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I have sore knees. I took the dogs out for walkies and Muffin stopped to do a poo on the pavement. Like the responsible citizen that I am, I carry plastic poop scoop bags with me. Plus, there are sometimes faeces police in hi-viz jackets skulking around. It is one of the few misdemeanours where you can get done for not being in possession.

But I digress. I bent down to reap the brown harvest and my fingers poked through the bag. Either my digits just stopped short of the prize, or just touched it and no more. I wasn’t sure and didn’t do the obvious test, I just took out another bag and, in almost gale force winds, managed to pick up the other bag and the booty.

You might be wondering how the sore knees came about. Well, I had been standing in the gutter to pick up Muffin’s pavement art and I stood up, took a few steps and tripped on the kerb. I was felled like a great oak. Time seemed to go slower than usual. Slow enough to prepare for the inevitable crash landing by letting go of the dogs’ leads and spreading my hands to cushion my landing. It is handy how time slows down. On my way down I also had time to recite a couple of Shakespearean sonnets and say “it’s a lovely evening” to a passing stranger. My final thought before hitting the ground was that I hope my specks don’t get broken, as I hate going to the opticians.

As I lay motionless on the ground, Muffin came over to lick my face while I carried out an initial damage assessment. Knees: both sore. Hands: not bad. Glasses: intact. I was wondering if I had landed on a jobby, but on getting to my feet, I realised that I hadn’t.

So, as I sit here now with slightly sore knees, I think about how much worse it could have been. Even now, I could have been crawling home with broken bones, squinting through cracked glasses and covered in poo.

Life could be a lot worse, so don’t let it get you down.

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  1. spadger says:

    As the saying go’es shit happens

  2. lionheart says:

    As you said it could have been much worse, get better soon Stewart Muffin will be expecting his walks!

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    Spadger – very philosophical, that.

    Lionheart – thank you. Knees almost feel normal today. Muffin expects to be waited on hand and foot.

  4. English Viking says:

    You owe me a keyboard – this one’s covered in the tea I just spat out, laughing.

  5. Stewart Cowan says:

    Laughter is good therapy, English. I won’t charge you if you let me off with the keyboard!

  6. Stewart, be thankful you only fell down the kerb.

  7. lionheart says:

    Here we go, “real” Christians fall from mountains not off kerbs and only mention it 5 or 6 THOUSAND times! Yawn Yawn

  8. English Viking says:


    OK, It’s a deal.

  9. English Viking says:

    BTW Spadger,

    What an excellent book. I remember one of the very few teachers that showed me kindness reading it to me with gusto. He was a war hero, RAF. Killed dozens, really. The softest man I ever knew. One look in his eyes told you all you needed to know. I particularly like the episode when spadger gets up early, and is gasping for a fag.

    What a shame that God does not make men like him any more.

  10. There’s no mention of Christians or mountains in my previous comment. I have fallen off a bicycle more than once. And I’ve fallen from grace a few times too. I often think that the phrase ‘falling in love’ is a curious way of describing the formation of a relationship. Do we really ever ‘fall in love’ in an instant, or in a brief period of time – just like we might fall down a kerb? I suppose our answer to that is largely determined by what we mean by love. Anyway Stewart, I’m genuinely surprised that you do the whole poop-a-scoop thing. This law came in 1996 if my memory serves me correctly. Growing up as I did before the UK went completely crazy and our Parliament gave itself over to dealing with such weighty legislative issues as fox-hunting and dog turd, I personally find the sight these days of all these people going around picking up turd after their dogs as surreal and utterly ridiculous. The dog turd laws are the reason why I would never now keep a dog in an urban area (where one is obliged to pick up one’s dog’s turd or else risk ‘falling foul’ of the dog turd laws). The day I start picking up dog turds is the day I cease to be a true Englishman, the day I have succumbed to the madness which has engulfed this nation in recent years – and that ain’t ever happening. Dog turd is fully biodegradable, and whilst efforts are worth making to minimise dog turd in certain public areas, I think the idea that we actually have a law requiring people to pick up dog turd or else be punished is utterly bizarre. I wonder what previous generations of Englishmen would make of us poop-a-scooping in 2011? I think they’d think we’ve lost the plot. Anyway, I’m going to resist the temptation to make a gag about kerbs and crawling, and I’ll catch up with you next month Stewart.

