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Is this why the US pretended to kill bin Laden?

I was wondering why the death of bin Laden on 1st May was so obviously a hoax. I thought it may have been deliberately made to look suspect, but maybe the US was just desperate for another war. This one … Continue reading


Is Christ really coming back later today?

Here is yet another specific end-time “prophecy” (from the USA again: shock; horror). I don’t know why our mainstream media are infatuated with the antics of small town American preachers (think Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church). The most … Continue reading


San Franciscans set to vote on circumcision ban

Nazi-like policies and state nannying appear to be on the increase all over the “civilised” world and California seems to be at the forefront. I don’t think that the Nazi sympathiser and Governor for seven years, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is totally … Continue reading


Secret Service interrogates 13 year-old over Facebook comment

This was not in China or Burma, but in Washington state, USA. A Tacoma seventh grader faced federal interrogation at school for what he posted on his Facebook page.  His mom said it all happened without her knowledge or permission. … Continue reading


More on the Bin Laden Hoax

Robbo still believes the official story. He commented on my refusal to believe the (ever changing) White House narrative, “You are totally determined to be as stupid as possible and no evidence will sway you from it. Good going, old … Continue reading


Thought For The Day

I have sore knees. I took the dogs out for walkies and Muffin stopped to do a poo on the pavement. Like the responsible citizen that I am, I carry plastic poop scoop bags with me. Plus, there are sometimes … Continue reading


Happy Birthday, Dear ConDems

Actually, it’s a belated “happy birthday,” as it was a year ago yesterday that the baby was born which would be known as ConDem. Tory sperm had met LibDem egg and a strange chimera grew: a creature that could simultaneously … Continue reading


Those elections

As usual on an election day, I trotted off to the polling station to perform my “democratic duty”. The first of the three ballot papers I tackled was the one to elect the constituency MSP. With only four candidates to … Continue reading


Lord Lucan found, shot in face and body dumped in sea

Dramatic and astounding news is emerging that Lord Lucan has finally been found. The peer disappeared on 8th November 1974 following the murder of Sandra Rivett, his children’s nanny. The 36-year search finally ended when he was discovered living in … Continue reading


No to EU: Make it Real!

AV defeated. Next: EU kicked out.