You Have To Be Cruel To Be Kind (Apparently). How the State Hates.

I want to concentrate on the smoking bans, but to begin with, there seems to be an ever-expanding phenomenon: state-sanctioned cruelty. Paved with good intentions, naturally.

The Liverpool Care Pathway deprives hospital patients of food and liquids as the state’s new caring way to ease them into Heaven or Hell (and I bet most of them thought that the NHS was the Hell bit). There are many reports of people who were put on the LCP who were not even considered terminally ill and others who somehow still managed to recover from the death sentence.

The latest story to touch me, for which I cannot find the link, was the woman placed on the death pathway and who called out for food, but didn’t want anything to drink. As she didn’t want a drink, she was also denied the food and left to die.

Eight years ago, my ninety-two year-old grandmother was taken to the local GP and the A&E several times in the few weeks leading up to her death. She had been the fittest person over eighty I had ever known, but suddenly, she could not walk three steps without gasping for breath in an absolutely terrible state. The “doctors” all agreed that it was “all in her mind” (she was not at all a hypochondriac). After few weeks of intense misery and being fobbed off by what is laughingly called the medical profession, she died of a blood clot.

The family went to the local paper with the story, but they wouldn’t go with it as they reported on an almost identical case a few months earlier.

No, what is important to today’s NHS bosses is not care, compassion and appropriate treatment, but political correctness/ideological subversion, perverting the young, collecting information for the Government and killing.

Consultant paediatrician David Drew has lost his appeal against being sacked for emailing colleagues prayers. He had been told by Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust to “keep his beliefs to himself” after sending a prayer to workmates.

Whoever thought of calling these institutions “trusts” must have been having a laugh.

Then there was this fairly recent story in the Hereford Times about an elderly man who thought he was in hospital awaiting an operation, but had been put on the LCP without his family’s consent,

Mr Mitton’s step-daughter Shirley Bolger said: “He had a most horrendous death, and none of us had a clue that he was on the Pathway.

He seemed really hungry and really thirsty, but we didn’t make the connections.

“He was absolutely desperate and kept grabbing my hand, asking for a drink.

When I touched his lips with a sponge moistened with tea, he tried to eat it. He suffered terribly.

If you ask me, nine out of ten doctors need some sort of psychiatric help. This power of life and death they think they have seems to have produced in many of them a delusion that they are gods to be revered. But I know with my recent troubles that GPs just hate being inconvenienced with other people’s points of view, especially if you’re their patient. I have had one talk to me like I’m a piece of contemptible filth. Another put down the phone on me. And another asked me to find a new practice.

But then, the Establishment seems to increasingly find that the old, sick and disabled are becoming a “drain on resources”, despite all the rhetoric of “equality” and “respect”.

You might remember about a year ago that a Lord Bichard suggested that OAPs should be forced to work or lose their pensions. Bichard, by the way, is on a £120,000-a-year public sector pension. This is one of his hypocritical spewings,

We’re prepared to say to people if you’re not looking for work, you don’t get a benefit. If you’re old and you’re not contributing in some way, maybe there should be some penalty attached to that. These debates never seem to take place.

I wonder why?

So instead, hospitals have been given extra money to bump off folks on the LCP: Up to 50pc of deaths at Mid-Staffs NHS trust on Care Pathway.

But even when your intention isn’t to kill off elderly people, via the LCP or general negligence in hospitals and “care” homes or with huge utility bills with added green taxes and EU-imposed VAT to scare the old into freezing to death in winter, the punishment is still there if you are a smoker.

Smoking bans are just one example of where dogma becomes more important than people. In Scotland, especially, Alex Salmond is attempting to be a World leader in complying with every UN/globalist diktat.

The Scottish National party (SNP) is planning on making Scotland totally smoke-free within the next two decades, according to reports.

The effort will make the Alex Salmond administration one of the most radically anti-tobacco governments in the world. Only New Zealand and Finland have set a smoke-free target date so far – of 2025 and 2040 respectively.

