Postscript: Liberal Conspiracy’s ‘jaw-dropping bigotry and homophobia’

Further to my last post about Sunny Hundal removing my comments from a post on Liberal Conspiracy for alleged “homophobia,” I noticed this post of Iain Dale’s from four months ago.

What a truly disgusting site Liberal Conspiracy can be.

Ah, so it’s not a new phenomenon?

It comes to something when it falls to another left wing site – in this case Harry’s Place – to have to point out that LC seems to condemn homophia (sic) against liberals but when it’s against a Tory it’s OK.

Check out THIS blogpost on Harry’s Place to see the truly vile nature of what Liberal Conspiracy did yesterday.

Alan A writes on Harry’s Place,

A post went up late last night on the ‘Liberal Conspiracy’ blog exhibiting what I can only describe as jaw-dropping bigotry and homophobia.

It concerns some diversion of views they have with a Tory councilor, Simon Renwick, concerning the student protestors’ behaviour in London. But this is barely relevant. What is however is the wanton homophobic schadenfreude they exhibit over completely unrelated difficulties the councilor is having with his employers.

There was “gay porn” found in the web browser cache of his work laptop. “Is gay porn somehow more scandalous?” to a liberal, asks Alan.

Mr Renwick had also searched for information on social etiquette and for the locations of “gay” pubs and had been “struggling with his sexuality for some years” and that these searches had been conducted in an “attempt to find more information and to look for role models.”

The writer may well have his differences with the councilor. The councilor – for all I know – may be a deeply unpleasant man. But none of this justifies the casual homophobia Liberal Conspiracy have used to express their political disagreements.

Iain Dale continues,

But it gets worse. The blogpost originally said that a Tory councillor accessed a site called Fit Kids. He didn’t. It was a site called Fit Lads. Rather a difference. Unity has been found out and should issue an apology. More from Harry’s Place HERE. is a sort of Facebook/Gaydar style networking site. It most emphatically does not feature “kids”. As Harry’s Place says…

Why did ‘Unity’, the author of the article on the Liberal Conspiracy blog change the name of the website? The alteration of the name of the website implied that Renwick had been accessing child pornography: a very serious allegation to make indeed. We should be prepared to give ‘Unity’ at Liberal Conspiracy the benefit of the doubt, I suppose. Perhaps it was a transcription error.

What upsets me is this. Many people who harbour nasty homophobic attitudes subconsciously conflate ‘gay’ with ‘interested in kids’. Perhaps that’s what was going through Unity’s mind when the slip up was made.

Nevertheless, gay men face violence and hatred, because of careless and deliberate conflation of homosexuality with paedophilia. The “gaykids” slur may not have been deliberate, but that was its effect.

For that, Liberal Conspiracy should apologise.

I don’t have the time to explore the connection between homosexuality and paedophilia, though please comment if you have anything to say on the matter.

To sum up, it seems all right to slate a Tory Councillor for his homosexuality if you disagree with his political views, but when I state the health and moral problems associated with homosexual and bisexual lifestyles and the dangers in promoting them to children, I am regarded as “homophobic.”

Iain Dales ends with this,

And then go to Dizzy to see what Sunny Hundal thought of yesterday’s student violence. Apparently it was all a bit of harmless fun and the police were ‘wusses’.

The folk at Liberal Conspiracy seem confused. Is it because they are liberals? Or socialists? Or liberal socialists?

Mr Hundal has his own page on Wikipedia. Reason unknown. It says,

About 3 months after the Coalition Government was announced Hundal joined the Labour Party in order to influence its political direction.

Oh, what fun they’ll have together…

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18 Responses to Postscript: Liberal Conspiracy’s ‘jaw-dropping bigotry and homophobia’

  1. I don’t have the time to explore the connection between homosexuality and paedophilia, though please comment if you have anything to say on the matter.

    I don’t have the time to explore the connection between Stewart Cowan and paedophilia, though please comment if you have anything to say on the matter.

  2. John Leon says:

    HammerheadDawg, what a loathsome zero you are.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    John – evidence and facts are merely inconveniences to some people. Even when children’s wellbeing is the issue.

  4. John Leon says:

    Stewart, sadly that is all too true, however I think certain societies, especially the U.K. have deliberately nurtured very nasty phylosophies as is bourne out by the lack of prosecution of people in senior positions in society and even govt. for paedophilia as well as the last administrations hideously devisive social experiments in all areas, allowing small minorities to bully, persecute and prosecute innocent people under very unpleasant laws, which I believe were deliberately either not thought through or objections to unjust consequences were ignored or ridiculed. I jumped the sinking ship Brittania several years ago as I have no wish to live in a post 1st world civilisation whos peoples and govt. have no idea what a truly enlightened society is.

