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Fakecharity to keep its £13 million funding.

Despite knowing several couples who have recently been blessed with the patter of tiny feet, I had never heard of Bookstart before I read Roger Helmer’s blog post. Bookstart hands out books for young children and is administered by registered … Continue reading


Computers suck

I’m back! I wasn’t having a blogging holiday, but my laptop broke down (my PC had already died) and although I had a record of my username and password for the control panel, I hadn’t taken a note of the … Continue reading


Gwent police train 14 new ‘LGBT liaison officers’

When you read about yet another tragic, unnecessary death due to the repeated failure of the police to deal with the known and prolific yobs responsible, continue to remember that their prime duty is no longer maintaining law and order. … Continue reading


Hope not Hate

I don’t know about you, but I have hope that we can once again feel free to express an opinion in this country without fear of condemnation. That’s what I hope. What I hate is the thought that we won’t … Continue reading


Why the Labour Party needs poverty

A study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has revealed that, despite the overall number of children living in poverty in the UK falling to 3.7 million, the number living in poverty in working households has risen to its largest ever … Continue reading


Close Encounters of the Absurd Kind

SadButMadLad has written a piece over at Anna Raccoon’s place about NASA’s latest claim to have found (ahem, on Earth as usual) another reason to believe in extraterrestrial life. NASA’s original press release on 29th November didn’t give any hint … Continue reading


The EU hates Christianity for a reason

I found this picture on the website of The European Parliament Intergroup on LGBT Rights. Clearly, they consider Christians who uphold traditional values to be bad people who need to be silenced because they “discriminate” against those who identify themselves … Continue reading


Labour MPs make Christmas videos for our forces in Afghanistan

Nine years ago, Labour MPs decided to join in the USA’s war for corporate empire in Afghanistan after the Neocon’s “New Pearl Harbor” happened on 9/11. This year, some of them have recorded very brief Christmas messages of support for … Continue reading

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A Christmas Song

Well why not, it’s 1st December. Jethro Tull reminds us that the spirit of Christmas isn’t what you drink. Once in Royal David’s City stood a lowly cattle shed, where a mother laid her baby. You’d do well to remember … Continue reading