  11. Stewart Cowan says:


    “The day I start picking up dog turds is the day I cease to be a true Englishman.”

    I can live with not being a true Englishman. ;)

    But yes, Labour did concern itself with worming its way into every facet and faeces of our lives, like true socialists.

    It is nicer walking around the streets these days with few jobbies around. If I am going to get in trouble with the law, I want it to be about something sensible.

  12. English Viking says:


    Were it not for the English, you would have nothing at all.

  13. lionheart says:

    Typical idiotic and selfish approach from Richard, letting other people deal with the consequence of his s**t. Having to clean up after your own dog is one of the most sensible and socially necessity laws in built up areas, the only other possibility would be to ban all dogs from parks and playing fields used by the public to safeguard the people (especially children). In fact its a very good thing that Mr Carvath doesn’t own a dog for both the local kids and the dog’s own sake!

    On the positive side I’m sure a heading of “Local PPC says no true Englishman would clean up after his dog” should alienate a few more voters next time Richard chooses to stand !

  14. Well, rather you than me doing DT duty Stewart! I’d rather not have a dog than have to get involved in that nonsense.

    P.S. If the DT law was ’96 then that was the Tories under Major we have to thank, not Labour (but of course most of the worst legislation in recent years – foxhunting ban included – is from the Blair/Brown era).

  15. Stewart Cowan says:

    English – what’s that supposed to mean? If England’s so brilliant, why did you leave? (Ooooh!)

  16. Stewart Cowan says:


    I don’t know why that comment ended up in the spam folder (along with multiple spam comments from the publicist company of an American actor/illusionist).

    Dog dirt is disgusting and potentially dangerous. I think on balance that the law is perhaps a good one.

  17. Stewart Cowan says:


    Sorry for blaming Labour. It sounded like one of theirs.

  18. What’s idiotic is people going round picking up dog turd every day. The parliamentary legislation for dog turd was completely unnecessary. Dog turd is simply not an important issue. Dog turd is a very minor nuisance that people never used to get that bothered about. This country has got very serious problems and yet time and money has been spent on legislating for dog turd and on subsequent enforcement.

    I would abolish the dog turd law – it’s utterly stupid to have a law about dog turd. Public spaces where dog turd really is undesirable – such as a playground – can be made no dogs allowed areas, the council taxpayer-funded non-job dog turd enforcers can be retrained to provide a genuine public service of clearing dog turd (and other rubbish) from important public spaces, and a very silly law can be abolished.

    Well, I can’t give any more time to discussing DT so I must now depart this thread and get back to my web sabb. I hope you and your dogs are well Stewart and I’ll check in again on Real Street in a few weeks. Cheerio.

  19. English Viking says:

    It means what it means.

    I left because the country is no longer populated by the English, unfortunately.

  20. Stewart Cowan says:

    Oh come on, English, when I lived in England there were plenty of English people: Bangladeshi English, Pakistani English, Vietnamese English, English Muslims…

  21. lionheart says:

    Interesting that Mr Carvath is not in favour of people cleaning up their own (or their pets) mess and would rather pay others to do so!

    If you take this example on does that meant that parents shouldn’t be held responsible if their children for littering or graffiti and we should just “pay someone else to look after it”? How anyone could argue that what this country needs is less personal responsibility for people is beyond me? Be it pets or kids if you decide to have them then you should be held responsible for their behaviour and mess!

