I’m Not Doing an ‘April Fool’ Post, But…

For one reason, it’s difficult to tell which stories are real every other day of the year, but the more insane the world is becoming, inventing new, believable ones becomes ever more tricky.

I notice that The Telegraph has a lengthy round-up of made-up stories, with writers having most fun imagining Scotland, post indy-pretence.

‘Independence’ ruled from Brussels is a ‘joke’ for every day of the year.

This is a joke, but I’m sure the man must dream of this: Alex Salmond to replace the Queen on new Scottish pound coin.

Alex Salmond pound coinThe Daily Mail reports that after indy-pretence, it “was accidentally revealed in confidential papers” that the Union Flag will be amended to reflect Scotland’s absence. Of course, the Union Flag would remain, but the flag for the rest of the UK, would ironically represent Scotland, but not Wales.

union Flag without scotland
The Independent has an ‘Exclusive': UN draws up peacekeeping plans in event of Scottish Yes vote.

One scenario being taken seriously is pre-arranged “face-offs”, modelled on the film Braveheart, between rival militias who it is feared could travel to towns such as Gretna Green and Berwick-upon-Tweed for weekend showdowns.

There was actually controversy when Labour members of the Northumberland County Council suggested making Berwick a booze capital for Scots once Salmond introduces his 50p per unit minimum pricing.

The Times goes with the possibility that an elderly German Duke may have a claim to rule over an independent Scotland.

German Duke The Grauniad tries, “Scotland to switch to driving on the right” and changing all the road names to show we are part of Europe.

I’m sure that will be clear enough from Day One, any road.

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