Happy Burns Nicht!

I think they might be Swedish? If that’s not to your liking, I found this fine unaccompanied version of John Anderson My Jo. It won’t allow me to grab the code, so here’s the URL.

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4 Responses to Happy Burns Nicht!

  1. English Viking says:

    Hey Stewart,

    Not Rab, the philanderer? Not Rab, the dude that wrote ‘ The slave’s lament’, but accept his daily wage from a slave plantation? Not rab, the drunk? Not Rab, the absent father, the de-flowerer of servant girls?

    Surely not Rab the Freemason, after whom a Scottish rite is named?

    I hope I haven’t burned my bridges with you Stewart, but he’s not much of a hero, is he? And for those who consider me Stewart’s lick-spittle: read it and weep.

  2. English Viking says:


    His poems blow.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:


    All opinions are tolerated celebrated here – that’s my equality and diversity policy!

    Actually, I said something similar to you a couple of years ago and was asked, “you’re perfect, are you?” or summit like that. It made me think.

  4. English Viking says:

    Hey Stewart,

    You know I’m just jerking your chain.

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