Robert Green Arrested Again. Would an ‘Independent’ Scotland be a Police State?

I received an email this morning linking to this article about the arrest, in Cheshire by police from Aberdeen, of Hollie Greig campaigner, Robert Green, who has been harassed and intimidated by police for years as he has fought for a proper investigation into her allegations of child sex abuse by employees of the state.

I have just emailed Alex Salmond and the Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill…

Good morning,

This is an open letter which will be available for viewing on my blog.

I have just read the report of the arrest by Grampian Police of Robert Green, who has campaigned for justice for Hollie Greig. You are probably aware that this young woman with Down’s syndrome has alleged to have been sexually abused since childhood by among others, teachers, social workers, a police officer and a judge.

Because police and a judge are alleged abusers, I can only assume, are the reasons for the repeated arrests of Robert Green. Any normal justice process would involve a proper investigation of Hollie’s allegations. It is especially important as it may uncover a paedophile ring *still* operating locally. Or is this the reason for the harassment, I wonder? Why would a police force intimidate this man rather than carry out anything remotely like a full investigation? Simply to cover up for their own (Freemasons, probably)?

I urge you in particular and your government to respect and protect Mr. Green’s rights and that he be immediately released from prison.

It is paramount that the child sex abuse allegations are thoroughly investigated by the police.

Or would an ‘independent’ Scotland be a police state, where innocent people are jailed to protect the ‘elite’?

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Stewart Cowan


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3 Responses to Robert Green Arrested Again. Would an ‘Independent’ Scotland be a Police State?

  1. Free Robert Green! And on a separate note…

    I’ve been in Scotland this week and I was surprised to see public notices on lamp posts to warn the public that they are in a “Dog Watch” Area. Now, I’ve heard of Neighbourhood Watch schemes and have no problem with them, but it’s hard to believe that there is actually an organised spy scheme operating for the sole purpose of watching out for dogs taking an unauthorised (i.e. non poop-scooped) dump. For me this lunacy exemplifies what we’ve become and where we’re heading in the UK, when councils are encouraging the public to spy on local dogs.

    (And to think that we were running the greatest empire the world has ever known just 100+ years ago.)

  2. Stewart Cowan says:

    While walking the dogs along the road a couple of years ago, one squatted to do a poop and two female wardens in hi-viz clothing stood and watched from the opposite pavement. On bagging the result from the squat in a quintessential black bag, one of the women shouted across that there was a bin some 10-15 yards in the direction I had come from.

    Needless to say, I ignored their stupid advice and put it in the next bin, a few dozen yards ahead. But, I heard that some dog owners threatened them and the wardens disappeared altogether.

    Whether they were trying to be helpful or seeking a power rush, I couldn’t say!

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