Labour MPs make Christmas videos for our forces in Afghanistan

Nine years ago, Labour MPs decided to join in the USA’s war for corporate empire in Afghanistan after the Neocon’s “New Pearl Harbor” happened on 9/11. This year, some of them have recorded very brief Christmas messages of support for our troops.

(For some reason, they have used WinkBall to host these videos.)

The first video I watched was of Tom Harris (after receiving a tweet from Jim Murphy). Tom has been named Labour’s Face of the Forces.

His message is bizarrely casual. He says this,

I just wanted to say how proud we are – I know you hear that all the time about how proud we are of you guys out there in Afghanistan; I’m not bullsh*tting you, it’s God’s honest truth, we couldn’t be prouder of the work that you’re doing out there.

Jim Murphy sounds remarkably genuine in comparison.

Compare this to what Tom wrote in his very last (we are led to believe) blog post,

I don’t think MPs should use words like “bullsh*t” on a publicly available blog, and I’ve always tried to be careful not to lower the tone in such a way, so I won’t say “bullsh*t” now. But what a load of b******t.

I apologise for the language used by the Member for Glasgow South.

I listened to a few more messages from Labour MPs. They are standard fayre and it gets pretty sickening after a short time. One mentioned patriotism. I didn’t think anyone in Labour knew what that word meant. Hazel Blears has a fixed chipmunk grin throughout her thirty seconds or so.

Some of these Labourites hope the troops stay safe. It would have been better if they had put their hope into action when they were in government by ensuring they were properly equipped.

Some of the MPs thank the forces for helping to keep us safe – the same MPs who allowed an unknown number of Muslim fanatics to enter this country to make it more diverse.

And the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have helped us become so strapped for cash that we will be sharing aircraft carriers with the French. Obviously, this is a prelude to an EU navy. Cameron’s Tory Party is as much a stranger to patriotism as the Labour Party.

Some MPs express their hopes for the troops to get back home soon. So do I. They should never have been sent.

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