What US Airport Security and the Tory Party and Police Have in Common

TSA man enjoying his work

TSA man enjoying his work keeping us safe from weirdos

I have just been watching some videos of “pat downs” on children passing through airports in America – being intimately searched in case they are carrying weapons or bombs. They might be Junior al Qaeda, you never know. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) suspects anyone and everyone.

So, just in case, the kids get to go through naked body scanners which fire out dangerous levels of radiation in order to produce vivid pictures of their entire naked bodies for the people watching on screens to have a good look at.

If the parents refuse to subject their children to the radiation and humiliation, then it’s pat-down time – or it could be pat-down time even despite being irradiated – when, it seems, anything can happen. No body part is out of bounds for the groping hands in latex gloves.

This is all to keep us safe, of course. Well, if groping little children is required to “keep us safe,” count me out. I don’t want to be safe. My hide isn’t worth the price.

There is even a video of a young boy, maybe five years old, being strip-searched. He is naked from the waist up – and it is all being conducted in public view.

Here is a CNN report of the parents of a four year-old disabled boy, en-route to Disney World, being sternly ordered to remove their son’s leg braces so he can walk through security without them – even though they explain that he cannot walk at all without them.

The boy’s father, a policeman, asked to speak to a supervisor, who agreed with the initial decision.

It is a while since I travelled through a British airport, so I don’t know what conditions are like these days. I don’t imagine it is as bad as in the USA, but the US administration could insist on similar “security” measures in our airports where there are flights to the States.

Alex Jones explained on his radio show just a day or two ago why some organisations are full of a mixture of dimwits and really nasty people. It’s because the control freaks – the ones who get off on the power trips – love their job. Normal employees soon leave because it sickens them.

We can see the same sort of tactics in other walks of life. It is clear that the Conservative Party is no longer conservative. At least in the highest echelons. People with traditional, conservative views get deselected or suspended from the party.

Tories today are expected to recreate themselves in the image of Dave. Or face the consequences.

This Tory councillor from Bristol behaved very un-Dave-like when he suggested that role models shouldn’t be sent into schools based on their sexuality. He was heckled in the council chamber and then suspended from his party.

As was the case with the Golliwog Two, Bill and Star Etheridge, it would have been considered that he had brought the party into disrepute. He thought he lived in a free country where his beliefs mattered. He was wrong.

The end result of it all is that, like the people who get jobs with the TSA, the decent ones leave or are forced out and what is left behind is not very pleasant…

Control freak TSA workers humiliate people by touching them up in public, even though they are obviously no danger whatsoever.

Control freak Cameron clones humiliate people by rubbishing their opinions and beliefs, even though they are as conservative as they come.

This strategy of clearing out the decent to make way for the desperate also seems to be happening in our police forces. When policing is no longer so much about banging to rights the local baddies but instead is obsessed with hounding the law-abiding majority in order to “meet targets” then we are bound to end up with our fair share of undesirables who are too cowardly to face real criminals but act really tough when, for example, they use a stinger device to stop a 70 year-old man in his Range Rover (he’s doing no more than 40 MPH) after a minor altercation, and then smash in his window, open the door and drag him out.

The EU Referendum blog listed quite a few other examples of our wonderful British bobbies the other day. The writer left us with this warning,

Just don’t anyone say these are a “few bad apples”. This is a vast barrel of apples. And that’s one of the advantages of being a little bit older. I’ve been around a while, seen things done things. I’ve worked with cops professionally, been on the receiving end – too often. Needed them, far too often. I’ve, watched them, listened to them, studied them, and got some good friends who are ex-cops.

And yes, we know the Courts are just as bad, the CPS doesn’t do its job, and all the rest, and the poor little plods don’t get the back-up they feel they deserve (which is why, of course, they insist on alienating their natural supporters). But even when you take all that into account, you have a police force which is going down the pan. The more honest cops admit it, and I’ve had serving officers tell me much the same.

