Royal Police State 2: Old couple dragged off for being about to perform street theatre

Old Holborn has also written about the arrest and detention of Charlie Veitch of the Love Police.

Whether you agree with Charlie Veitch and the deeds of the Love Police is a matter of choice. Personally, I support his peaceful refusal to obey the State and his ability to upset the natural order imposed by the powers that be.

Amen to that. The “powers that be” now being mostly traitors.

In the comments, TJ Poynton embedded the following video which was uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

Here are the police again, this time arresting an elderly couple who were about to perform some street theatre. It looks as if about twenty officers turned up, in several vehicles.

There’s one naughty word at 2:16 when the old fella (Chris Knight is his name, I think) says, “F*** sake” as he is dragged off. A policeman says, “No swearing sir, come on.”

I have a Christian friend who left the police because of the constant swearing and taking of the Lord’s name in vain by officers.

At 3.48 we see a man being arrested in case he causes a breach of the peace – for being in fancy dress.

A man continually asks the police if he can have Mr Knight’s house keys so he can look after their rabbit while they are being held. Inspector Welch assures him that the rabbit will be looked after, but as the man astutely realises, they probably want to search the house. Perhaps this is the reason he never gets the keys. The Inspector says,

I’m sure we will look after the rabbit. We’re not going to do anything to the rabbit; the rabbit will be looked after, okay?

I would say that they planned to rummage around the house while the couple are locked in the cells.

Oh, and we see that the old woman has been handcuffed.

And all this is happening while Islamists are threatening death and destruction at this time. Do you really think the police or government care about our safety or freedom? They lie about terror threats to try to scare and control us. I mean, come on, they allow the terrorists to live here in the first place. A few mad muslims don’t faze the elite. But ordinary people expressing an opinion they don’t like scares the pants off them.

The stats reveal that this blog gets visits from the police, so if any of you are reading this, please consider what you have become.  Do you think your families can be free while you stamp on the rest of us? Do you think that your children, siblings and parents are being protected from genuine threats while you behave like this? Do you want to be part of a system where you must obey orders no matter how stupid or evil they are?

Think about it.


The Evening Standard reports:

rotesters planning to behead effigies of Prince William, the Queen, Charles and Camilla were arrested last night and held in a south London police station during the wedding.

Police seized a working guillotine as they arrested Chris Knight, 68, head of anti-royal anarchist group The Government of the Dead; his partner Camilla Power, also 68, and Patrick Macroidan, 45, dressed as an executioner, at Knight’s home in Brockley.

They were held for conspiracy to cause a public nuisance and breach of the peace. They claimed they were intending to stage a street theatre event. Sources said they were expected to be released on bail at about 3pm today.

In a separate development, activist Charlie Veitch was held in Cambridgeshire on behalf of the Met, on suspicion of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance and breach of the peace. The privately educated former finance worker was among activists who occupied Fortnum & Mason during last month’s TUC march.

The point stands that while our government condemns other regimes’ crackdowns on protests, our police are rounding up protestors here.

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