Gordon Brown’s New Job



Congratulations are due to our previous Dear Leader, but some people are a bit miffed:

THE appointment of Gordon Brown as an adviser to a key world economic body met with anger last night.

Mr Brown, who saddled Britain with a huge debt during his time as Chancellor and Prime Minister, has been appointed as an adviser to the World Economic Forum. He will chair a policy and initiatives board for the Geneva-based organisation. The post is unpaid but the WEF will pay for his staff. Michael Fallon, the deputy chairman of the Conservative Party, said: “This is a case of putting the arsonist in charge of the fire station.

I disagree. Brown is worse. At least the arsonist would be creating jobs! And if Brown’s new position is unpaid, that must be because it is performance-related.

“It beggars belief that somebody who is yet to apologise for the mess he made in our finances should now be advising the rest of the world.”

The announcement comes just days after David Cameron all but ruled out Mr Brown heading the International Monetary Fund. The Prime Minister said Mr Brown was not “the most appropriate person” for the £270,000-a-year role because he did not understand debt. But Professor Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the WEF, said Mr Brown had “a wealth of knowledge and experience”.

It’s not often I have to agree with Call Me Dave.

And Mr Brown said: “With the challenges the world faces, it is vital that all stakeholders are engaged in solving them. The World Economic Forum is uniquely placed to bring those stakeholders together.”

Of course, many of the “challenges” which the UK faces were caused by his low levels of intelligence and competence.

Brown told business leaders in Scotland:

The world has been too ready to unlearn the lessons of the financial crisis and there is a danger that we are sowing the seeds of the next financial crash.”

Does he not understand that we are still in his recession?

He will remain an MP but his contacts with governments and international bodies may boost his chances of becoming the next managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The only reason I can think of why they would even remotely consider Brown is because he has already proven his worth as a NWO stooge. He will obey orders and adhere rigidly to the globalists’ agenda of impoverishing the West.

He is a traitor of the highest order. I call for his arrest for treason.

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8 Responses to Gordon Brown’s New Job

  1. Subrosa says:

    Concur with every word Stewart. I too think the main reason is because Brown is a yes-man. He’ll do anything for power and if saying yes to the Bilderburgers et al will find him prominence, then he’s their man.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    I suspect he was singled out for high office long ago due to his psychological suitability, Subrosa.

    I don’t think many people rise to the top who haven’t been chosen and steered by the “few”.

    George Osborne has been at four out the last five Bilderberg conferences. This concerns me. It seems they have taken an unusually keen interest in him.

  3. English Viking says:

    I’d have him shot.

    How can he represent the people of his constituency if he is persistently absent from both Parliament and his constituency? What does he actually do to justify his wages and expenses (Sky TV, for example)?

    Why did they vote for this cretin?

    PS CMD and Gideon Osborne would have to go as well. And about 643 others.

  4. English Viking says:


    Happy Easter. Hallelujah.

  5. “I suspect he was singled out for high office long ago due to his psychological suitability.”

    Yes, they’re very keen on psychopaths.

  6. Stewart Cowan says:


    I think that Brown should be tried for treason and if when found guilty, pay with his life (although we’d have to get the law reversed on that one, unless people took justice into their own hands with the help of a lamp post).

    I think most folk are incredibly ignorant about politics and economics, plus they fall for this left-right charade, ensuring that these two miserable parties are always in charge.

    And I agree, there are an extraordinary number of traitor MPs.

  7. Stewart Cowan says:


    I really do think that Brown’s ability to betray his countrymen without feeling remorse was one of the psychopathic traits which got him the job of PM.

  8. Curious says:

    Interesting piece, certainly opinionated. I have a few questions though: for someone like you who I’m guessing is not as ignorant about politics and economics as “most folk” , what exactly did Brown do to cause a world recession if it is, as you say, his recession? Would you rather we had ignored his 5 tests and gone headfirst into a single currency that has proved rather detrimental to a country’s debt? “Low levels of intelligence and competence”, is that really justified, seems a bit farfetched for a man who started university when barely out of puberty, and became responsible for arguably the most prosperous era in recent British history without ruining the lives of the working class, or any class for that matter. I agree he should never have become Prime Minister, but not because the Sun said so, but simply because it meant he had a whole host of other worries- most of which consisted in posing for cameras despite his hideous attempt at a smile- and could therefore not be held solely accountable for the economy, which was his essentially his forté. The post you speak of is unpaid, which you argue as being down to performance-based eligibility. Is it so unbelievable that the man who went out of his way to organise economic summits and rail world leaders so as to avoid a depression could now be a legitimate advisor to the WEF? We did not experience a depression because of him. OK we had a recession, as did the rest of the world’s richest nations, which highlights that it was probably everybody’s fault- and in some sense inevitable in light of the careless spending we have enjoyed since the rise of capitalism. But you’re right, let’s complain about a man because everyone else seems to- the media doesn’t even like him, why should we?! Nah, he did nothing, let’s just do what the Tories are doing and attend some summits to patronise nations using Brown’s own economic policy as their only ammunition.

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