Of course, this means extending the bans into your car, your home, your garden and absolutely everywhere. Indeed today, Leg-iron links to Simon Clark’s blog where he draws our attention to the initiative in Tayside, where you can sign up and turn your home (or all but one room) over to the authorities in exchange for a nice plastic gold or silver badge or something.

The GOLD promise means you agree to no smoking in the house, while signing up to the SILVER status promises that smoking will be confined to one room in the house and never in front of children.

Before we get to the total ban, there are other bans on their way in Scotland.

A ban on smoking in play parks has already been introduced in many areas in Wales, while the Scottish Government’s smoking strategy, published earlier this year, said councils should consider extending smoke-free policies to other areas within their jurisdiction.

Ministers have also announced that smoking will be banned within hospital grounds by 2015, with many health boards already enforcing this policy.

The hospital ban is particularly evil, especially in psychiatric units where the majority of patients tend to smoke. The Royal Edinburgh Hospital (Edinburgh’s psychiatric hospital) has banned smoking for almost three years now.

But according to the NHS document (pdf), “Smoking and patients with Mental Health Problems,”

A recent review of smoking bans in mental health and addiction settings (el-Guebaly et al., 2002) indicates that total or partial smoking bans resulted in ‘no major long-standing untoward effects in terms of behavioural indicators of unrest of compliance’, although they appeared to have had little or no effect on smoking cessation.

It is a classic case of the “experts” having no idea about what they are doing, other than obeying orders and making life extremely uncomfortable for very vulnerable people.

When I was an outpatient at an alcohol detox unit coming on for sixteen years ago, I reckon to have seen around a hundred other patients coming and going. I was interested that so many smoked. In fact, I only remember seeing four or five who didn’t smoke. Back then, you could smoke in all communal areas, but it must be mayhem now if the patients are having to congregate outside for a smoke, as there were dozens getting treatment at any one time and we were expected to stay for several hours, including taking lunch there. And if smoking is not even permitted on hospital grounds then I’m sure many people will not bother continuing treatment.

That document also admits,

There is also evidence that, for some illnesses, nicotine through smoking is used as self-medication. Nicotine improves the symptoms of adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and also stimulates the release of some neurotransmitters which may counteract depression. In addition, nicotine helps alleviate some of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia (Patkar et al., 2002).

So patients are, in effect, being denied their medication under this tyranny.

Only 3% of the participants of this survey from 2008, an Exploration of in-patient attitudes towards smoking within a large mental health trust, favoured a total smoking ban. But despite this and despite the special needs of mentally ill patients, the smoking rooms in psychiatric hospitals that had been exempt when the smoking ban was introduced were closed. But the ban has been weakened and Charles McCann who suffers from schizophrenia and has been detained for 18 years, challenged the ban after smoking was forbidden inside The State Hospital in Carstairs, and in its grounds, in December 2011. Lord Stewart also ruled that the decision to compel Mr McCann to stop smoking was “flawed in every possible way”.

But see how it’s a constant drip, drip, drip of attack? First it’s for the children. Then it’s for the workforce and the “secondhand smoke” for which there is actually no evidence that it has ever killed anyone. Then it’s a blanket ban for everyone, everywhere.

And so it is for the children that your own car will no longer be your own car. That’s how it will start.

A BID to ban smoking in cars carrying children as passengers has been backed by doctors and health charities.

Yes, taxpayer-funded fake charities and doctors paid to prescribe useless Pharma products. And there you have an NHS propaganda shot of a young baby shrouded in smoke.

And there are other busybodies who are campaigning for all cars to be smoke-free at all times because smoking is a “distraction”. So what is driving long distances gasping for a smoke, then?

Because health and safety never was the driving force behind the bans. All the governments of the World are abiding by the UN declaration they signed up to: the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

This is why we *must* not be allowed to backtrack. The UN/global cabal literally has its minions in almost every national government obeying orders.

