Should Party Conferences Have Ejector Seats?

Col Ian Brazier and Capt Joe Eastwood ejected from the Tory Conference.

Col Ian Brazier and Capt Joe Eastwood ejected from the Tory Conference.

I read over at Subrosa’s that the Tory Conference has had a Walter Wolfgang moment. This time it was two army veterans, Col Ian Brazier and Capt Joe Eastwood, who were asked to leave following their heckling of Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, about the plans to disband the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. Subrosa writes,

Oh how times have changed.  I can remember my father, a staunch Labour supporter, describing rallies or hustings he’d attended and how he judged the politicians by the manner in which they handled those who were in disagreement with their views.

In those days ‘security’ wasn’t called to remove objectors. Politicians argued their point and used their skills to reduce any tension.  Today’s politicians don’t even have to do that.  They just give the nod to a ‘heavy’ and low and behold their critic vanishes.

I am used to the same treatment from politicians online. Even my own MP ‘unfriended’ me on Facebook. Numerous others have done so on Facebook – like the stuck-up Tom Harris – and blocked me on Twitter. For my opinions. No swearing. At first it was solely Labour politicians, but now it can be anyone from any party. MPs, like GPs, believe themselves to be Chosen Ones and beyond reproach because they are just so much more intelligent than the rest of us – and better paid than most to prove it. My GP recently asked me to find a new practice for daring to speak back about my (lack of) treatment.

We are the little people now. Always were, but we’re getting smaller and smaller in the eyes of those who claim increasing power over us.

And when GPs are forced to obey orders from MPs, don’t expect anything pleasant to result. The Mail carried this next story, but I no longer link to the rag when possible, so here’s the bare bones from LBC Radio two days ago,

And finally, patients are being denied minor treatments because they smoke, The Mail on Sunday has found. In one case a healthy middle-aged man was told he could not have a ten-minute operation to cut a small benign growth off the side of his head, because of his habit. Paul Merrett thought it would be no problem to get the inch-long fatty lump, called a lipoma, removed. It was getting caught when he put on ear defenders and hygienic headgear for his job inspecting catering equipment. As a result, the lump was becoming painful. But when he attended King George Surgery in Stevenage, his GP said he could not have the minor operation – which doctors often do under local anaesthetic in their own consulting rooms.

Mr Merrett, 46, said: ‘I was told, in no uncertain terms, that unless I gave up smoking or signed up to a quitting clinic they would refuse to treat me. I was gobsmacked.’ He claims the doctor told him: ‘These directions are not mine. It’s not me refusing this treatment, it’s the NHS trust.’Mr Merrett, who smokes ten roll-ups a day, said: ‘It makes me livid. I can count how many times I have needed to rely on the NHS in the past ten years on one hand. I pay into the system and it’s my right to be able to use it when I need it.’

What did the show’s listeners think about this blatant discrimination?

I asked you, should patients be denied more treatment because they smoke?

Many of you saying this is just a witch hunt over smokers, and that if they pay into the NHS then treatment should not be denied.

As Frank Davis says on his post today,

This is outright blackmail: Do as we tell you, or you won’t get medical treatment. And once they’ve blackmailed patients into conforming in respect of smoking, what’s to stop them blackmailing them in lots of other ways? To force them to stop drinking alcohol, stop eating disapproved foods, stop voting for the wrong political party, or attending church, or reading banned books? This is also about control.

And isn’t the doctor who said, “These directions are not mine,” really just saying, “I was only obeying orders“? For once doctors have become state employees in a state-run healthcare system (such as Obamacare?) there is always the possibility (and therefore the absolute certainty) that doctors will be one day required by their employers to do things that they would not do of their own volition. And might not many of those doctors who are now regularly prescribing Chantix/Champix for smokers, despite its track record of suicides among smokers, be held responsible for the deaths of their patients?

It’s one powerful argument for private healthcare over state healthcare.

I have said before, the NHS now exists primarily to control, subvert, gather personal information and kill.

But back to those brave Army chaps. As Subrosa writes,

Sadly, Col Brazier and his colleagues will lose. Just a few years ago thousands took to the streets in Scotland in an attempt to save some of Scotland’s historic regiments, but their protests were in vain. The 2nd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers is just a continuation of a long term plan to reduce UK Forces to a shadow of what was once a great defence force.

The Government is making another huge reduction in armed forces numbers for a reason. I haven’t heard much, if anything, about those 27,000 Government-funded fake charities the Tories were going to deal with. Why would they prefer to sack tens of thousands in our army, navy and air force, while still trying to involve us in every war that’s up for grabs?

A comment I read in one of the newspapers’ websites was from someone in the forces talking of the all-time low morale.

Former KGB subversion agent, Yuri Bezmenov, talks about the demoralisation stage as part of bringing down a country through subverting its values. Even ‘league tables’ of unhappy children put ours at the top. Our culture has been diluted; our values rubbished – even practically illegal in some cases; children have been deliberately dumbed down at school then half are sent to further education to gather debt and infused with further indoctrination and of course the Judeo-Christian traditions which gave us fair laws and relative freedom are shoved into a corner so that all alternative belief systems and ‘lifestyle choices’ can be promoted. Again, all part of the subversion process Mr Bezmenov describes.

Back to the Army (again) and the plan could be to weaken our armed forces so much, while stretching them to the limit, that the EU Army finally becomes the only ‘sensible’ and ‘viable’ solution. You can just imagine Cameron or Miliband saying this, can’t you?

And more people being ejected from conference halls.

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2 Responses to Should Party Conferences Have Ejector Seats?

  1. Leg-iron says:

    The video you put on my place actually explains it all. Long, but he’s an engaging speaker.

    Yes, they should have ejector seats. Especially powerful ones under the party leaders and roof hatches that just don’t quite open fast enough… and we should have buttons on the TV remote to set them off.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    I’m glad you watched it. He is a good speaker. Unfortunately, I can only find two substantial videos of him. All the short ones appear to be segments from these two long ones. I think he is in conversation with G. Edward Griffen in the other one and this also lasts over an hour. Of course, the agenda is probably at least two centuries old.

    My dear hope is that one day those buttons will be used to drop a guillotine on certain necks for treason – after due arrests and trials, of course. That would be my kind of reality TV.

    I still have another of yours to reply to. I’ll soon be finished the post I mentioned at yours.

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