The BIG question is, though, what are we going to do about it? What CAN we do about it?

We are being herded like cattle – not only physically, but in every sense – to believe and act according to a fairly narrow and inflexible code and to expect to be treated like vermin so we can be more easily controlled.

They are training us to be slaves, which is why they need the “right” people in the jobs. I know plenty of decent, caring, honest, intelligent and conscientious people who are out of work, but they aren’t the “right” people for many of today’s jobs.

The state needs the “right” people to be given authority over us – to bark commands at us and to obey orders without question; the “right” people in education to teach the “right” doctrine; the “right” people in politics who are prepared to commit treason; the “right” people who believe the “science is settled” in any number of areas; the “right” people, who, like the TSA workers who can stay the course, are either low on intellect or keen to exercise the power they have over the bodies of other people – the same kind of sickness which drives rapists and bullies. These are the sort of desired characteristics our elite masters are attracted to. They love people with precious little conscience because they will do as they are told and will love being horrible and getting paid for it!

The elite hates people who have a sound conscience, as can be seen from the outrageous attempts to control them and paint their “dissent” as something unpleasant, like homophobia or religious hatred. It clearly helps them to have certain types of people employed in the CPS who will consider a private conversation about religion on private premises to be a matter for the courts. These people need to either be stupid or else bullies who like the idea of oppressing people they see as easy targets: Christians, in this case.

The government is making thousands of people redundant. You can bet your bottom dollar that they will be keeping the “right” people that they need to herd us in the “right” direction.

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4 Responses to What US Airport Security and the Tory Party and Police Have in Common

  1. English Viking says:

    The usual refrain from the jobs-worth lickspittles is that ‘I’m just doin’ me job, mate’.

    My reply is either ‘So was Hitler’ or ‘So are prostitutes’.

    And I like reminding them that I am not their mate, either.

  2. Geo says:

    Agree with every word. It’s a little ironic that the very people who should be screened out from ever getting these jobs are now the ideal candidates. Eventually good people will not even apply and it will become a self perpetuating problem. Only pedophiles will work for the TSA, only psychotic bullies will be policemen, only inadequate control freaks will work for LAs, only lying, traitorous, self serving tossers will be politicians.

  3. Flossie says:

    All very true. Have a look at this despairing article by (police) Inspector Gadget in the Mail: ‘Army medals out, Gay Pride badges in, and theft blamed on badgers to cut crime rates: How political correctness is crippling my police force’.

    He says: The warped priorities of this culture are also reflected in the ridiculous amount of time we have to devote to the creed of diversity.

    At times it seems as if the modern police force is seen by senior managers as a vehicle for social engineering rather than deterring crime.

    My internal office phone directory lists no fewer than 32 officers with ‘diversity’ in their job title, all of them working nine-to-five in desk-bound jobs, while we slog it out on the front line. I was half-hoping that, given their irrelevance to the battle against crime, they might be made redundant in the public-sector cuts, but that was far too optimistic.

    Diversity is sacrosanct, its commissars are protected and its influence is all dominant.

    So in our training, for instance, just one day a year is devoted to practical instruction in officer safety, dealing with procedures such as correct use of handcuffs, Tasers and batons, or how to put a violent suspect in a van or cell.

    Yet the effort devoted to diversity is far greater. We have to carry out two days of diversity training a year at headquarters, another day at our divisions, go through an eight-hour ‘e-learning’ package on our computers and, in our annual performance appraisal forms, show that we have accomplished three separate objectives ‘to raise diversity awareness’.


  4. lionheart says:

    The change in priorities over the last decade has been huge in this area no doubt, I was speaking to a retired superintendent a while ago and he was pointing out the huge difference in this era and his recollections of the race laws that had virtually no impact on everyday policing in comparison (though that seemed huge in its time and was the only thing he could relate this to).

    I’m not convinced that the training nationally accurately reflects Flossie’s experiences but it’s certainly the case that new terminology alone takes some learning.

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