Power Supplies to be Sabotaged by the UK Government

Coal-fired power station
The European Union has such a grip on the UK now and our so-called Government is prepared to cave in to almost every nation-destroying demand and command, that we are faced with numerous threats, like future power failures and unnecessarily high bills – which are already unnecessarily high due to green taxes and VAT, which the EU ordered the Labour government to impose.

The Times is now subscription-only, so if you haven’t subscribed (and I wouldn’t give the mainstream media a penny piece), you can only read a couple of paragraphs of the article, but the South China Morning Post reports on The Times’ grim news.

The Times reports that,

The Government has ruled out challenging European environmental legislation that has forced the closure of many of Britain’s biggest coal plants and left the country at risk of blackouts within two years.

Michael Fallon, the Energy Minister, said that the Government was not planning to make the case to Brussels for bringing mothballed coal plants back online in order to keep the lights on and to stop electricity prices spiralling.

“We are not planning to break the rules on that,” he told The Times.

The rules? I have read The Times article and it states,

Officials believe that the fine levied by Brussels for allowing mothballed coal plants to operate again would be more expensive than building new power stations to replace them.

So, while our industry suffers even further from increased electricity prices and more people die of cold in winter, China and India are building four new coal power plants EVERY WEEK!

But they are not committed to the same suicidal and scandalous regulations that we are, like the Climate Change Act 2008, which decrees that,

It is the duty of the Secretary of State to ensure that the net UK carbon account for the year 2050 is at least 80% lower than the 1990 baseline.

‘Duty?’ On the basis of faked ‘science’ and while other countries continue expanding unhindered without such astounding disasters-in-waiting.

But the globalists need to destroy our country and the entire Western World in order to ‘save’ us under global governance.

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6 Responses to Power Supplies to be Sabotaged by the UK Government

  1. Subrosa says:

    Well said Stewart.

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    Why isn’t everyone angry, Subrosa? I suppose it won’t sink in until they’re left in the cold and dark…

  3. johnnyrvf says:

    Sadly the U.K. will have degraded to the status and competitiveness of a 3rd World country in 20 years, less than 10 if this idiotic Marxist green ideology is not reversed NOW. I live in France and I watch in sad amusement as EDF supplies old Nuclear technology at latest technology prices financed by the Chinese; the say revenge is a dish that should be served cold and the Chinese have very long memories. The really sad irony is that at Culham the Fusion experimental Torus is the working sub prototype for the prototype Fusion reactor at the ITER project site at Cadarache, for a long time it held the record for the longest hot fusion plasma burn, now gone to a Chinese Torus. The boffins at ITER are already signing deals for the DEMO commercial Fusion reactor project so certain are they of the validity of the Tokamac reactor design which has been aided greatly by British expertise, however when Fusion does come on line, projected to be in less than 20 years Britain will not have the economy nor the technical expertise to utilize it.

  4. Stewart Cowan says:

    That’s the plan, Johnny, to deindustrialise us to Third World status so we can be owned by the globalists. Well, we’re probably 3/4 of the way there at least. I won’t pretend to understand the science, but we’ll probably be back to opening up fireplaces and burning logs in twenty years’ time.

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