The future’s not bright

Thursday’s Alex Jones broadcast was amazing. There was so much vital information crammed in. Subrosa has blogged about the Piers Corbyn interview and she asks why people like him, who are far more accurate at predicting the weather than the Met Office, are not consulted more often by the BBC.

“Sobers” left this comment,

Am I not right in thinking that the BBC pension fund has investments in green technologies that would lose money if AGW were to be discredited?

They’re hardly going to push the claims of people who, if correct, would reduce the value of their pensions now are they?

I’m sure the main reason is that the State Broadcaster issues state propaganda, which nowadays heavily involves trying to make us believe in the CO2 scam. You can make your own mind up on the pensions. Here is the list of BBC Pensions’ top equity investments. Interestingly (or not?) two of the top six corporations, Royal Dutch Shell and Vodaphone, are “partners” (the new word for companies who give their customers’ money away to improve the public’s perception of them regarding the latest must-be-involved-in “causes”) in Forum for the Future.

Which brings me nicely to another topic on Alex’s show: Forum for the Future’s scenarios for sustainable living in the year 2040. You can watch the four videos here, but they paint similar pictures of a purportedly sustainable society, only made possible by tightly controlling and impoverishing the population. This one seems to have captured nearly all the attention: Planned-opolis…

This video was made with taxpayers’ money as well as corporate funding – one of the foundation corporate partners being Vodaphone. I wonder what it is about a future dystopia which so attracts telecommunications corporations. Those brave eco-warriors at 10:10 get O2’s money. Their other three major sponsors, Eaga, Kyocera and Sony, have all distanced themselves from the group after their “No PressureSplatter-gate video nasty was released in the Autumn.

O2 are still keen. Maybe because when our cities become prison grids, we’ll need to use their services more, as the videos suggest. For example, when only the rich have cars and there is little or no public transport, we’ll be meeting virtually and schoolchildren will stay at home and be taught via the internet.

It would be easy to brush this animation off as just a scenario and not to be taken too seriously, but as I wrote about a few weeks ago when highlighting the Optimum Population Trust’s campaign for a huge reduction in the UK’s population, Forum for the Future offers students the chance to turn their environmental dreams into our common nightmare,

Since 1996 our Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development has been training the sustainability leaders of the future. Last year we celebrated the graduation of our 165th student, and many graduates are already making their mark as think-tank directors and government advisers.

Anyone who has studied the area of think-tanks and government advisory bodies soon realises that these tiny cabals making their plans in private have far more sway over government policy than public opinion and even backbench MPs’ wishes.

Green Nazis

Different colour, same idea

Paul Joseph Watson writes about the coming tyranny.

People who resist the state controlling every aspect of their existence will be forced to live in squalid ghettos while the rest of the population will be tightly controlled in high-tech prison cities – that’s the future envisaged by eco-fascists who are exploiting the contrived global warming fraud to openly flaunt their plan for the total enslavement of mankind.

The threat posed by the kind of scenario being promoted by Forum for the Future, the group responsible for the chilling video below, cannot be emphasized enough. The dictatorial hellhole of 2040, where cars will be banned, meat rationed, farming completely abolished and overtaken by the state, behavior catalogued on “calorie cards,” and careers ordained by the government, is the ultimate goal of the control freaks who have seized the reigns of the environmental movement.

Nearly every aspect of the policies undertaken by the global dictatorship that runs the “planned-opolis” depicted in the video are lifted wholesale from historical tyrannies.

– The state completely taking over the means of food production and farming. This is a throwback to the Soviet system of collectivized farming, where Stalin organized land and labor into large-scale collective farms. Farmers who resisted the state taking over their farms were arrested and sent to Siberian gulags. As a result of the mass seizure of property and the disruption that collective farming brought to food production, upwards of 3 million people died from starvation from 1932-33 alone. A similar system imposed in Maoist China under the “Great Leap Forward” led to the Great Chinese Famine and the starvation of at least 36 million people.

You can read the rest here.

It is all about our enslavement: thousands of new laws; the climate change scam; the gun ban; the smoking ban; the dumbing down; the promotion of promiscuity; political correctness.

Like those videos show, though, the elite will be exempt from the trouble of being impoverished and imprisoned in cities. Al Gore has done very well out of the climate scam. Very well indeed.

In Planned-opolis, you can have meat on your birthday, if you can afford it, otherwise “pea and potato pie” is about the best you can hope for.

Unless you’re Al Gore.

But I don’t intend to live in Planned-opolis either, even if I am still around.

I am weighing up my options. How do you intend to avoid it (and the only alternative offered: the ghetto)?

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  1. English Viking says:


    I’ll do my best to answer you quickly, but it is a vast subject, and short of writing an essay, this method of communication is lacking for this type of discussion.

    It’s true, you will find ‘scholars’ who cast doubt on the veracity of the scriptures, the authorship, the dating, etc. But that is all they do, throw around doubt. Sure enough, throw a lot of mud and some will stick.

    Take yourself as an example. You are open about your lack of knowledge on the subject, but still sit in the ‘significant doubt’ camp. Why? Can you think of the names of the scholars who have ‘proven’ the Bible a sham? Can you think of the piece of information they discovered which sealed it for you. I’ll bet you can’t, and I say that not to provoke or offend, merely to highlight that you have no real reason to doubt the veracity of the scriptures any more than you would doubt Willy wrote Hamlet, other than the culture of doubt created by today’s society in general, with never-ending Darwinism pumped down your throat at every available opportunity. You have a vague sense that the Bible has been proven false and full of contradictions, but can’t think of one.

    Most of the rot that is spouted today is not new, it started around 150 years ago and was called ‘Higher Criticism’. The proponents of this were mostly humiliated upon the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which proves the integrity of the copying of large parts of the Bible beyond all reasonable doubt.

    I admit that in my mind there are some questions on a few issues, but nothing significant enough to make me disbelieve the claims of the Bible. Christianity, to me, answers far more questions than it raises.

    If the Bible is not authored by those men (actually, it is written by the Spirit of God, but you know what I mean), if they did not die for their faith, if Jesus was simply a gifted con-man, if it was all a galactic-sized con, what on earth for? More to the point, if that was the case, people like me would not be able to hold an argument under the simply enormous amount of damning evidence for this con that, quite simply, isn’t there.

  2. Mike Wazowski says:

    To all concerned,

    My attention is currenty required elsewhere, on more important matters.

    Consider not my silence a surrender, merely a respite.

  3. English Viking says:


    It’s been so long now, that I think I can see a white flag.

  4. Mike Wazowski says:

    In the middle of exams at the mo, priorities etc. Will return to the fray soon(ish).

  5. English Viking says:


    Cycling proficiency test?


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