Labour MP Upset about No Plain Packaging for Cigarettes

A socialist's vision of Utopia

A socialist's vision of Utopia. These are from Australia: the first country in the world to force tobacco companies to sell cigarettes in packets illustrated only with graphic health warnings.

I am signed up to receive’s emails. Today’s was from a new one on me: Hemsworth Constituency MP and Shadow Minister for the Cabinet Office, Jon Trickett.

Apparently, The Hemsworth constituency is famous for being the place where Labour votes were said to be “weighed rather than counted” during the 1960s and 1970s,[2] but the town is not even so heavily Labour-voting as it once was.

Even so, Mr Trickett’s majority was getting on for 10,000 last time. I guess it’s the sort of constituency where you could put a red rosette on a dachshund named ‘Colin’ and it would still win.

(A virtual red rosette to the first person who can remember which comedy mentions “a dachshund named ‘Colin'”?)

Anyway, this man seemed awfully upset that the Tories have decided not to force tobacco companies to put their cigarettes in ‘plain packaging’ where “graphic” images and plain text of the brand and a few other basics only are permitted. He writes,


See if this story alarms you as much it does us:

– Last year the Government announced plans to make it illegal for cigarettes to be sold in branded packaging, after substantial evidence shows it will prevent cancer deaths;

– Months later the Prime Minister hires Lynton Crosby as his chief strategist, a man paid handsomely to lobby for firms including a major international tobacco company;

Well, frankly, we know politics is as corrupt as is just about possible, and ASH and other fake charities usually lay claim to the politicians’ ears, so I found his Parliamentary email address and replied,

Dear Jon,

I have read your letter via Cameron is corrupt. He is as bent as a nine bob note, but I am delighted that he has done the right thing for once and refused the calls for plain packaging.

I voted Labour for 20 odd years then realised I was being nannied to death and taxed to death to pay for being nannied to death and my country was being given away and many more evils besides.

So I now vote for UKIP.

Your smoking ban has done so much damage to the pub trade, it is unbelievable. And unfair. And violates property rights: one of mankind’s most fundamental rights.

Your Climate Change Act 2008 will put millions more in real poverty as we meet our so-called “carbon reduction commitments” and power stations close and prices rise even further and there are power cuts routinely.

Lots more people – on top of the 20,000 or more at present – are going to die in cold spells because of what you did during your thirteen years, during which I was stupid enough to vote Labour.

The people have no choice with the LibLabCon Party because your leaders are all chosen to follow the same agenda.

I pray that your eyes will be opened as well.

Kind Regards,
Stewart Cowan

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