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Some Politicians Have Been Talking Sense (then there’s the LibDems)

Britain has been stunned by a series of commonsense statements from Labour politicians Labour MP, yes, Labour MP, David Lammy, has called for a return to Victorian laws on discipline, and basically condemns Labour Governments for their namby-pamby approach. One day, … Continue reading


Admit it: you can’t live without the Scots

There have been many different reactions to the news of the planned referendum for Scottish independence, from both sides of the border. There are many Scottish Unionists (even though few vote for the Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party) and fancy there being … Continue reading


Renewed Efforts to Make Criticism of Islam an International Crime

Hot on the heels of my last post about the threat to freedom of speech from the government’s addiction to ‘gay rights’, comes this news: The European Union has offered to host the next meeting of the so-called Istanbul Process, … Continue reading


Footballer Sacked over Twitter Jibe: The Use of ‘Homophobia’ as a Tool of Abuse of Power

It is a strange irony that the greater the number of social networking websites which appear, the less people are allowed to say before getting into trouble with the Thought Police and their snitches. The agenda is exactly the same all over the Western … Continue reading


Alex Salmond’s Scotland: A Glimpse into the Future

My computer was recently reset to its factory settings and my decent graphics software has disappeared, so I had to use the free Microsoft ‘Paint’ programme, but I’m sure I have made my point! This picture isn’t about the pros … Continue reading


Is Diane Abbott racist or stupid?

Or both? Firstly, I think the woman is horrendous, particularly for her campaign to have abortion legalised in Northern Ireland, despite the protestations from all parts of the community there. Typical socialist: we don’t care how you want to live … Continue reading


Mega Caption Competition

Leg-iron spotted this collection of fifty very strange black and white photographs and came up with a caption for each one. I decided to do the same, but I have used the pictures to illustrate possible/probable ridiculous future EU directives, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year? Are you sure?

I hope it will be happy, but is it New Year at all? Why do we celebrate it on 1st January? I had to find out more than I already knew, which wasn’t much.  Basically, the length of a year … Continue reading

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