How New Visitors Find This Blog

These are some of the Google & Yahoo search terms used in the past five days to find the new-look blog. This is one of the joys of checking the stats. (But I never claimed most of these things!):

alien on back of obamas head

What was he on when he typed that?

did arnold schwarzenegger kill lord lucan

Em; probably not, actually. But can anyone prove he didn’t?

did peter turnell defriend me from his facebook

How would I know? I’ve never heard of him.

how to deal with a cruel workmate

Unfriend him on Facebook. It hurts, doesn’t it? Especially when it is someone you have known personally and helped out in the past.

it time we were all proud to be british yasmin alibhai brown

I really never wrote that!

i received a letter from buckingham palace how do I check that its real

a) Did you send them a letter? b) Does the reply pretend to answer your concerns?

(At least that’s what happened in my case. Waste of time that it was. You don’t even get a signed photo…)

labour party ideas on poverty

Keep people poor so they will continue to vote Labour. It’s worked for over a century.

I\\\’ve been a victim of hate but police say it\\\’s just a breach of the peace

Interesting. Maybe you annoyed them by using lots of backward slashes? Or more likely, you dealt with some sensible coppers?

tv licence enforcement officers

I have written about these clowns. They have no right of entry to your property, so tell them to leave. Have a camcorder handy to record their possible lies and/or intimidation and report them to the police – say you have been a victim of hate. Upload to YouTube.

research showing that conspiracy theories are sane

I also wrote about this. Or to be more precise that conspiracy theorists are more sane than people who believe the government.

But it stands to reason that somebody has to be more sane than the people who routinely believe what proven pathological liars come out with.

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