  22. robbo says:

    I’ve got a story about dog shit! I used to go to Amsterdam quite frequently and there was a terrible plague of it there. This one time at band camp …. sorry, in Amsterdam still, this fat middle aged woman was out walking her fat middle aged dog. I think it was a golden retriever. The dog suddenly had a very urgent splot right on the steps of a rather nice apartment block and the stench was overpowering. I was at least 20 feet away but I still caught a whiff I did actually gag. In fact just the thought of it is making me gag right now. The woman just left it there.
    I would say that I do hope the doofus was living there at the time because anyone coming out definitely would have slipped in it. But correct me if I am wrong, Richard, didn’t you have something about you clearing up dogshit and being a responsible citizen on your blog sometime back? Or was that graffiti? There was something about dogshit I’m sure. Or was that electioneering?
    Anyway, anytime I step in a dog’s egg from now on I shall be thinking of Richard. I can’t imagine it happening too often but i’ll be thinking of lionheart if I ever step in lionshit. By the way, lionheart, how about starting the Not Richard Carvath party and run against the doofus if he ever stands for election anywhere else ever again. You could have a puppet candidate and have to reveal your true identity if he gets more votes than him. Richard would have to reimburse the cost of your deposit should he lose and promise never to stand again. Game on boys!

  23. robbo says:

    He gets more votes than him? She gets more votes than me. He get more votes than you I meant of course.

  24. robbo says:

    But no! If the doofus gets more votes than your candidate. He gets more votes than him was right all along!

  25. Robbo my enemy,

    For the record, over the years I have done various voluntary work in various local communities, including gardening, graffiti removal and clearing up fly-tipped waste – but I have never done a DT session (and never will).

    The biggest pile of excrement I’m working on clearing off the streets of Manchester this year is the brothel presence of LH’s pal Sandy Hankin, the woman who runs Manchester’s biggest vice ring.

    Stewart my friend,

    I’ve told you before that your blog is being targeted because of me so be wise to it. [Currently R & LH]

    Right, really must get back to my sabb. Cheerio.

  26. robbo says:

    Hoooly moly! You do flatter yourself, Richard, really. I am neither ‘targeting’ this blog nor am I posting because of you.

  27. lionheart says:

    How many different people target you Richard from how many parts of the country and why is it always you I wonder ??

    On how many websites have you made this accusation (at a guess about 10 that I can find, in fact name me one site that you haven’t either made this accusation or been kicked off that you comment on ???

    Your “voluntary work” from what can see consists of cleaning up graffiti off one underpass wall and one “fly tip” both of whom you photographed and published to death. All for show and the aggrandisement of Richard Carvath and nothing else. Please name any REAL voluntary organisations you have worked for Richard ?? (The Richard PR Campaign does not count btw)

    You have skirted with the law on a number of times Richard and libel against the Police seems to be your current favourite and as we both know how it ended last time you where sentenced to community service and refused to do so perhaps a spell on DT duty could be closer than you think??

    I have to ask how does someone whose unemployed take a sabbatical ? Do you give back some of your benefit money and tell them your on a break or do you just stay in bed all day instead of most of it ??

    It may also be worth you noticing that just like on every other web site that you comment on the tone on here is a lot lighter and the discussions are far less insulting when your not about and again I wonder why that is ?

  28. An evil-minded lying idiot as ever.

    (1) I do lots of voluntary work (and have done for years), and most of which is never publicised;

    (2) I have voluntarily worked with many charities (as well as independently) and which I could name but won’t;

    (3) I am not in receipt of any state benefits whatsoever;

    (4) You know nothing about my current employment;

    (5) I’d be very interested to hear from the Police if they have a problem with anything I’ve said about any officer, as I’ve not had any complaints;

    (6) No court in the land has ever enforced a community service/community punishment order on me and, furthermore, I have no criminal background whatsoever;

    (7) You are the chief cause of all the insulting on this blog since you first followed me here; as I’ve said many times before, you’re only on this blog as an opportunity to anonymously attack me (though you’re wasting your time).