Between 2003 and 2004, the Treaty, which is now closed for signatures, “has 168 Signatories, including the European Community, which makes it one of the most widely embraced treaties in UN history.”

This is the level of control the global cabal has over national governments (and the EU).

Article 5

General obligations

1. Each Party shall develop, implement, periodically update and review comprehensive multisectoral national tobacco control strategies, plans and programmes in accordance with this Convention and the protocols to which it is a Party.

2. Towards this end, each Party shall, in accordance with its capabilities:

(a) establish or reinforce and finance a national coordinating mechanism or focal points for tobacco control; and

(b) adopt and implement effective legislative, executive, administrative and/or other measures and cooperate, as appropriate, with other Parties in developing appropriate policies for preventing and reducing tobacco consumption, nicotine addiction and exposure to tobacco smoke.

3. In setting and implementing their public health policies with respect to tobacco control, Parties shall act to protect these policies from commercial and other vested interests of the tobacco industry in accordance with national law.

4. The Parties shall cooperate in the formulation of proposed measures, procedures and guidelines for the implementation of the Convention and the protocols to which they are Parties.

5. The Parties shall cooperate, as appropriate, with competent international and regional intergovernmental organizations and other bodies to achieve the objectives of the Convention and the protocols to which they are Parties.

6. The Parties shall, within means and resources at their disposal, cooperate to raise financial resources for effective implementation of the Convention through bilateral and multilateral funding mechanisms.

And we must all report on our “progress” to our UN Mummy WHO loves us so much.

Article 21

Reporting and exchange of information

1. Each Party shall submit to the Conference of the Parties, through the Secretariat, periodic reports on its implementation of this Convention…

And there is no escape from whatever is decided in the future.


Article 28

Amendments to this Convention

1. Any Party may propose amendments to this Convention. Such amendments will be considered by the Conference of the Parties.

And they are moving onto the drinkers and the overweight as the next targets to boss around and deny treatment to. Those wanting to use natural remedies have been dealt a bitter blow with the EU ban on hundreds of over-the-counter herbal supplements, which have never been demonstrated to have killed anyone, unlike the Big Pharma killing machine.

But again, the EU and national governments are only obeying orders from the UN. Codex Alimentarius this time, “setting international standards” to help keep us all safe, don’t you know?

We are under the dual curse of the WHO and the Department of Health, where people can be treated worse than you or I would be allowed to treat an animal.

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2 Responses to You Have To Be Cruel To Be Kind (Apparently). How the State Hates.

  1. Mr Smith says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more on this one Mr Cowan – esp. your comments on the NHS. Read a book recently entitled ‘Bad Pharma’ re. standard blanket prescription of drugs known to be useless – simply to continue bankrolling the drug firms while lining GP pockets. Incidentally, I have found most foreigh doctors quite brutal – not to mention incompetent.
    It’s getting practically impossible for a British born person to enter medicine (even with 5 straight A levels ‘A’s) – maybe a 1 in a 100 chance. Not that I’m saying they as a rule (Brit GPs) are much better. Mine’s one. Meanwhile, doctors who’ve practically bought their qualifications in places like the Subcontinent and Africa are imported en masse – but all we hear is how the Health Service would collapse without them. Try training indigenous Britains then. Might be a slight improvement.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    My experience of foreign doctors down south was bad. They seemed even more arrogant and dismissive than our own, but I usually went about my alcohol dependency, so any Muslims probably thought of me as contemptible. By contrast – round here, the only two GPs I can say have any normal empathy for fellow humans are both Indians.

    But what amazes me is that with Blair engineering half of school leavers to go on to further ‘education’ (for social engineering reasons, naturally) that we need to ‘import’ doctors, nurses, dentists, plumbers, etc.

    But as KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov said 30 years ago, one way you can help destroy a society is by getting the people into universities to learn totally useless subjects.

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