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Royal Police State 2: Old couple dragged off for being about to perform street theatre

Old Holborn has also written about the arrest and detention of Charlie Veitch of the Love Police. Whether you agree with Charlie Veitch and the deeds of the Love Police is a matter of choice. Personally, I support his peaceful … Continue reading

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Royal Police State

It’s the Big Day and the Establishment doesn’t want anyone putting a spanner in the works. So they have arrested people and locked them up for crimes they may commit – in fact, not even crimes – on charges of … Continue reading


Gordon Brown’s New Job

Congratulations are due to our previous Dear Leader, but some people are a bit miffed: THE appointment of Gordon Brown as an adviser to a key world economic body met with anger last night. Mr Brown, who saddled Britain with … Continue reading


My kind of athletes

I love to read about the achievements of those whose bodies and lifestyles are at odds with the “perfect” ones promoted by the Righteous. Admittedly, it can take a bit longer to run a marathon when you weigh 400 pounds: … Continue reading


The Age of Overreaction

In a time when people are lightning-fast to take offence where none is intended and councils ban events which have been going on for centuries just in case of some freak accident the likes of which has never, ever happened … Continue reading


Pains in the Arts

A loyal reader has brought to my attention a new book being published next week called The Final Testament of the Holy Bible. Leg-iron has blogged about it and linked to this video of the author, James Frey, trying to … Continue reading


Pink Fascism

It is a shame that such a nice colour has been hijacked by the homosexual lobby, but so have the rainbow and the word “gay.” It all helps to give the impression that all homosexuals are soft and cuddly, harmless … Continue reading


What US Airport Security and the Tory Party and Police Have in Common

I have just been watching some videos of “pat downs” on children passing through airports in America – being intimately searched in case they are carrying weapons or bombs. They might be Junior al Qaeda, you never know. The TSA … Continue reading


Daily Mail readers want Chinese-style restrictions on having children

The Daily Mail comes in for a lot of flack, and sometimes it is deserved, but their website is nicely designed and there are always interesting nuggets there that no other mainstream paper seems to cover. And if you like … Continue reading


California Slimming? It’ll never happen.

I have heard about this before and expect our deeply caring government to introduce it here before too long. Ever wondered how many calories are in your food when you dine out? No. Never. Or in the snack you’ve just … Continue reading