  5. English Viking says:


    As the so-called ‘gay sector’ make up about 1-2% of the population, why are 35% of pædophiles gay? Surely it should be only 1-2%, if there is no link?

    BTW, the above still works even if you use the ridiculous figure, bandied about by gay organisations, of a 10% gay sector of mankind.

  6. Stewart Cowan says:

    John – I think the agenda was fully thought through by a small cabal and then, as you say, objections were rejected. Salami tactics meant they could creep up on most of us unawares.

    They also managed to make the agenda (or agendas) appealing to most people, so they wanted to go along with it. They preyed on people’s good intentions and naivety.

    If you ever want to come back, I can help you fill out the forms for housing benefit!

  7. Galen10 says:

    @ Stewart Cowan

    I should leave John Leon where he is: one less wing nut like him in the country is a good thing.

  8. As the so-called ‘gay sector’ make up about 1-2% of the population, why are 35% of pædophiles gay? Surely it should be only 1-2%, if there is no link?

    BTW, the above still works even if you use the ridiculous figure, bandied about by gay organisations, of a 10% gay sector of mankind.

    English – Where exactly did you acquire the figure of 35% regarding pedophiles as being gay?

    Did you manage to conduct a survey of your neighborhood… your entire country… or analyze ALL pedophiles worldwide??

    Your ignorant opinion in this matter is worthless, peer-reviewed data comprising data analysis if you please…

  9. John Leon says:

    Galen10, You are absolutely correct, it is a very good thing I no longer have to suffer the company of persons like yourself, you question my sanity, but since when have wingnuts been made out of Titanium?
    HammerheadDawg, is that the sort of peer reviewed data that is published by pseudo scientific groups like the I.P.C.C.?

  10. robbo says:

    Titanium wing nut, John? I take it you think you’re hard. I think you’re a pussy. Get back here and fight for what you believe in.

  11. Galen10 says:

    @ John Leon

    Of course I question your sanity; any person of faith is more to be pitied than scorned of course, but believing in the supernatural is a pretty strong indicator of mental illness. Naturally most of your fellow sufferers are relatively harmless, and bear their affliction with little in the way of obvious ill-effects…… but the fact that you’ve moved offshore has to be seen as a result for everyone here, if not for those at your destination.

    Happily of course, the virus of religion is gradually being tackled and it will in due course be extinguished, much like smallpox. Seems like it’s already on its death bed in various countries thankfully:

  12. John Leon says:

    robbo, No, I do not think I am hard, the reference to Titanium was a lot more subtle than that and which requires an engineering knowlege of that material to percieve what was intended by my commenting thus; as to being a pussy, so what? really, SO WHAT? And no, as I learned long ago the futility of fighting for lost causes, I have no intention of returning to a post 1st world ersatz democracy. Galen 10, when you can explain infinity to me in a way which I can fully comprehend, then you can pity me, especially if you are naive enough to believe anything the BBC broadcasts as science is anywhere near reality, meanwhile as you continue to subsidise my life abroad, I find it hard to understand why you should think that is some kind of beneficial result, perhaps it is you who should be questioning your own sanity.

  13. robbo says:

    What is he on about Galen? Sounds like a complete fruit loop but maybe I’ve missed something …

  14. John Leon says:

    robbo, dear boy, do try to keep up………

  15. robbo says:

    Well I am sorry John, but it’s not easy for me you know.

  16. Galen10 says:

    @ robbo

    I have no idea robbo; altho’ at least fruit loops serve some useful purpose.

    Apparently he “thinks” he’s more knowledgeable about you know…science, life, the universe and everything than the BBC… ‘cos you know, it’s not as if they have scientists like Prof. Brian Cox explaining about infinity and the universe an’ all… much better to use Leon’s prejudices and the precepts of some made up book of folk tales from 2 millenia ago as a guide. Honestly, you couldn’t make it up.

    Oh..and Leon, as for subsidising you abroad… money well spent I’d say.

  17. robbo says:

    That’s what I thought but seeing as how I got it so wrong about the wing nut decided I’d just check with someone who seems to be able to express himself in something other that an enigma code. I don’t know about you but I’m not about to go off and study metallurgy just so I can understand him.
    I wonder where he’s ended up? Uganda maybe.

  18. john Leon says:

    Galen10, money well spent; not if you knew what it was used for, robbo, Uganda, no, somewhere somewhat more cosmopolitan.

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