Monthly Archives: July 2012

Scotland and Gomorrah

I am almost past the point of knowing what to say on this blog. I really am. The Scottish “Government” has decided that two blokes or two women are able to “marry” each other. The SNP launched a “consultation” on … Continue reading


Humanists outraged over approval of new academy that will teach Creationism

Those delicate flowers, the secular humanists, just cannot bear for anyone not to believe like they do. They get really upset that after over a century and a half, millions of us still don’t buy the idea that we evolved … Continue reading


Amazing diagram shows who really runs the World

Who really runs the World? Well, it’s not you or I, obviously. It isn’t even the politicians. This amazing diagram gives a much better idea. The Bilderberg Group is becoming increasingly well known due to members of the public and … Continue reading