Feed the World – Let Them Know It’s Cockroach Time

insects for food

Leg-iron has found an article in Food Navigator about the alleged benefits of eating insects over livestock. The idea is that waste food could be used to feed insects and people eat the protein-rich creepy crawlies.

The Dutch ‘expert’ has been proposing this idea for a while for environmental reasons and to help feed the World’s growing population,

Does a crunchy grasshopper taco sound yummy? If you were living in another part of the world—say, Mexico or Thailand or Kenya—the idea of biting into insects might not seem weird to you at all. For thousands of years, entomophagy, or insect-eating, has been common practice among many of the world’s people. According to bug-eaters around the globe, insects are tasty. “When they are roasted, I find termites really delicious,” Arnold van Huis of Wageningen University in the Netherlands told TFK.

It could certainly help feed the starving hordes, but we really don’t need to start eating insects fed on rotting food.

The ‘food shortage’ like almost everything bad is either planned or avoidable.

Firstly, investors have bought land eight times the size of the UK to grow biofuels (or leave idle while the price of land rises) which could feed ‘nearly 1 billion people’.

Then we have the ‘set-aside scheme‘, where the government pays farmers to grow nothing because:

The system of paying farmers to set aside land from production was introduced in the late 1980s to discourage over-production which had led to mountains of surplus farm produce, and caused prices of some commodities to crash.

Did they use the surplus to feed the starving poor? No; they make us suffer records by lousy recording ‘artists’ to raise a few million quid in a feeble attempt to feed a fraction of the starving millions for a year or two and sink a couple of wells with Bono present to show how the billionaire jet set is making a difference to the world.

On top of all the national parks and other protected areas, we have the UNESCO land grabs around the world called ‘biospheres’, ostensibly to protect wildlife and encourage – here’s that word again – sustainability.

Just one example from the Biosphere FAQs (pdf):

An increasing number of countries are now giving biosphere reserves a special legal status in order to reinforce their application. In the case of a perceived problem, e.g. plans to construct an oil refinery within the site, the biosphere reserve status should be used as a platform for dialogue to arrive at an optimal solution.

Because under Agenda 21, it would be ‘better’ that agricultural land was used for growing biofuels and these biospheres, like the one down my way which covers 1/15th the area of Scotland, is left pitifully under-industrialised. There are many wind farms in ‘our’ biosphere chopping birds to bits daily and ruining the landscape, both visually and with new roads, etc., but it’s all being done for the environment and wildlife, silly.

To misquote Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cockroaches”.

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