    Now, I really must get back to my web sabbatical (having proved yet again that Lionheart is only on this blog for one reason).

  29. lionheart says:

    You’ve proved your a liar on a number of those points and nothing more Richard, though I’ll take your word that you have now (very recently) signed off benefits and congratulations on becoming less of a drain on society and lets hope the situation lasts. I will resurrect this topic and this thread when indisputable information comes out just to show Stewart what a liar you really are. Before you even explain it I will say now you will excuse your lies with something along the lines of “I don’t owe any truth to enemies and that all “political activists” have to lie and fight dirty”

    I doubt very much you have done much charity work simply because you’d be unable not to brag about it with your “Look at me” attitude.

    Would you like to explain exactly why you are by your own admittance banned from entering the court buildings and what started the process off ?

  30. I’m not under any obligation to answer questions from an anonymous fantasist!

    I could answer your question but why should I? There is no good reason for me to answer to you.

    Though it’s several years since I last checked, to the best of my knowledge I remain banned for life from the Salford Magistrates’ Court building (unless I am ever a witness or a defendant in proceedings).

    I was banned from the building under legislation intended for terrorism.

    To this day I have never been given a reason for the ban (despite the reason being requested by myself and others).

    I have never been arrested/warned/cautioned/charged about anything I ever said or did in the court building before I was banned.

    I have my own theory about why I was banned but, as I said above, why should I tell you?

    The facts which I’ve just stated about the ban prove that the court establishment has got something to hide.

    Just to tease you, without giving away any specific information, let’s just say that before the ban, when I had the freedom to enter the building (as any member of the public can do) and visit the public galleries, I was [peacefully, legally, and without disrupting court business] investigating some of the dark secrets of the Salford Bench.

    Maybe you can get somebody from Salford Mags to talk. If you can get a verifiable comment from a named source giving the reason why they banned me I’d love to hear it! [And of course you’d also have to identify yourself for credibility’s sake.]

    You are clinically obsessed with me; I can only advise you to seek the help of a psychiatrist.

    I really MUST break off from writing blogs and comments for a further month as I’m very busy and this endless anonymous attacking of me here is utter garbage. I’ll be back late June.

  31. lionheart says:

    You where banned for being a public nuisance is the official reason and despite your ludicrous masons claim (yes I know about that) AFTER your sentencing you where banned just because they where sick of your stupidity.

    Would you like to tell us what church you attended after you “rebirth” and exactly why you left and are unwelcome to ever return Richard or how many letters you wrote to someone from there ??

  32. Well, what can I say?… Wow, I’m impressed! You, ‘Lionheart’, are able to give “the official reason” just like that, when I’ve never been given any reason despite seeking one, and neither could parliamentary enquiries elicit a written response to me from the court giving a reason. These people are answerable to no one but you know “the official reason.” That really is extraordinary! Now all you need to do is identify yourself, identify your source and then we’ll get on to your source and ask why the court is willing to divulge “the official reason” to you but not to me, and also how they justify using their discretionary powers under anti-terror legislation to exclude somebody just because they don’t happen to like them! Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think that bent magistrates and court staff finding a political activist legally investigating them (over malfeasance and corruption allegations) a nuisance are entitled for that reason to invoke anti-terror legislation on their own personal whim and for their own personal benefit – indeed that rather tends to confirm and justify my investigation and allegations of corruption and malfeasance.

    I’m not banned from any church anywhere.

    You are pathetic and tragic.

    I pity you.

    None of your efforts to attack me are going to change anything in regard of the imminent destruction of Sandy’s vice empire.

    I repeat I think you urgently need psychiatric treatment. Get the help you need. Your obsession with me is insane.

    For the umpteenth time – Back in June.

  33. lionheart says:

    Nicely avoided talking about a certain church there Richard and while you may not be legally banned from the building you are from coming near one of it’s elders would you like to say why perchance or why you haven’t set foot in the place for over eight years ?

