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Doctor Who at Fifty – Well, Eighteen, Really

I thought I would take a break from the usual political and politically correct nonsense to write about something else, albeit, these days it is full of politically correct nonsense itself and I wouldn’t watch it nowadays if you paid … Continue reading


Ed Miliband’s Message for Voters with Very Short Memories

I received an email from Ed Miliband’s team yesterday about the ‘bedroom tax’ (I signed up to Labour emails). Hi Stewart, [That’s “sir” to you.] There’s no place for the cruelty of the bedroom tax in Britain today. [Unlike the … Continue reading

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You Have To Be Cruel To Be Kind (Apparently). How the State Hates.

I want to concentrate on the smoking bans, but to begin with, there seems to be an ever-expanding phenomenon: state-sanctioned cruelty. Paved with good intentions, naturally. The Liverpool Care Pathway deprives hospital patients of food and liquids as the state’s … Continue reading