The things they expect us to believe

Leg-iron likes to test how dumb some people are by telling them some ridiculous thing that he has made up and seeing if they believe him. Apparently, a lot of folk fall for his insistence that Roman roads were built straight because they hadn’t invented steering back then.

I just had a look at Leggy’s blog after writing that first paragraph and saw that he has written about some of the things I was about to write about. My dilemma now is whether to suggest you just read his post, try to write my own without copying bits from his, or forgetting it altogether and sticking on one of my classic comedy DVDs and relaxing.

What to do? What to do?

Actually, some of these latest news stories are crazier than the things that happen in Fawlty Towers, George and Mildred and even Red Dwarf.

The other day, I finished watching all 112 episodes of Tales of the Unexpected. You may be wondering what heinous crime I committed to warrant such a cruel and unusual punishment. A few were excellent and some were woeful and the rest somewhere in between.

But not much is unexpected nowadays, so when the Liverpool Daily Post announces that,

A-Level results went up for the 29th consecutive year

It isn’t unexpected, because it has been obvious for years that it’s a stitch up,

…the number of A-level students getting top marks nearly doubled between 1997 and 2010.

The reasons for this are numerous – A-level papers have got easier, examination boards are more lax, teachers are better at teaching to the test – but few people believe it’s because our children have actually become more intelligent. If you compare the performance of 15-year-old British schoolchildren to their counterparts in other developed countries when it comes to reading, science and maths, they’ve got worse, not better.

Why does the government want to make youngsters believe that they are more intelligent than they are? It is right to encourage children and to praise them, but not to lie to them. Not to give them false hopes that they can go to university and get a degree and become a brilliant whatever it is they want do be, when the reality is that if they aren’t up to it they will end up deep in debt and unable to get a job that earns enough to pay it back. They will have wasted years of their lives when, if the system was run honestly, they could have learned a useful trade instead or been otherwise employed.

My feeling is that this whole charade has been devised to produce a shortage of workers as an excuse to increase migration and also to get as many people as possible into debt to prepare them for a lifetime of servitude to the ‘system’ perhaps eventually to try and make them more compliant to being ‘chipped’ at some stage in order to keep getting credit and able to buy the necessities.

Whatever the ulterior motives, sending half of school leavers to further education – after they have already received twelve or thirteen years of education (allegedly) – seems no way to ensure we have a productive economy.

But we know that the economy doesn’t matter to the elite, because another thing they expect us to believe in is the manmade climate change fraud, which is just another way to de-industrialise us while squeezing out yet more money from us in “green” taxes.

So even more old folk will die of the cold in winter with increased electric and gas bills, but like the thousands of teenagers whose lives are blighted unnecessarily by debt, most politicians will turn a blind eye to it all.

And talking of climate change, the climate surrealists are now so desperate to sell their wares to an increasingly savvy public, that they have been coming out with even more hot air than Al Gore in his fantasy ‘documentary’ An Inconvenient Truth.

This was the film that was sent to every secondary school in Britain and which so upset Stewart Dimmock, a school governor from Dover, that he took the Government to court for brainwashing children with it – and won. I bet the BBC hated having to cover that story, because as the government’s propaganda arm, it has to perpetuate all sorts of myths.

One of Gore’s fraudulent claims in the film was the idea that:

for the first time, polar bears had actually drowned “swimming long distances – up to 60 miles – to find the ice”. The judge said: “The only scientific study that either side before me can find is one which indicates that four polar bears have recently been found drowned because of a storm.”

But despite no evidence at all, how many people still believe that polar bears are drowning for lack of ice?

Now we are expected to believe that overweight people are responsible for climate change.

But first prize in the things they expect us to believe category must go to NASA, who are suggesting that aliens might destroy the earth – not because, as Leg-iron suggests:  “Perhaps the scientists are worried that aliens will see fat people from space” – but because our carbon emissions could be considered a risk to their civilisations.

Even though carbon dioxide levels were much higher in Earth’s past and even though any alien civilisation on some far-flung planet would not be affected in the slightest by our use of incandescent filament light bulbs, we are to be afraid of angry monsters from outer space.

Some people believe that governments will announce a fake alien landing in order to panic the public, thus allowing them to bring in martial law on a global scale. I wrote about the possibility of this last year, after another extraterrestrial claim by NASA which was nothing of the sort, but nevertheless, still helps keep the possibility of ‘alien’ life alive in people’s minds.

But to believe there are all sorts of aliens out there is to believe in something else quite unbelievable: The Theory of Evolution. Consider what I wrote at the time:

People need a paradigm shift here. I speak as a Creationist, of course, but I believe there are dangerous misunderstandings which surround evolution. I don’t think “life” can occur as readily as many people have been led to believe.

There is a Law of Biogenesis which states that, “life arises from pre-existing life, not from non-living material”.

To believe contrary to Louis Pasteur’s Law is hardly a new idea, “The ancient Greeks believed that living things could spontaneously come into being from nonliving matter, and that the goddess Gaia could make life arise spontaneously from stones…”

This is especially interesting as we are again living in an age where Gaia worship is widely practised, this time in the form of devout environmentalism.

But I suspect that NASA will keep putting out “alien” stories, especially in times where money is tight, to keep the government funding coming through.

And it is vital to keep up the pretence if a government ever stages an “alien” invasion as a pretext to removing the remaining freedoms even the bin Laden fearmongering couldn’t reach.

And this brings me nicely onto my final topic, the attacks of 9/11 (Osama bin Laden was not considered a suspect by the FBI).

