pathetic yuck speak of today, “going forward”.

There is so much happening in our Western enclaves that is horrendous, yet nothing stirs. The more that anger remains unassuaged and the modern “Mussolinis” and their entourages such as our majority Parliamentarian lickspittles and EU counterparts ignore the rage they so far quell, the worse the explosion will be when, not if, it comes. We have, so far, our computers and our blogs. Under no circumstances would I seek violence but I am convinced that at a certain level, the frustration and misery will sweep away the current political class in as dramatic a fashion as the French and  Russian revolutions brought about. The saddest thing is the number of innocents that, as ever, have to bear the brunt of the violence. A violence fuelled by the excesses of an elite utterly blind to the depravities of the masses who, in attempting to ape their apparent peers, become more obviously the monsters that lie hidden behind the polite veneers of the privileged. Keep blogging and metaphorically bring them to account as were these pair!

When it was Nicolae Ceauşescu’s turn to be removed from power, he apparently couldn’t understand why the Romanian people he thought loved him had turned against him. Surely David Cameron et al couldn’t make this same error?

Unfortunately for the Romanians, 21 years on from the Revolution, they now find themselves firmly in the grip of the European Union. Václav Klaus, the Czech President, held off signing the Lisbon Treaty for as long as he could because he realised that the EU is becoming as bad as the Soviet Union was.

I wonder which people will crack first and topple the EU’s puppet regimes which have sold them out? When will our own traitors: Blair, Brown and now Cameron and their accomplices face the music?

How can the people who have betrayed this country so badly still be active in running it (down)? Why are the masses not outraged?

Old Rightie hopes we can bring the traitors down by blogging. While I believe the internet is our greatest medium in the “infowar” we know political leaders no longer listen to the people, or even their own backbenchers most of the time.

What must we do to take our country back? How can we successfully bring these traitors to justice?

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4 Responses to When will the traitors be brought to account?

  1. The greatest challenge that libertarians and anarchists face is to get the ordinary people to think for themselves – and to question the so-called ‘reality’ continually presented to them. So much of what people accept as gospel about their illusory country, legal and political systems and government hangs upon thought patterns ingrained in them through a lifetime of systematic indoctrination through education and the mass media by those whose interest it is to maintain the illusion. Marc Stevens and John Harris highlight these illusions very effectively, but I take issue with Harris’ idea that Christianity has been used as a tool to exact obedience from the populace. The institutions of religion are another matter..

    With this in mind, I would suggest that the notions of treachery by the politicos over the years are actually irrelevant; how can you be a traitor to a country which ultimately has only ever been a mental construct (albeit enforced by the judiciary and the police)? The EU is only another abstraction, but on a larger scale.

    When people realise that their lords and masters are using mental conjuring tricks (like neurolinguistic programming) to fool them into accepting this ‘reality’, they might realise that they’ve been exploited and duped by a small number of people who are afraid of losing control. Now that would be interesting..

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Hi CC,

    It is annoying when ‘experts’ say really sensible things, then spoil it by attacking the Christian faith. Like you say, institutions are another matter, but do they make that distinction?

    I disagree with you about treason. In a way, the UK is a hodgepodge, but it’s what the politicians have sworn to serve. That’s why I think the worst ones should hang.

    Do you have more information on NLP techniques or have you noticed this yourself?

    I honestly don’t know what will wake the people up, except maybe missing three straight meals.

  3. You can only think in terms of treason if you believe that the core belief system regarding our political and legal systems has some basis in reality. Since the very idea of a political system is based on the promoted assumptions that the state and citizenship exist, Joe Public proceeds with that world view – and doesn’t even consider it questionable. However, the state (like all others on the planet) is actually a legal fiction, and Parliament, law courts and political parties are registered corporations – again, legal fictions created to maintain power and control. I could go on..

    In the Book of Revelation, the beast that comes from the sea makes his IMAGE speak to the people: it doesn’t speak itself! Why? – I’d imagine because the reality is too vile to present to the world. Image and illusion help to perpetuate the Babylonian tyranny. It is that image which is so well stamped upon the perceptions of the population.

    I don’t know a lot about NLP, but I know its techniques are used to subliminally bypass people’s belief systems and unconsciously accept things they wouldn’t under normal circumstances. It’s also known as ‘cognitive dissonance’.

    While the powers that be continue to throw bread and circuses to the ‘great unwashed’, they’ll put up with whatever injustices are thrust upon them.

  4. Stewart Cowan says:

    CC, I think maybe my latest post’s four videos help explain all this.

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