    You where deemed to be interrupting the workings of the court Richard and the law invoked is commonly used to keep people who feel they have a grievance and persistently make a public nuisance of themselves for that reason in public buildings such as courts and council/parliamentary buildings so don’t feel special because of its use in your case your not.

    If your reason was investigative as you claim then why would a ban from the building have stopped you anyway, surely any “nefarious” activities would have been happening off the premises anyway ? If you really wanted to know the reason there is such a simple way of finding out but if you can’t think of it then thats your problem (and no it doesn’t involve the divulging of any confidential information and no more deceit than the telling of a little white lie)

    So how did your “investigation” pan out then Richard, did you uncover a dastardly plot and find any proof whatsoever ? I think you’ll find the answer is NO to proof at all and yet another delusional Carvath mystery is returned to the X Files vault and yet another year of your life wasted on an obsessive delusion that resulted in absolutely nothing not a shred of real evidence at all just inconvenience for those public servants you obsessed about.

    You really should read EV’s comment again and chant it every day alongside the lord’s prayer, stop describing yourself as an investigative political atavist you are not and your obsessive interest in people who do have positions of authority (such as the police or public servants) and the delusion that you could do it all so much better if they only gave you the chance is going to lead you into trouble yet again Richard.

    I’m sure even Stewart much wince reading some things about you Richard and until you realise how you are really perceived by others for some of your bizarre behaviour you have no hope of winning your battle with your mental demons.

  34. Stewart Cowan says:

    Looks like it’s seconds out, Lionheart.

    There is always hope of defeating demons.

  35. lionheart says:

    There is when you realise that they are your personal demons Stewart but its impossible to combat an enemy you see everywhere but doesn’t exist.

    From what you have said about your own personal problems in the past I’m sure that you can now look back and see that seeing that you had a problem was the biggest step in dealing with it and I’m also sure that you can see that Richard has his own set of issues that he is battling whether he sees that or not.

    If he could manage to work within an existing project or movement then I think the structure and realism as well as the sense of having others who share his aims would benefit him immensely, there are so many good projects and causes in desperate need of people and here its plain there is someone who is equally desperately in need of a grounding and worthwhile cause ………….

    We all live in hope don’t we

    Ps How are your knees Stewart and is Muffin getting her walks?

  36. Little Mo says:

    Let’s chaps (meantime anyway) heal divisons in that consummate male-bonding topic of the footer …. but maybe not …. as (given my allegiances) that means contemplating elements in the current conspiracy against the Teddy Bears ….

  37. I’ll break my sabb – yet again – for LH’s sake, just to say…

    What a psychopath you are! It’s pretty obvious you are a seriously depraved and diabolical individual. Don’t project your demons on to me. You clearly have some serious problems and those problems are yours – not mine.

    Your fantasy assessment of me shows how utterly insane you are. Do you seriously think somebody who was a loner without any people support could get to the point of standing as an indy in a parliamentary election in the first place, much less poll 384 votes? You’re insane to think that! Furthermore, it is pretty obvious even just from publicly available material on the web that I’m involved with various organisations, whether explicitly stated or not. As just one example, it is glaringly obvious just from reading my blogs that I must be involved with pro-life organisations. Or how about all the photos of me… with other people?!

    Do you get it yet?

    Does it register with you just how deluded your thinking is?

    For your own sake you urgently need to seek help, primarily from Jesus (and you probably need psychiatric treatment too).

    Your delusional obsession with me is not normal and it is not sane.

    I’ve never encountered anybody who is so obsessed with me, as you are.

    No normal person in their right mind is interested in me like you are and writes volumes and volumes of poisonous and deceitful nonsense about me wherever you can whenever there is the slightest opportunity.

    I have exposed you as a pathological liar over and over again. I have exposed your evil motives many times. Every time you are challenged to back up your lies about me, inevitably, you can never provide a source.

    Nobody can take seriously somebody who attacks a named person anonymously – it proves you’re untrustworthy, unreliable and have got a hidden agenda and evil intent.