It amazes me how many people can watch the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7 and think buildings fall this way due to fire. WTC7 was not hit by a plane yet came down on the afternoon of 11th September 2001 like a controlled demolition in near freefall speed onto its own footprint. I know people are in denial when they will not even admit that it looks peculiar. The only time they will ever have seen a building collapse like WTC7 will have been a controlled demolition using carefully pre-planted explosives. But to admit government involvement to themselves would be to acknowledge that the world is a scarier and more unpredictable place than they thought it was; than they want it to be.

But what is really scary are the consequences of not facing the truth. The consequences are exactly as we are seeing actually happening to us: climate change used against us to tax us even further and shut down our industry; a country and its people steeped in debt; unjust laws and restrictions put on us to fight the “War on Terror” – and a global government to oversee all these things.

It is best to face the truth sooner rather than later.

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16 Responses to The things they expect us to believe

  1. I reckon you’re right about the debt thing. Your life is not your own if you’re in debt.

  2. bjedwards says:

    It doesn’t surprise me one bit that you are a 9/11 Denier as well.

    And having to use a “cut-and-paste” of debunked nonsense as well.

    As the man said, one can never underestimate the intelligence of a 9/11 Truther.

  3. Stewart Cowan says:

    I spent a lot of my life in debt, Michael, and you’re right.

  4. Stewart Cowan says:


    A 9/11 “Denier”?? I’m sure it really happened! You just think you’re awfully clever by trying to paint me as akin to a holocaust denier.

    And what do you mean “cut-and-paste”?

    You are just coming out with the standard, tired old clichés because the evidence (should you ever wish to actually discuss it) is against you.

    But, hey, you think I’m a nutcase because I know what I’m talking about and you assume you are correct and can sit there full of self-congratulatory smugness because you saw the buildings fall down and then President Bush came on the telly to say that bad men with beards did it and the 9/11 Commission produced a highly erroneous report which dismissed a great many testimonies, but who cares?

  5. bjedwards says:


    I’ve been making mincemeat of 9/11 Deniers like you since March 2002. We laugh at you. See my old blog for details.

    And I already gave you the link to what denialism is and why your methodology and tactics are no different than any other denialists in history including round-earth deniers, moon-landing deniers, Creationists, vaccine deniers, AIDS deniers, climate change deniers, and Holocaust Deniers.

    Read. Learn. Understand:

    “What is Denialism?”

    Take your silly conspiracy blog dowm. You’ve embarrassed yourself enough.

  6. Ian says:

    It is incredible the nonsense some people will believe. Stewart, for instance…..

    Oh, and NASA did not produce the report about aliens and climate change. A bunch of friends, one of whom works for NASA but did it on his own time, wrote a tongue in cheek report on how aliens might end up interacting with us. NASA didn’t commission it, nor did they fund it. The only people who claim NASA had anything to do with it are the sort of idiots who’ll believe any old thing so long as it has no connection to reality. Stewart, for instance……

  7. Stewart Cowan says:


    You “laugh” at me, but you still haven’t *debated* with me. I imagine you sitting there giggling and snickering like someone with a mania, unable to debate through ignorance of the evidence.

    And I see you are employing yet another boring psychological trick by bracketing moon-landing ‘deniers’ and Holocaust ‘Deniers’ with other things.

    Take your silly conspiracy blog dowm. You’ve embarrassed yourself enough.

    Another cheap psychological trick. Tut tut.

  8. Stewart Cowan says:

    Additional: that definition of ‘deniers’ states:

    Denialism is the employment of rhetorical tactics to give the appearance of argument or legitimate debate, when in actuality there is none.

    Do you realise that this is what you have been doing?

  9. Stewart Cowan says:


    Do you think this was “a bunch of friends” or, as the Mail reports, “Lead researcher Shawn Domagal-Goldman and his team”?

  10. Isitfoggy says:

    The Mail? It must be true then.

  11. Ian says:

    Here’s Shawn Domagal-Goldman’s own comments on the reporting.

    Stewart, having been shown that he’s been taken in yet again by nonsense from the Daily Mail, shall now proceed to tell us that Domagal-Goldman’s “masters” have forced him to make the statement.

  12. bjedwards says:

    Stewart wrote,

    “You “laugh” at me, but you still haven’t *debated* with me.”

    That canard doesn’t work either, Stewart. You claim there is something to debate. In fact, there is nothing that hasn’t already been addressed a hundred times over. And all of your claims were refuted years ago. There are no “questions” that have not been addressed and answered repeatedly. And there is no legitimate reason why anyone should “debate” cranks and deniers like you to give you any legitimacy you so desperately need.

    The proof is in the pudding. In the ten whole years since 9/11, not one 9/11 Truther nor anyone else has presented any positive evidence to support their claims that the 9/11 attacks were either done by, or known in advance by, our government. And as we all know, you 9/11 Deniers are wholly incapable of refuting the many hundreds of lines of evidence that converge on the inescapable conclusion of what actually happened.

    The funniest claim is, of course, is your claim that for our government to have conspired to accomplish those attacks “only a few people would have to know.” That only shows how irrational you are, Stewart, since none of you have ever been able to come up with any scenario that could possibly succeed without thousands of people knowing and keeping their mouths shut.

    You lose, Stewart. Take down you silly dumb blog.

  13. bjedwards says:

    Stewart is still unable to support his claims about 9/11.

    No surprise there.

  14. Stewart Cowan says:


    Thanks for the link. I trust you are going to tell all the other bloggers who wrote about it.

  15. Stewart Cowan says:


    I know your understanding of the world is limited, but I did say that I intended to write more about the 9/11 attacks in the run up to the 10th anniversary.

    Maybe you are so convinced that you are correct on everything that you don’t even bother to read what other people write.

  16. bjedwards says:

    LOL, Stewart. So far you’ve provided nothing but cut-and-paste claims debunked many years ago.

    You have no evidence to support your claims.

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