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Changing the Face of Britain: an Agenda a Long Time in the Making

Frank Davis writes some of the best blog posts out there, in my opinion. He is often “Banging on about the Smoking Ban,” but his interest in statistics and science makes for good reading too. (That’s not him in the … Continue reading

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How the EU Could Treble Spam Telephone Calls from this Autumn

In yet another example of their love for our privacy and peace, those meddlesome minions at the EU have decided that companies who constantly spam us with nuisance sales calls are paying far too much to inconvenience us. The Telegraph … Continue reading


Be Happier. Move to Paraguay?

Thirty years ago, I became fascinated with Paraguay, for some reason. I discovered back then their claim that it was the only country in the world without any restrictions to settling in it. I wondered if this was still the … Continue reading