    Even your choice of pseudonym – Lionheart – speaks volumes about the delusional fantasy world you inhabit and the way you see yourself.

    You are not King Richard I, you tragic fool. Do you think the Lionheart would’ve acted anonymously like you? He was brave and courageous and openly led his men from the front. You’re the complete opposite, the living embodiment and definition of a coward.

    I know that you’re unlikely to take any of this on board this time any more than on any of the previous occasions I’ve pointed out the truth to you, but for your sake I feel it’s incumbent upon me to at least say it yet again in hope that you are not beyond redemption.

    My life is fine thank you very much and nothing you have to say about me is going to change my agenda or how I go about my business. Wake up to reality: I am not influenced one iota by your hate campaign. [Specifically, your defamation campaign has changed NOTHING about what’s happening with the Sandy’s Superstars serious and organised criminal gang.]

    Please, for your sake, get the help you so desperately need.

    You are destroying yourself. You have no peace. You need to connect with Jesus now.

  38. English Viking says:

    Hey Stewie,

    I think I should have a pat on the back for not wading in…

  39. lionheart says:

    Here is a cyber pat from me EV I can guess how tempting it must be for you!

    On the other hand Richard still can’t see that for everyone else he’s looking nuttier than a squirrel’s pantry by the comment so what else could you really add that he’s not doing himself?

    (Notice that there was no mention of his first church and reason for leaving again and that the results of his “investigation” into the dark secret lives of Salford magistrates (I hear that the courtroom was being used to sacrifice virgins to satan at nights according to Richard and that one of the ushers is in fact an alien from the planet zargon12 but nobody will listen) was never mentioned either in his petulant little tantrum above for some reason?)

  40. Stewart Cowan says:

    English – consider your dorsal area affectionately tapped.

  41. Stewart Cowan says:

    LH – My knees are fine now, thanks. Muffin is a he; his walks have been unaffected. (I didn’t name the dogs, I am their foster dad.)

  42. English Viking says:


    Please tell me you haven’t got a cross-dressing dog!

  43. English Viking says:

    Stewie, LH,

    Thanks for the pats, I think I can feel a burp coming….. naaah, it’s gone now. Just a little bit of dry retching – a bit like vomiting, but without the fun first.

    Stewie, you may wish to ‘un-pat’ me now though, because a line has been crossed.

    LH, take note.

    Carvath has broken his ‘sabbatical’ yet again in an attempt to implore the daughter of the persons he claims (with zero evidence) are part of a Police controlled vice-ring to testify against her parents and incriminate both them and perhaps herself.

    I mentioned that if he really understood the rules of the street, as he claims to be streetwise himself, he would never ask such a stupid thing as for a child to grass their own parents (innocent until proven otherwise they remain). He has absolutely no idea what position this action may have placed the girl in. Perhaps nothing. Perhaps life threatening.

    He published her picture on the ‘net, without her permission. In the same way he recently accused a political opponent of being HIV positive, when he was merely needing medical treatment for a broken jaw. He also mentioned that the girl may ‘still (be) working in childcare’ as though this is some kind of crime, or that she herself is a sexual deviant.

    I say this on this blog, because I trust Stewie, much as he may dislike me, to allow it through, because it is true. The same cannot be said of Carvath’s place, as he has auto-modded me for having the temerity to tell the truth.

    The man is a menace. He has serious mental health issues. His Christianity is unrepresentative at best. He calls for free speech, but denies the most basic forms of it on his own blog.

    If there is one thing that really, REALLY, gets my goat, it’s auto-modding on sites that supposedly espouse free-speech.

    I was going to leave Dicky alone. You can’t say I didn’t try. He’s got two hopes now, and slim just left town. He deserves all he gets, and if he carries on like this, with a mouth twice the size of his trousers, he will be taught the hard way.

    Prov 17 v 28. [EDITED. Reason: abuse of scripture.]

