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Could this be the REAL reason for the smoking ban?

Ever wondered why the world’s governments hate their people smoking so much? It is one of those questions which has bugged me for a few years now. They expect us to believe that it’s all because they care so much … Continue reading


May the farce be with you!

There seems to be a lot of discussion about how best to turn this year’s census into a farce by filling out false information on the forms. This happened last time: It is believed the majority of self-reported Jedi claimed … Continue reading

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Be wise, Egyptians and Libyans

Under the previous post, Rob asked me to write a piece on the events in the Middle East/North Africa. I don’t expect this to be a lengthy post because I think these “revolutions” have been orchestrated to a large degree. … Continue reading

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On the Disappearance of Freedom of Expression

I continue to be appalled by the attacks on freedom of expression in the West. The situation seems to be getting worse all the time. If you don’t go along with whatever agenda is being promoted under the guise of … Continue reading


Prince Philip’s Love Child Writes

I don’t usually write about royal gossip, but I received a tweet the other day from an Argentinian man who says he is Prince Philip’s illegitimate son. He claims to have been conceived five or six years before Philip married … Continue reading


“Speaking Scottish” leads to violence

Well, it does if you are a fiery Italian footballer and you have an argument with Joe Jordan. The Tottenham coach and former Scotland international was “headbutted” by the AC Milan captain and ex-Rangers player Gennaro Gattuso after the Italian … Continue reading


“God Is Dead, To Hell With God”

I received an email yesterday asking if I can supply a quantity of custom printed flags to promote a certain death metal band. They were a new one on me (not that I know of many), so I did a … Continue reading


A week is a long time in blogging

It’s a funny old game, this blogging. I admire those who can produce high quality posts day in and day out (they know who they are!), but I haven’t been able to get a post out for a whole week. … Continue reading

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Drinking from the cup of abomination

Do you believe in do-as-you-would-be-done-by? Does the knowledge that the things you do, whether good or bad, will be revisited upon you by way of either blessings or troubles, possibly with interest? “Do unto others” was a popular expression in … Continue reading