  44. lionheart says:

    He’s been stalking her for months EV and has published many articles and pictures about her on his sites.

    Surprisingly its another pretty little blonde that he wants to “save” and presumably she will fall for his manly charms afterwards. A comment was posted on Salford Online that presorts to come from one of her friends that she has made an official police complaint about Richard and his unhealthy interest and he’s published pictures on her from her facebook accounts of her as a very young girl in topics about pornography and/or prostitution and what the connection is other than its obvious he’s obsessed nobody knows?

    He also posted a comment asking for information on where she is “because he is worried” or had information “enemies” of her parents where meaning her harm. Of course anyone normal would see that he just wanted any information on her because if he was worried he’d just tell the police who could find her instantly but know a convicted stalker wants to know where a young pretty girl (who has reported him) lives and works even though he claims she is not involved in any wrongdoing, he just wants to know …..

  45. English Viking says:

    Mr Cowan,

    Prove the abuse, sir!

  46. English Viking says:


    C’mon now, I trusted you.

    Don’t edit me for a disagreement over the nuances of scripture, else you will lose the high ground.

  47. Sabb breaker just for viking boy…

    Your comment was published you daft muppet! My blogs are all set to automatic mod for anybody who submits a comment – including you. The main reason the auto-mod is always on is because as a political activist I have various security considerations and enemies [anonymous as ever] would take advantage otherwise. For example, I could not allow sensitive information about vulnerable third parties such as S to be published: it’s a security consideration.

    My blog-threads are testimony to the fact that I allow freedom of speech far in excess of what most would allow – even Stewart here. A good example is the ‘Rightful Discrimination against Matthew Sephton’ thread; most socially conservative bloggers would not host that sort of ‘speech’ [abuse, really].

    I have not published evidence on Sandra Jane Hankin, Christopher Mark Hankin or Adrian Paul Burch on the web thus far but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have it. We could put out close-up mugshots and detailed information on the web any time it serves our purpose.

    If you want to make your own enquiries viking boy, either the Sandy’s Superstars brothels or Greater Manchester Police are both able to confirm that SJH, CMH and APB are the Sandy’s brothelkeepers. If you ask for ‘Merv the Perv’ at Sandy’s – that’s APB. Beware though, if you start looking into the Sandy’s gangster network you are likely to get a visit in Norway from a rather large chap going by the name of Muzzer (and maybe a few of his pals).

    GMP know that all the tips I give them are 100% kosher (and GMP would let me know like a shot if my tips were dodgy or if they weren’t happy with the way I run my ops).

    I obviously can’t comment here regarding Sarah Hankin. I have no desire to meet with her or even to correspond with her, I simply wish to see her fully co-operating with the police in the best interests of crime prevention and of her own welfare; if I can assist the police with gathering evidence and helping to protect people then it is my duty as a responsible law-abiding citizen to do so.

  48. English Viking says:


    I say again, what abuse?

  49. Stewart Cowan says:


    I don’t like scripture being rewritten.

  50. English Viking says:


    I’m not going to be rude to you anymore (I’ll try, at least) but you really are displaying signs of an obsessive/compulsive nature. I think you genuinely believe that you are on a mission, but you have created a false reality around yourself in order to explain away the discrepancies between actual reality and your own reality, building more and more delusions on top of each other. Have you seen Shutter Island? A bit like that.

    How many people have been arrested or put out of business in the vice trade, due to your activities? None.
    How many of the people you wish to ‘help’ are young, blonde attractive porn-stars/prostitutes? All of them.
    How can you be a political activist when you hold no elected office? You can’t.
    How many people that you have attempted to ‘help’ have been appreciative, as opposed to offended/ scared to the point of taking legal action against you?

    Answer the questions honestly, stop this nonsense of pretending to be either a Batman crime-fighter or a Churchillian politician, accept reality, get a job, a girlfriend and a normal life.

    Really, try it – you’ll like it. Girlfriends are so much better when they are real.

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